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A different kind of graduation ceremony

In a sea of graduates this month, Maddi Runkles stands out. Runkles is a young mom who got a commencement from high school like few others. Be informed, subscribe today!

Records were made to be broken

They say it’s broken a record last set in 1804! Wow! Who knew it could rain like this. And for so many days in a row! Be informed, subscribe today!

Online Shark hunting new prey

Amazon, a godsend to middle-class Americans has outdone itself. CEO Jeff Bezos announced last week that Amazon has made the innovative move to purchase the Whole Foods franchise for $787 billion. Find this story and more in your Weekday edition of The Ennis News. Be informed, subscribe today!

Life with a Woman

I can’t find my pants. Where in the world are my pants? Find this story and more in your Weekday edition of The Ennis News. Be informed, subscribe today!

Death comes in threes

As a girl, I remember hearing my mother and grandmother say, “Death comes in threes.” I found this to be a terrifying statement. Find this story and more in Friday’s edition of The Ennis Daily News. Be informed, subscribe today!

What makes God happy?

Is God Happy? Well, let me see, I would say sometimes but not all the time. I would speculate that some things please Him and other situations make Him upset and disappointed and most of it is associated with the way people live. Find this story and more in Friday’s edition of The Ennis Daily […]

Dear Readers

As a final note, The Ennis Daily News, your hometown news source for over 125 years, will be converting to print twice a week beginning this Sunday, June 18th. Find this story and more in Thursday’s edition of The Ennis Daily News. Be informed, subscribe today!

Silly-Con Valley

My new computer is blazing fast. they tell me it has several million times the computing power of the ones they used to put a manon the moon, even though it’s only a fraction of the size. I need all that power; because I can type alsmost 20 words a minute with only three-r-four mistakes. […]


Variety is the spice of life. It protects us from ordering the same meal every day. aturday Night Live brought us a great example in the 1978 sketch, “The Olympia Restaurant.” John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and others starred in a scene in which patrons are annoyed that they can only get cheeseburgers, chips […]

Getting worked up

As a freshman in high school, I’ll never forget a summer spent in East Texas. I was a lean kid, long on laughing and short on physical labor. Living in Delray Beach, Florida, we made a trek to Mabank for what we thought was a grandparent’s deathbed. Turned into months in the searing heat, plus, […]

What are we turning into?

There’s an old joke I heard that was told about an Old Testament story. Perhaps you are familiar with the Genesis 19 tale of Lot and his family fleeing the city of Sodom due to rampant iniquity. Two angels escorted them with a warning not to look back at Sodom during its destruction. A Sunday […]

Post mortem: The media and this election

There’s been a tremendous amount of navel-gazing and introspection occurring among those in the news business this week. Somehow shocked and stunned by Donald Trump’s victory in the election, many in the so-called mainstream media are reeling. It was an amazing spectacle to watch the astonishment, angst, and emoting that took place on live TV […]


Heads-in-hands, fetal positioning, the walk of defeat, weeping and gnashing of teeth. The world came crashing down around the Millennial Chicken Littles of America in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. After drinking Stephen Colbert’s Kool-Aid and ingesting the bill of goods shoveled to them by Bill Maher, Whoopi, Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks, they […]

A vote for Hillary is a vote for UFOs

By Justin Tubbs I was sitting at the news office thinking up a topic for my column, which has become a sort of weekly mainstay in our newspaper. This is a tough exercise. I don’t consider myself much of a column writer. So, I started googling topics to brainstorm ideas. “Trump on immigration.” Nope. Just […]

A talking snake

 There’s an old fable about a man who went hiking along a mountain range. As he began to ascend beyond most ground vegetation, he passed more rocky terrain. Eventually, his climb reached elevations that were covered in snow. Mounting ever higher he heard something. What was it? Who was it? Was it the thin air’s […]

Charlotte riots: More rampage than outrage

The riots in Charlotte Wednesday night were shameful on a number of levels. Having moved from Charlotte to Ennis in April, the scenes unfolding on television were somewhat unreal and mind-boggling. Charlotte, as a city, has invested heavily in revitalizing its downtown during the past 15 years or so. The Epicenter, with its mix of […]

Picking fights with the media

By Mark Warde It is safe to suggest the media, mostly print and television, lean heavily to the left. When it comes to TV, it requires no effort to figure which one major network doesn’t comply with the others. Personally, I never watched that network until I grew tired of hearing the banter from the […]

Get your popcorn ready…

By Mark Warde It wasn’t that long ago that Terrell Owens instructed Cowboy fans to “Get your popcorn ready.” A lightning rod for both praise and parody, Owens failed to be quiet on or off the field. While his statement, “I love me some me,” screamed of his self-centered nature, respect for his production and […]

Proof that voter ID can work

By Mark Warde Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner in 1814. The author of the famous words, “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” applied the lyrics to the tune of a popular English drinking club song. Key, whose views on race in America would make Donald Trump blush, […]

Our View: District could’ve been more open, still should

In a series of articles published this week, The Ennis Daily News gave readers an in-depth look at events surrounding Cassandra Ortiz vs. Ennis Independent School District. The litigation was settled in mediation resulting in Ortiz, the former Lionettes drill instructor, being award $60,000 which will be paid by the district’s insurance carrier. Many might […]

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