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Unleashing endorphins in Ennis

By Mark Warde Here’s an exercise in saving gas for a week. No, I don’t mean flying away on vacation and leaving your vehicles behind. Come to think of it, that is a pretty good idea I just dismissed. Seriously, just for the fun of it, why not try an All-Ennis week in your household? […]

Summer’s here

By Mark Warde Two guys are standing at the gas station filling up. One says to the other, “Man, it’s hot.” The other guy nods affirmatively, “It’s humid too,” to which the first guy counters, “Naw, it’s hotter.” The second guy then replies, “Nope, it’s humider.” After the recent deluge of rain to hit the […]

Good day sunshine, perhaps…

By Keven Todd Good day sunshine, good day sunshine, good day sunshine I need to laugh and when the sun is out I’ve got something I can laugh about I feel good in a special way I’m in love and it’s a sunny day Those of us old enough to know who the Beatles were […]

Whose side are you on?

By Mark Warde The events of the past week have revealed plenty about mankind, both good and evil. We also are witnessing leadership in our country refuse to take a stand against the enemy. Carnal man is capable of gross selfishness and destruction, as seen in Orlando. The outpouring of compassion and empathy, even in […]

VIDEO EXTRA: Love him or hate him, Ali was an icon

By Mark Warde Cassius Clay was one of the best boxers of our time. He was also a polarizing figure for many, primarily because he converted to Islam, changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and then refused to join the American military when he was drafted. He passed away last week at the age of […]

VIDEO EXTRA: Animals hijacking the headlines

By Mark Warde Is it just me or does it seem like, lately, animals have been making headlines like attention-hounds. It’s as if the Hollywood movie, the Secret Life of Pets, has become a reality show. Let’s look at a few high-profile animals that have dominated the headlines of late… Going ape over the gorilla […]

Off the railroad tracks

By Mark Warde I love trains and I love traveling on them too. The sound of them passing on the track in the middle of the night is music to my ears. One December in the 90’s, on a whim, I took my two kids, Matthew Dallas and Kristin, from Ann Arbor to Dallas for […]

Our View: A solemn tribute on Memorial Day

This intangible thing we call freedom is interpreted differently by just about every individual, but one aspect that’s not open for debate is that we enjoy freedom because of the sacrifices made by countless men and women of our armed forces. We must never question that freedom is worth fighting for, and dying for. That […]

Did you hear the one about the accordion

By Mark Warde So I’m swiggin’ on a sweet tea in the office last week when the dialogue in the newsroom goes to polka. Where else in America does that dynamic take place besides Ennis? Polka? My mind immediately shifted into a mode that pulls random thoughts, word pictures, movie lines, one liners and crazy […]

How dare you disagree with us

By Mark Warde One thing about the leaners-to-the-left, they are the only ones on the planet who have a valid opinion. So right are they in their views, that if you disagree, you are the bigot. You are intolerant. You should be forced by law to yield to their way of seeing things or lose […]

A funny thing happened on the scales

By Mark Warde Did you hear the one about the guy who stepped one of those talking scales? Yep, it actually announces your weight, audibly. So, the guy steps on and waits a moment, only to have the speaker say, “One at a time, please.” I have spent time at both ends of the spectrum […]

Video Extra: Odor fight good for baseball and its ‘code’

By Justin Tubbs Despite what ESPN analysts and players like Bryce Harper would have you to believe, there is still a code in baseball. At first glance, baseball is a confusing sport. You have a man trying to hit an elusive ball with a wooden stick. Then, if you hit the ball, you have to […]

Lawless bully grabs keys to restroom door

By Mark Warde A few days ago the Obama administration sent a letter to every public school district in America to inform them they must allow “transgender” students to use the bathrooms that matches their subjective gender identity. It is a lawless directive by the President. It is even signed by officials from the Justice […]

Flipping out over Ennis elections

By Mark Warde Being in town for just over two years now, grabbing hold of history and learning who’s who in the Bluebonnet City is a constant bit of lesson-learning. I hear plenty and have been told a lot; though trying to straddle the fence of objectivity became somewhat difficult over the past year. And […]

The magic number

It was interesting to note that outgoing Mayor Russell Thomas said the city needs more rooftops during a brief interview following his final City Commission meeting last Monday night. The phrase “more rooftops” is commonly used in reference to residential housing, something that’s been lagging in Ennis for quite some time. Based on statistics on […]

Keep moving the voter numbers up

This election is the most important one for Ennis in recent history. Saturday is Election Day, and Ennis voters who didn’t vote early should go to the polls to cast their vote. Mayor Russell Thomas has served as the leader of this great burg for the last 16 years. Since 2000, this town hasn’t seen […]

A king and his court

Over the past 15 years a roar has come from Ennis, Texas, and it originates on the gridiron. The Lions have truly been the kings of the jungle in football, wearing the state crown four times in that time period. But they are not alone in E-Town. While the bruisers, throwers and sprinters wearing maroon […]

Our View: Expo a great showing by community

Every year, young kids and teenagers alike from all over the county gather in Waxahachie for the Ellis County Youth Expo. The Expo to some is an important time of the year. It’s the time when all the students’ hard work and dedication comes to a head. It’s also the time when FFA and 4-H […]

Crackpots and cracked halos

It’s a scary thing, politics. Leadership, glory, influence, platform, prestige and control. The combination of requirements to get elected contrasted with the motivation to enter the race undoubtedly means that only flawed people can seriously expect a chance of succeeding. You needn’t look any further than our current menu of selected candidates for our nation’s […]

Know your candidates

As local elections are growing near in Ennis, the community has a chance to get informed. Tuesday night at San Jacinto Auditorium, city commission candidates will have a chance to field questions from the public. It’s an opportunity for Ennis citizens to hear from their candidates and to help get an idea of how they […]

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