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What I expect from my candidate

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

— Oath of Office for Federal Officers

There is another election coming up soon; it seems like just last week that we had a surge election driven by the passion of the Tea Party movement. We are not done yet though; we must plan for the next Republican sweep in Congress, beginning with the primary election early next April. What I would like to do is lay out the kind of candidate I will be willing to support and vote for. My choice will be a person who understands the Constitution and is willing to stand up against the status quo and fight to restore the republic to the greatness the framers envisioned.

My candidate will have to do more than just vote the right way when the bill finally gets to the floor; he (or she) will have to have been in the trenches fighting to make the legislation better. I want someone willing to make noise, open debate and do battle for the Constitution and the oath taken at the start of the next Congress in January 2013.

My choice will understand the injustice of the deficit and the debt; that it is wrong to strap unborn generations with having to pay for our excesses.

He will have to stand up and sponsor legislation or cosponsor legislation already introduced that will change the direction of the over-bearing federal government. I expect my candidate to understand and challenge the leadership of his own party when they get weak-kneed.

I want to vote for a candidate who understands the founders’ view of the “citizen legislator” — one who will serve, then return to live under the laws he helped pass.

My candidate must support the FairTax. The FairTax, when implemented, will do more to grow the economy while funding government than any other system of taxation.

The FairTax taxes retail-level consumption while leaving productivity alone and would be a terrific start toward repairing the mess in which America finds herself.

My candidate will have to be willing to step up to the entitlement reform fight. Addressing the repeal of the unconstitutional ObamaCare and the reform of the existing out-of-control Medicare and Medicaid programs is critical.

I will support with my voice, my words, my money and my vote the man or woman that fills these simple qualifications. We have only a few more months to gel around a good quality citizen legislator and educate the voters of the district of this choice. It is time to make a difference.


— Bill Carson


Religious hypocrisy is the most distasteful

Fifty Catholic professors have signed a statement accusing House Speaker John Boehner of being too immoral to speak to the graduates at Catholic University in a few weeks.

Their reasoning is that he does not agree with them that increasing federal welfare programs is the best way to help the poor.

To them, that is equal to harming the poor. It is typical leftwing dribble, only with the disguise of religion as a front!

Large numbers of Americans have strong faith in God, and do believe it is right for persons of faith to express their views in the public square.

But, this action by 50 Catholic professors is a new low in radical and extreme hypocrisy.

Boehner is a Roman Catholic, which does mean that fellow Roman Catholics are within their rights to hold him accountable to a good conscience.

But, where were any of these guys when Roman Catholic Speaker Nancy Pelosi was leading the charge to guarantee that taxpayers finance abortions? Religious hypocrisy is always the most distasteful kind in our culture!

One thing that liberal Protestants, liberal Catholics and liberals who claim no religion all have in common is that they love double standards.

Religious hypocrisy is always the most distasteful kind, and 90 percent of it is on the political left.

Paul Richard Strange, Sr., Waxahachie


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3 Comments for “What I expect from my candidate”

  1. Sorry, as a former Fairtax cult member myself, I can assure you, Fairtax sounds great. It sounds fantastic. But it’s profoundly goofy.

    You say you want Fairtax? Did you know Fairtax has a massive and bogus and deceptive 800 billion dollar tax on government spending?

    300 billion of that tax, according to Fairtax fine print, has to be paid IN ADVANCE.

    Yes, in advance. IN ADVANCE. New York City government, for example, would have to pay 1.1 billion IN ADVANCE. All cities– all 20,000 of them.

    Massive taxes. Souix City Iowa would have to pay 14 million — in advance. LaCross Wisconsin would have to pay 7 million IN ADVANCE. On and on and on.

    State governments too. Texas state government would have to pay 3 billion IN ADVANCE. did you know that? All state governments.

    This is revealed in one of their foot notes, footnote 19, in the Fairtax document by David Tuerck, of Beacon Hill Institute, which is essentially a public relations firm that is paid to fool stupid people, frankly. Go check out their footnote.


  2. Frank


    Your “facts” I’m afraid, are not correct in regards to the “burden” the Fair Tax would place upon governments and on having to pay the money up front. Regardless of what some consultant may say, I would kindly suggest checking out and reading the actual bill itself. Its not a massive bill written in typical “legalese” as many bills are, but is an easy read and very straight-forward.

    I have a copy of the bill as it was introduced in the current congress and it states that those responsible for collecting the tax (sellers at the retail level) must remit said taxes for each month by the 15th of the following month to their state agency responsible for collecting the monies. That state agency then has 5 days from that point to remit those funds, less its permitted administrative fee, to the US Treasury. No up-front monies required at all. You will not find that anywhere in the bill.

    Will governments have to pay the Fair Tax? Yes; but if you ever were familiar with the details of the tax you would know that once the built-in costs of our current tax system are removed and the consumption tax applied, the governments will be paying out the same amount of cash for their purchases as they are now. So there will be no massive (or any amount) of increased cash advancements or costs to local or state governments. As a matter of fact, they will experience a decrease in their costs as the administrative costs related to their payroll operations will be less.

    Hence, with all due respect, I would encourage you and anyone else who has any questions about the Fair Tax to go to the source – the actual bill itself – and read it instead of relying on a book or study or pundent for an understanding of exactly how the tax would operate.

  3. Bill

    Frank is correct: I have read the actual bill as introduced.
    Mark should also read the bill as opposed to reading opinion blogs from people who apparently hasn’t read the bill either. The legislation, as Frank says, is easy to read and only 135 or so pages long; it can be seen at
    Have fun with it Mark!

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