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Fort Hood ceremony should have been unnecessary

For the most part, Friday was a special day at Fort Hood. It was also unnecessary. Five years ago, a U.S. Army officer became a traitor, engaging in an act of war by shooting unarmed personnel. He killed 13 people and injured another 31 in a mass shooting at the base in Texas. See the […]

Community happens at Youth Expo

On Saturday, the Ellis County Youth Expo will hold its sale of champions, starting at 12:30 p.m. It may seem to be a nondescript activity, however, it is a place where community happens. See the report in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our E-Edition and read the rest of the […]

Let’s be great hosts

With the advent of the bluebonnet bloom, the Farmers Market, the Motorplex season, and tourism in general, it’s time for all of us to remember that we are hosts. Whether you work a fast food window, the desk at a hotel, a gas station counter, an aisle at a big box store, or run your […]

The Masters vs. The Open

For many years, The Masters was my favorite golf tournament. But some years ago, The Masters became my second-favorite golf tournament. The Open Championship, in Great Britain, supplanted it. It might be heresy among the American golf community to say that what we have long called the British Open is a more favored event, but […]

Jack Sparrow’s compass

When tough times come in our life, too often we run toward those who don’t want what’s best for us, as though they love us. And we run away from those who love us as though they don’t know what’s best for us. Sounds a lot like young people. Bent on charting their own course, […]

Hanging our hat on work

America still holds tightly to many of the values that made this country great. One of them is a strong work ethic. You work, you eat.

It’s all about the hands and feet

w-040115 justin column photo

In high school, I had a friend named Nicole who gave all her time and effort to making her home and her town a better place. Even at 16 and 17 years old, she understood the importance of serving others and having pride in where you’re from. See Justin Tubbs’ column in the Ennis Daily […]

A version of ‘roughing it’

About a month ago, the airbed started being fickle. One morning, it was a little low, so I put in some air. The next morning, it was a little lower, so I put in more air. By the time that night rolled around, it was readily apparent the airbed was exhausted. Literally. See Brad Hicks’ […]

Revitalizing Downtown

The celebration surrounding the rebirth of the Emporium in downtown Ennis is worth it. Every good effort needs a kickoff and the hope to revitalize the community’s central business district needs visible reminders of what is possible. The possibilities were discussed when representatives of the Texas Historical Society came here a week ago to review […]

Endorphin bliss

What a joy it is to experience the dynamic of community. It comes in many forms and usually prompts an appreciative response. Home For the Brave, a hearty cast of men and women from Ennis, have poured much time, prayer and sweat to seeing a vision take literal form. See the report in the Ennis […]

Fate of the Mulkey-Loggins house

Unfortunately, some things simply can’t last. I hope I’m wrong. I hope someone proves me wrong, but efforts going toward moving the Mulkey-Loggins house, the oldest standing house in Ennis may be too meager. See the Justin Tubbs’ column in the March 26 Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our E-Edition and […]

The Recipe Box – File 13?

I bought the green recipe file when I entered the ninth grade. It was a generic, metal file, necessary for home economics class. It probably cost less than a dollar at V. J. Elmore’s Five & Dime. The usual suspects went into the file: Blonde Brownies, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Hot Chocolate, Sloppy Joes with […]

No way to treat a friend

America’s strongest ally has had plenty of reasons to trust their friends – the United States. Foreign aid has been provided, nearly $3 billion in grants annually. No country has received as much support from the USA since World War II. See Mark Warde’s column in the March 25 Ennis Daily News! Click here to […]

Slices of School Days

…There is always time for the issues of the day, but the events that happen in our schools pass by, don’t return, and create memories. The Ennis Daily News is trying to capture those moments, and it is doing so because of the great effort of the principals, teachers, counselors, librarians, secretaries and staff at […]

Pastoral love, prayer, support

Pastors are men or women, just like you. Most of them have the same kinds of problems as the congregation. But, there are times when a pastor needs human support, too. See Brad Hicks’s column in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our E-Edition and read the rest of the story!

Identifying the enemy

In 2011, the world watched as Egyptians rallied and overthrew the government, forcing elections that put the Muslim Brotherhood into power. It was a drastic change, fueled by talk of freedom. Within two years, the military took over the government to stabilize ever-increasing violence and chaos. More than ever, America needs quality information and leadership […]

A joy ride at 130 mph!

Take a ‘joy ride’ There are a lot of things you expect to do as a reporter, but what I did Thursday isn’t one of them. Yesterday, a guy who goes by the name of “Big Don” invited me out to the Motorplex. A word of advice: If a guy named Big Don invites you […]

Always good when citizens are involved

More than 300 people showed up at Ennis High School Tuesday night to hear about, read about, and express their opinions about a potential high-speed rail line proposed to run from Dallas to Houston. Will it make a difference? See the editorial in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our E-Edition […]

Warm. Humid. Make your safety plan.

Ennisites know all too well that tornadoes can and do happen here. The evidence is still visible in downtown. And the weather this week – warm and humid – is a reminder that the season is upon us. See the editorial in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our E-Edition and […]

1975 Revisited

It has been forty years since 1975. Here are some of the highlights of what for me was a transitional year. On January 7, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced an increase in crude oil prices by 10%. See the Rev. Bob Uzzel’s column in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign […]

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