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2012 New Year – New Car or Million Miler???

By Scott Rider

Well Happy New Year friends and neighbors! I trust everyone had a blessed holiday season with no foul ups while traveling to the North Pole, the Griswolds, Grandmas house, In-Laws house, church services etc. Our family’s trips were short but really sweet on the sweet tooth, and heavy on the belt for all those multiple turkey dinners and gift giving revelry. Bet you all racked up a few miles on the mini-van or family truckster.

Scott Rider

A lot of folks put some miles on their rides for Christmas this year. I know some friends who started traveling before Christmas to get all those kin-folk seen by the New Year, came by to see us before they left for a checkup and we just saw them again this week, most overdue for that winter service on the speedo and out of gas to boot. Christmas road warriors, tough duty but most of us have done it forever and sometimes it is fun and mostly crazy. I see images Clark Griswold and Christmas Vacation in my mind’s eye….I can relate to this famous quote;

Clark: Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

Eddie: Naw, I’m doing just fine, Clark.

Check this out to get my point: I told you it would be a little crazy sometimes, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c0sg4dJwgw&feature=endscreen&NR=1 We may end up saving your life, if not at least we will save you some time and aggravation that for sure…cars and trucks are not what they used to be.

However, we have seen a lot of new folks traveling thru Ennis and our regulars this Christmas season but we have yet to get a Million Miler make it by for a checkup or service. The official high mileage Leader of Ennis for the month of January 2012 so far is Mr. Ken Riggs Sr. who lives in Rice, Texas. His company van, a 1999 Chevy G1500 is our highest mileage vehicle to date, 25 years that’s awhile.

Ken founded and owns Magnolia Shutters years ago and moved his manufacturing facility here to Ennis on South Kaufman Street in the old Leggett & Platt buildings 3 or 4 years ago. Ken is a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 1957! Whoop! Chemistry major, I should have known…I knew he was a great guy. Ken’s plant manager Tim uses the Chevy van in their business as a fleet vehicle and it’s his personal vehicle back and forth to customers and home in the manufacturing of primarily specialty residential plantation shutters & all types of wood shutters they build in the Ennis Plant. Ken’s various companies have been in the window coverings business for over 65 Years!!! He said “We have a place to use all our cars and trucks somewhere, either in the business or on the ranch, so we use them till they are all used up!” Tim’s van has 540,977 miles on it and going strong and looking good. People who know use Valvoline….Thanks Tim & Ken. If that old van makes it to a million or not I’m sure you’ll put it out to greener pastures.

Ken’s real passion is his Wagyu “Kobe” Beef Cattle herd on his Rice Texas ranch that he and his son and family have. They have a bunch of fine cattle, and they are some of the highest quality Kobe beef cattle in the USA direct from these original Japanese cattle. www.briggsranchgenetics.com I’ve never eaten any Kobe beef but now I am going to get some for sure and give the old smoker a test.

Second place in January 2012: Interestingly enough there is a local Ennis husband & wife combo of vehicles that are runners up and # 2 & # 3 entries on the Million Miler race for 2012 stardom for the month of January 2012. Rick and Allison Beckham, Co-Owners of CALCO Products “Complete Janitorial Supplies” at 108 S. Dallas Street are local road warriors as well. Rick has a 2002 GMC Sierra Pickup with 419,368 miles and Allison’s 2001 Chevy Suburban has 195,482 miles on it. Both of these trucks have been serviced regularly and have been well taken care of, in business or for personal use you need to get your money’s worth, especially these days and frankly always. The old commercial I recall that stated “Pay me now, or pay me later…” how true that is when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

There are several ways we can characterize the principle being cited. “Pay me now or…Pay me later.” One way is to say that we can behave prudently today, by maintaining and changing your oil and oil filter along with checking all vital fluids for your car, or face a catastrophe tomorrow, be forced to pay for an engine overhaul or major repair. An economic characterization of the principle would be to say that we can incur a small expense today in order to avoid a major expense tomorrow.

Check out the information below to get your mind right on your vehicle maintenance for 2012 and to keep your car or truck healthy and safe for a million miles or more starting now! The Car Care Council survey results I just received from the good folks at www.VehicleMD.com and the Automotive Oil Change Association www.AOCA.org are below, check them out, you will be surprised.

Friend us on Facebook and see the Magnolia Shutter Van and let Floyd or myself know if you need any information or help. Email: VEC75119@gmail.com 972.875.1777 or go to www.Take10Oil.com

Scott Rider President Take 10 Oil, Inc. Valvoline Express Care Ennis 25 Years of Professional Service


Did you know, or have you ever considered or had someone address all these issues below with your car or truck? In this new year of trying times and tight budgets, pay attention to the details on your vehicle, get yourself educated to what needs to be done or get it to a certified professional service center to check it out and to give you straight facts and timely answers. We are all here to help you. Your result will be a half million miler vehicle like Ken Briggs, with Rick & Allison soon to catch up. Before you put your car or truck out to pasture with the old bulls, get your money’s worth for what they cost these days….and “Ride like the wind Bullseye”
From the Car Care Council: More Than Eight in 10 Vehicles Need Maintenance or Repairs
The Car Care Council recently released findings from the “Check Lane” events conducted at hundreds of automotive service facilities last April 2011 in conjunction with National Car Care Month. According to the findings, fully 84 percent of vehicles inspected at these free events were in need of some type of maintenance or repair, up from 73 percent of vehicles inspected in 2010. Lubricants and fluids were problematic, with 28 percent of vehicles inspected possessing low, overfull or dirty engine oil; 24 percent were found to have low, leaky or dirty coolant.
Other fluid/lubricant issues noted:
15 percent of vehicles had issues with their brake fluid.
18 percent had low, overfull or burnt transmission fluid.
18 percent had low, overfull or burnt power steering fluid.
23 percent had low or contaminated washer fluid.
Other components were inspected as well, with the inspections showing:
14 percent of vehicles needed their windshield wipers replaced.
20 percent were in need of belt replacement.
15 percent had hoses that needed replacement.
19 percent of vehicles were in need of an air filter replacement.
17 percent had battery cables, clamps and/or terminals that needed service or replacement.
9 percent of vehicles were found with the “Check Engine” light illuminated.
3 percent of vehicles needed a new PCV filter, down from 18 percent in 2004.
8 percent of vehicles had tires that were not properly inflated, while 11 percent had tires that needed to be replaced due to inadequate tread depth.
3 percent of vehicles had at least one headlight out, while 10 percent needed a brake light replaced; elsewhere, 4 percent of vehicles had side marker lights that needed replacement, 3 percent needed turn signal light replacement, 5 percent needed backup light replacement, 2 percent needed parking/tail light replacement, and fully 16 percent needed license plate light replacement.

Sounds like it’s the same old saying and advice to me….”Pay me now….or pay me later????” Maintenance will pay off for YOU in the long term. It’s a fact.

Cowboy Woody

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