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Reader takes issue with writer’s position

It never fails with Phil Banker and those who love to take cursory searches and believe their hastily derived interpretations to be settled absolutes. Just as long as their emotions are satiated, they’re good to go on the warpath against reason.

“You never want a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emmanuel, D, Mayor of Chicago,

Sound familiar? It should. This latest manufactured crisis by the Obama Administration demands objective reporting, not sycophantic spasms. Mr. Banker, do you understand the meaning of “the big picture”…as in reality?

You claim “several stories collected by a variety of news outlets tell the tale of these children running away from homelands-turned-narcostates; nations so corrupted by the drug trade that many of its children have but three choices — be killed by cartel gangsters, join the cartel themselves, or go on a perilous and often fatal journey to the United States.” Flash: some of these “refugees” are criminals in their home country and are looking for an easy way out.

BTW: Are you talking about the children from El Salvador and other Central American countries caught up in their trash or the inner-city youth in DFW, Houston, El Paso, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Baltimore, New York, Washington D.C., or Miami, to name just a few?

You state you’ve read stories of “mean-spirited and often armed goons going to the border to intimidate or threaten children who’ve already braved countless hardships just for a chance at a peaceful life here in America……That whether or not to treat these refugee children with kindness and mercy is even a debate in this country shows not only are we not a “Christian” nation, we are not even a great nation.”

Would the numerous church groups / pastors from across the country whose outreach has been rejected at the processing centers be included as the “mean-spirited…goons”?

“Threatening children with deportation after they’ve already risked their lives to escape terrors back home is likely the most un-Christian thing we could do as a nation.” So to be Christ-like are you suggesting we encourage and engage in human trafficking/sacrifice? If you were to read the Bible you would learn what God has to say about adults/parents trafficking/sacrificing children. Hint: He doesn’t like it, at all, under any circumstance or reason.

You claim the first step of the modern conservative movement … “is to wring every last drop of compassion out of one’s soul”. No, sir, you are entirely wrong. We imperfect, yet forgiven, Christians, we conservatives, know the source of true compassion and we are compelled to preach, teach, and encourage the tired, the poor, the huddled masses that are yearning to breathe free, that they will indeed breathe free and live free when not shackled to the chains of corrupt government.

Talk about wringing out the last drop of compassion: Where is your compassion for the folks who play by the rules to become naturalized citizens? Or is abiding by and respecting the rule of law irrelevant and heartless?

Please tell us, at what age or stage of life are people to be held accountable for their actions or inactions? The political solution of sending or spending money without accountability invariably leads to ruin. Look no further than Detroit, or New Orleans.

True compassion demands common sense. And common sense demands an audit of Uncle Sam’s foreign aid programs and the results thereof.

Bill Hull


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