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From Outside My Window

Dr. Clancy P. Hayes As I walked through the hall on the lower floor of my office complex, the ceramic tiles that I was walking on caught my attention. I noticed the way that they had been laid. They were not in a straight line, but staggered. I also noticed that the tiles were not […]

Biden perfect pick for cancer research task force

President Barack Obama announced the creation of another federal task force on Thursday – and it’s a good thing. Dubbed the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force, the group is charged with accelerating cancer research. There are lots of political and social issues that create a tenuous tenor in our nation, but one thing that […]

Trump needs to get on the stage

  Donald Trump has been accused of being many things. Now you can add debate dodger to the list. That the GOP front-runner has decided to skip tonight’s Republican presidential candidate debate on FOX News truly falls in line with his maverick approach to politics. He doesn’t like the moderator – Megyn Kelly – who […]

Are you watching enough TV?

Studies say the average American spends five and a half hours a day watching some kind of video — TV, movies or online videos. But mostly TV. What a bunch of amateurs. I watch five and a half hours of television before breakfast. But then, it’s kind of my job to watch TV. I watch […]

Every dog has his day

When the puppy came to live with us, he was a six-pound bundle of fur and sad eyes. I believed we could make his life wonderful. Mostly Chocolate Labrador, he responded to our love and care, but even now, he refuses to quit growing. “Are you feeding that dog fertilizer?” asks the friend who runs-for-his-health […]

Interest in city seats heartening

The announcements in recent days of people interested in running for office in Ennis is heartening. There are many capable people in our community. They have good ideas, good judgment, good leadership skills, and a good history here. Just by reading the words in their announcements, you can tell they have the best interests of […]

Bird brains, hawks and pigeons

My wife and I were in line at the store one day last spring, and on a shelf to the side of the check-out aisle was a book about birds. She picked it up and thumbed through it a little bit and I asked her if she wanted to buy it. “No,” she said, and […]

Iowa Caucus, reminds me of Groundhog Day

Iowa Caucus, reminds me of Groundhog Day By Glenn Mollette I have watched the movie titled Groundhog Day with actor Bill Murray. Looking back I’m wondering if that movie was about the Iowa Caucus. The caucus just keeps coming back and back and it seems we just can’t escape the Iowa Caucus. Groundhog Day is […]

Acting can’t save silly premise of ‘The Boy’

w-012416 the boy photo

1 1/2 Tubbs out of 4 Nobody stood out with stellar acting in “The Boy,” William Brent Bell’s newest horror film – this time about dolls. Still, the acting may have been the only redeeming quality of the film, although it wasn’t enough to save the film from its creators and writers. See the Justin […]

Take a look at downtown plan

Every successful outcome began with a plan. Every plan that resulted in a successful outcome began with a dream. The dream for Ennis’ downtown started almost 2 ½ years ago. That dream has been translated to a plan. And now it’s time to start looking at it in detail, as the planning and zoning commission […]

Ruin, barbarism, and reaction

Last week’s destruction of the Saint Elijah monastery in Iraq by ISIS generated a wide range of emotions. Some historians were sad to see the destruction of a structure that was about 1,400 years old, even though it was a mostly unused ruin. Some Christians were dismayed that more of their history was being obliterated […]

1916 Supreme Court decision upheld income tax

January 24, 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad Co., a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the validity of a tax statute called the Revenue Act of 1913, Ch. 16, 38 Stat. 166 (October 3, 1913), enacted pursuant to Article I, section 8, clause 1 of, and the Sixteenth […]

Pursuits and your safety

The police car chase is as American as the automobile. The good guys going after the bad guys was a theme that showed up in early silent films, and it has morphed into special-effect-laden movies based entirely on the pursuit. In real life, however, it’s very dangerous when perpetrators try to escape detention by law […]

From Outside My Window

Dr. Clancy P. Hayes Chose To Be Positive I am looking forward to this weekend. We have a young couple coming for a short visit, it is a three-day weekend from work, and the NFL playoffs are in full swing. Speaking of the playoffs, I sure hope the better teams win this weekend. It is […]



by Rev. Bob Uzzel Tuesday December 29, 2015 marked the 125th anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee Creek, which threads the badlands and prairies of southwestern South Dakota. This is hallowed ground for the Sioux Nation—a powerful place of sorrow, remembrance, and healing. Here, on December 29, 1890, some 300 of their ancestors, including […]

In Iowa, is Trump stronger than people think?

The clock is ticking toward the nation’s first big presidential political test in the Iowa Caucus, and tonight’s Republican debate will probably do much to solidify who is going to do well in that state. The timing of the debate is important. It comes on the heels of President Obama’s State of the Union address […]

What would you do with all of that money?

From the category of being careful what you wish for comes today’s $1.4 billion Powerball drawing. Sales of tickets are brisk, to say the least. Local convenience store operators say that the sales are even a detriment to business – people are spending money on the lottery rather than buying much more profitable milk, candy, […]

Get involved in election now

If the Ellis County candidates’ forum held at Waxahachie last Tuesday is any indication, interest is high in the coming primary election. Candidates for county offices were given the chance to make a statement and field questions at the event, which drew a packed house of about 250 people. Estimates were that it was the […]


Out here on the edge of the national forest, in the cattle-ranching, timber-cutting, deer-hunting Arkansas county where I live, this Ammon Bundy guy looks like the Al Sharpton of cows. His publicity seeking has created a media pseudo-event of a particularly modern kind. Can anybody doubt that the feds could more efficiently resolve the standoff […]

From Outside My Window

Have you seen the new Oprah Winfrey commercial for Weight Watchers? Those who watch the stock market say that the value of a share of Weight Watchers International rose 26% the day after the ad was run on national television. Every year millions of people make a resolution to lose weight at the beginning of […]

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