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Dragnet catches the Joker with a grocery cart

Have you ever tried to be funny with the wrong person? Who was it, your boss? Mother-in-law? Minister? Doctor? Total stranger? There are some folks whose sense of humor is very spotty. You know the type, for they usually will tell you they have a good sense of humor. That’s a give-away that they don’t. […]

It’s warming. We must adjust.

Wednesday’s edition of The Ennis Daily News carried an interesting story about the warming in Alaska. It’s 3.3 degrees warmer on average there than it was in 1959. Almost completely devoid of political and social accusations, the story detailed the changes in the eco-structure of the largest of the United States, and one of the […]

Others might trade for our border troubles

The debate in the United States about border security and the flow of immigrants isn’t unique in history, and isn’t unique to us in this era. In fact, there are nations in Europe facing tremendous pressure on their borders to allow more immigrants. Like here, it is to the point where human tragedy strikes daily, […]

Loss of an icon, role model, trail blazer

When James H. “Red” Duke died Tuesday, Texas lost an icon, Ennis lost a native son, and society lost a great role model. Duke was born here in 1928, grew toward adulthood in Hillsboro, and then began a lifelong journey of learning, teaching and serving that saw him serving others at every turn. See the […]

Another brilliant idea gone astray

Hey, Sweets! Let’s get up and go grab some IHOP!? Clever and thoughtful. It was (last) Sunday. Let’s try a different plan this morning, I reasoned. I’ll win some huge points with this idea. “Flapjacks and coffee!” The line from the song, “Angelo’s” by Dick Siegel, was ringing in my head while I stirred in […]

Be smart about West Nile risk

Perhaps the most important story published in The Ennis Daily News in recent weeks was Wednesday’s reminder to be cautious when you and loved ones are outdoors. The finding in a test pool in Ennis that the West Nile virus is present among mosquitoes should get the attention of everyone who has some type of […]

Wrong EPA case to target

The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the most powerful agencies in our government. In many cases, it serves as police, judge and jury when it comes to dealing with activities that pollute our air and waters. Its power is a mixed blessing. See the report in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign […]

Homicide Hunter, TV’s new tough guy cop

American culture is loaded with stories about heroes coming to the rescue. And we can’t get enough of them. While I have never had a desire to be in criminal justice, my heroes have often been those in law enforcement. Shows like Criminal Minds and FBI profiler Shemar Moore and my favorite – Clint Eastwood, […]

We heard you, commissioner Perry

One of the best ad slogans ever produced began in 1984 by Gillette. It was on vivid display at Commissioners Court on Monday. It was very poorly done. Gillette launched a series of TV commercials for its Dry Idea antiperspirants by utilizing celebrities who each mentioned three “nevers” for their profession, the last of which […]

Clinton emails keep on giving

The dribbling surrender of Hillary Clinton’s emails from a secondary and personal server has begun. The concern is that she bypassed approved and supposedly secure government servers to have contact with parties, avoiding the chance of potential oversight. Within a sampling of 40 emails – among thousands – two were found to be classified. Though […]

I apologize Pope Benedict, if he’s reading this

I committed a crime against nature Wednesday. I got my cat neutered. It’s an experience none of us ever personally have to endure, having those precious organs removed against our will. See Justin Tubbs’ column in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our E-Edition and read the rest of the story!

Unrestricted money not OK

The Ennis Economic Development Corporation has helped this city by spending tax money responsibly, recruiting – retaining industries, and investing in downtown Ennis. Their success, however, does not exempt it from ongoing review. On Tuesday, the EDC board of directors unanimously approved a pending budget proposal that would have nearly $4 million in a fund […]

Pay raises not appropriate

Monday’s 3-2 vote by the Ellis County Commissioners Court to give a 3 percent pay hike to elected officials should raise more than a few eyebrows. Here’s why. The split decision: Commissioners Kyle Butler and Dennis Robinson and County Judge Carol Bush voted to enact the salary increase in the upcoming budget, which will go […]

Finally some evidence that it really is hot enough to complain

w100 degree thermometer Weather Temps

Weather watching has become a fun, hobby for many people. Keeping a close eye on changes in the weather is an important safety concern, especially in Tornado Alley. Some folks know me as the local weather guy or the walking, talking weather almanac. My doctor actually gave me a hard time about rain damage on […]

Returning Williams is blindly brazen

wBrian Williams

MSNBC announced it was placing Brian Williams in charge of late-breaking news, the same thing he cheated at for years. What could go wrong? The move makes it crystal clear the network believes Americans are soft enough on second chances they’ll overlook a laundry list of major wrongs committed by the 56-year old news anchor […]

Talking to yourself makes you…

There certainly could be fallout from the debate the other day, but I predict it will be mild. What? No, not that debate. And no, not the debate that was held before the debate, because there were too many debaters to put on a single stage. No, this debate – OK, it was more of […]

Obama was glib, but Romney was right about Russia

Do you remember that moment in the third 2012 presidential debate when President Obama chastized Mitt Romney’s contention that Russia was a growing power that needed to be watched more carefully? Who can forget the line? “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for […]

President misfires in comparing GOP to Iranian hardliners

President Obama misstepped in a speech at American University Wednesday, when he addressed the debate in Congress about whether the U.S. should accept the nuclear treaty his administration has reached with Iran. The president has defended the accord as the best deal America is going to get. He said it requires Iran to allow inspections, […]

Don’t let a few bad apples…

Law enforcement isn’t the easiest of careers but for me and countless others who have chosen to serve our communities, there’s nothing we’d rather do. There’s plenty of other ways to make a living; however, this is the profession we’ve all chosen. It’s a shame when a few bad apples get the press and at […]

Sports can’t escape humankind

Sports are the great escape for humankind. Ironically, sports are unable to escape humankind. Last week, the Associated Press reported serious health problems appear ready to greet some water sports participants at the 2016 games in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. See the report in the Ennis Daily News! Click here to sign up for our […]

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