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Scattershooting at moving targets

Vehicles merging late Ever notice when traffic is narrowed down to a single lane how normal people begin to get in a single file lane? Then, at the last moment the people’s whose time is more important than yours try to cut in up-front at the last possible moment often drive expensive cars or SUVs? […]

Open carry no issue for responsible folks

For many, they’d rather carry a concealed weapon than a holstered one. Former police chief and local barber James “Red” Sanders said as much to The Ennis Daily News on Thursday. For some, open carry will be utilized, and those that are uncomfortable with the sight of handguns will be forced to get used to […]

Let there be light

  Before venturing to our community’s Downtown Christmas Celebration, I halfway decorated the Christmas tree in our family room. We are among the purists who, for as long as we’re able, will enjoy the smell of a fresh evergreen tree. I can see—in the distance—a year when that will no longer be possible, but this […]

Oversight comes at a cost

  A reality in our world is that as technology expands, so do the costs to keep things secure. For example, it was reported this week that Iranian computer hackers accessed the control system of small dam outside of New York City two years ago. It alarmed the government that foreign threats could get into […]

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – 4 of 4 Tubbs!

w-122015 star wars review pic

  Being a huge “Star Wars” fan entering the movie, I was expecting something special, and “The Force Awakens” met or exceeded all expectations. Even if you’re not a fan, you are going to love this film for all the same reasons that made me love it and because it is completely different than the […]

Up to date and compromised

The cell phone rang. I didn’t get to it in time, so I let it sit for a few minutes. Then I listened to the voice mail. It was from a fraud department associated with a local bank, asking whether I had made some purchases. I hadn’t. I quickly called back. “Mr. Hicks…” See the […]

Enjoy your imperfect Christmastime

As we head into the final countdown to Christmas, people are busily trying to find the last perfect gifts, trying to arrange for the perfect dinner, trying to have the best time ever with their families. All of us need to relax… Christmas is rarely perfect. See the report in the Ennis Daily News! <a […]

From Outside My Window

All I Want For Christmas This past Sunday, the church I attend featured the children of the church. One young girl sang like an angel as she led the rest of the children who formed a massive children’s choir. As they sang, their enthusiasm for Jesus brought joy to my heart. It is fitting to […]

TV Game Show hosts to remember

Recently I read of the money that game show hosts rake in for their services. I wasn’t surprised, considering talk show hosts make substantially more. Business Insider reported that Judge Judy Sheindlin is tops with a $47 million salary. The syndicated courtroom judge receives an average of 8-9 million viewers — more than triple the […]

Social Media Loophole

Why hasn’t the federal government already closed the social media loophole in its nation’s immigration vetting process? What would appear to be an obvious and relatively non-political order to issue immediately, there has been nothing but silence from the executive branch of the government. Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistani woman who was one of the two […]

What to get the person who has everything?

  Well, if he has everything, why are we even thinking about giving him a present? Let him give us a present. Then he wouldn’t have everything anymore. He’d have everything, minus one. I don’t think he’d miss it. How much should we spend on the person who has everything? A hundred dollars? Won’t that […]

At least USPS stands up

For some time, people have been worried about the U.S. Postal Service going to pot. No worries. It’s not. The USPS told newspapers in Oregon that it didn’t care if the state had legalized possession of small amounts of pot, it wasn’t going to deliver mailed newspapers that carried marijuana advertising. A recent USPS memo […]

Cheering for downtown

Ennis leaders did a lot of soul-searching a couple years ago, and evaluated the prospects for the downtown area. Something had to be done. It’s proper to call it a work in progress, and some of that progress is starting to become apparent. The evidence can be seen in the scaffolding next to a tornado-damaged […]

Let’s not overreact on refugees

It’s not very often 500 teenagers from foreign lands are deposited in your back yard. That’s what happened this week when the federal government relocated a group of refugees to the Lakeview Center near Waxahachie. Apparently, they crossed the border into the United States without permission. Now they are being processed at the conference center. […]

Texas voting district case to high court

  A case before the U.S. Supreme Court from Texas begs the question: How should people be counted when it comes to reapportionment? Republican leaders from Northeast Texas and the Houston area, Sue Evenwel and Ed Pfenninger, respectively, are contesting the 2010 Texas reapportionment that used population as a basis. In effect, the state tried […]

Texas Central is railroading inquiring minds

One of my favorite editorial cartoons showed a young toddler being made to sit down in his high chair. Arms crossed, bottom lip protruding, eyes frowning he thinks to himself: “I may be sitting down, but on the inside I’m standing up!” Putting the kibosh on people, in any form, is an expression of control […]

More worries of Trump than Iran missile tests

As the major media gives the headlines to presidential wannabe Donald Trump for a controversial comment he made, a real story is going ignored. Iran conducted a ballistic missile test on Nov. 21. It was the second consecutive month it launched a test missile. The tested missile has a range of 1,200 miles, which puts […]

Review: ‘Creed’ – Ryan Coogler’s film flows like a butterfly

3 Tubbs Some folks don’t need to be urged to see “Creed,” the latest “Rocky” reboot, but for those like me, who find Sylvester Stallone’s film series cheap emotional entertainment, let this column be the push to see this one in theaters. Coming off his debut award-winning feature length film, “Fruitvale Station,” which told the […]

Songs of the Season

Dr. Clancy P. Hayes “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, and Robin laid an egg.” Oh, those wonderful Christmas classics! One of my all-time favorites is “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” As you can probably tell, I didn’t have a very close relationship with my grandmother. Talking about grandparents, in class today a student asked […]

What’s in a school name?

A few hours away in Austin, the school district is taking action that will remove the names of historical figures which are affiliated with the Confederate South. The school board in Austin voted to change a policy, striking a line that prohibited renaming any property that had a nomenclature of “special historical or geographical significance.” […]

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