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Some Cold Facts on Global Warming

On the last day of February, the high temperature hit 64 degrees here in Washington. Yet the snow drifts from January’s massive East Coast blizzard were still melting. So what are we to make of the weather and the climate-change controversy? Is it getting warmer or colder? It’s not even a question worth asking, as […]

Texas tries to define genders for sports

High school athletics have long been divided by gender. There are physiological differences between the genders which can make a difference in strength, speed, power, coordination, grace, endurance, etc. Females are better at some sports than males, and males are better at some sports than females. In some sports, the differences may be minor, and […]

Addition By Subtraction

So how did you feel about the outcome of the Super Tuesday primaries? I went into the voting booth with mixed emotions. I really didn’t know who I wanted to vote for in the presidential race right up to the moment I blackened the dot. In the end, I voted for my wife’s favorite candidate. […]

Dr. Geezer and Dr. Young

Editor’s note: Every once in a while we come across a story that tickles the funny bone. We share this one with you. Enjoy. An old geezer became very bored in retirement and decided to open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that said: “Dr. Geezer’s clinic. Get your treatment for $500. […]

Trump better watch talk about libel

Donald Trump pronounced last week that if he is elected president, he wants to pursue a weakening of the libel laws in the United States At a rally in Fort Worth, Trump said his changes would mean that “when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots […]

Keeping time

  My bedside clock is a cheap reproduction of an expensive timepiece. Requiring only one AA battery, it has served me well for years and years, time after time, always on time, in good times and bad times, with no time limit and no time-out. About a decade ago, a friend gifted us with a […]

Too early for unity calls

As the election returns slowed to a trickle Tuesday night, party faithful and candidates alike began to issue calls for unity. Ted Cruz urged the other Republican candidates not named Donald Trump to unite behind him. A winner in his home state of Texas Tuesday night, as well as in Oklahoma and Alaska, Cruz said […]

What’s in it for me?

During his inauguration speech on Capitol Hill in 1961, one of the most popular presidents of all time, John F. Kennedy, asked his fellow Americans to, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” In the 50+ years since his challenge we’ve slipped quite a bit […]

Serendipitous moments in life

Serendipity – a noun, meaning an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. Or, as I prefer to describe them, life’s unexpected joys. We all have experienced them, though it’s doubtful we credited them by saying, “the serendipity of the trip to Chicago happened on the train when I met…” One of my favorites happened […]

Movie Review: Room

w-022816 room picture

‘Room’ a tragic tale of life after trauma In preparation for Oscar season, I always sit down to watch all the nominees. Many flicks have familiar names, as you either saw the previews or went to see them in theaters. There are those films, however, that are head-scratchers. As recently as 2012, that film was […]

Football history from ’51 in print

My wife was once a real antique nut. We would go on a brief trip somewhere and spend several hours – planned, of course – in shops along the way. She spent her time checking pottery and furniture for markings, looking at jewelry, and, well, looking at everything. She particularly loves junk shops, looking for […]

First round decisions come on Tuesday

  It’s time to make a choice for those who are interested in our political process. Texas will hold its primary election on Tuesday. Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Primaries are important to the election process, but many people fail to participate. They believe them to be a party-member-only type of […]

Working the city’s plans

Ennis has spent considerable time and money on community planning over the last few years. The city has a comprehensive plan and a downtown master plan, both in the birthing stages at this point. Plans are important. Plans are the measuring sticks for future development and decision-making. They don’t strictly outline how each future decision […]

Delivering on a promise

When the citizens of Ennis voted to raise the city tax, the idea being peddled by leaders was the need for a new police facility and to implement several programs to help the fight against crime. The small rate would add up to $750,000 a year towards those areas. After four years it can halted […]

Working against us, constantly

The Chinese spend a lot of time trying to act as if they want to be friends with the United States. We seem to take their efforts to heart, and sincerely attempt to work with them on many fronts. But the Chinese are primarily interested in China, not America. Last week, a Secret Service agent […]

Teaming with banks, credit card firms

We have a common enemy, and it will take teamwork to defeat it. That could have been a theme at last Thursday’s cyber security luncheon at the Ennis Chamber of Commerce. A Secret Service agent from the Dallas Field Office shared data and critical information about hackers, cyber terrorists, email weaknesses, point of sale terminal […]

Where can we go?

Who in this world of ours can we turn to and trust their words along with their motives? Very few, it seems. And yet, when we’re young and full of hope, we believe most everyone. How else would Dr. Seuss stories make sense? Why would we trust Sesame Street’s scary Count to teach us about […]

Discreet Puritan nightmare plays on fear of unknown

w-022116 jthe witch

A great horror film is not one that induces screams or jumps. It’s not a film with a slasher chasing down teens. A truly good horror film plays with the audience’s emotions by revealing little about its antagonist and even less about the setting in which the nightmare scenario occurs. “The Witch” terrorizes its audience […]

Early voting a great option, but consider…

More than 3,500 Ellis County residents have already taken the opportunity to vote in the March 1 primary election through the early voting process. Early voting is a great option.  But, there is a problem with early voting, too. See the editorial in the Ennis Daily News! <ahref=”http://www.etypeservices.com/Ennis%20Daily%20NewsID64/”>Click here to sign up for our E-Edition […]

Expanding tax base is critical

The recent release of details regarding “Project Retail” in Ennis is both exciting and important. Residents get excited when they start thinking about our community’s economic development efforts taking aim at more shops and restaurants. That generates enthusiasm for the town and it creates an atmosphere that is good for all retailers – people have […]

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