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Accidents happen

We were traveling through Jacksonville in rush-hour traffic when the husband casually mentioned that the battery in his iPod was failing to hold a charge and he needed to check the warranty/replacement booklet from 2009 in the little white box in which the iPod was purchased. I’m glad there was no video footage of my […]

Where there is a will, there is a Lion

On what could have turned into a routine assignment at the newspaper this week our eyes were opened to the importance of one of our civic organizations. The event may have sounded routine, yet it wasn’t. The Ennis Lions Club outfitted Ennis ISD students with reading and eyeglass this week at Tabernacle Baptist Church. For […]

‘Hatchie’ football deserves better

Three years ago I sat upstairs at 411 N. Gibson St. in Waxahachie. The administration building was filled with anticipation as the WISD would soon sign a new football coach who would beat their nemesis, Ennis, and lead the Indians to the promised land. The business meeting went as planned until the itinerary was complete. […]

The love of birds

Growing up, one of my favoritememories was walking out the back door to our farm house in the early morning, and hearing hundreds of meadowlarks singing in the north pasture. It was particularly heavenly when there was frost on the grass, the air crisp and cold, breath hanging in a mist. That sweet song seemed […]

What you feed, grows

As old adages go, “What you feed grows, what you starve dies,” is more about what we put into our lives than it is about dieting, though the semantic is nonetheless effective. When it comes to our eye-gate and ear-gate, it is especially true. What we allow into our minds by way of our eyesight, […]

Cain and Abel

Me, a writer, filled with unpopular opinions, believes that increased gun control will not solve the problem that many face internally: the sheer unhappiness and desolate feeling of hating the world in which we live. The entire world was devastated by the recent events that unfolded in Las Vegas. Read the full story and more […]

When pink means just a little bit more

I’m pretty partial to the month of October and the pink power that people display to support those battling breast cancer and other forms of the disease. So let’s not forget that this time of season goes beyondjust pumpkin spiced lattes or trick or treating and Halloween. Breast Cancer Awareness month is here and we […]

A matter of public safety

Tuesday, September 19th, around 2:00 PM, I had an unsettling experience. Driving on FM 813, about three miles from US 287, I came upon a State Trooper SUV traveling 25-30 MPH, repeatedly weaving over the center line, then over the shoulder line. I felt the driver must have been impaired and called 911. I gave […]

Fixes on guns miss-the-mark

Gun control, the always hot button subject has its own juxtaposition: it draws plenty of flawed solutions, which few address the source of the problem. The talking heads on television are more likely to spew political garbage than they are ideas that stand a snowball’s chance in Hades. There are valid points to be made […]

It’s your turn to choose the Best

It’s that time of year again. Every Fall, The Ennis News announces its Best of the Best contest. For us, it’s fun because we get to interact with the community. It’s a time when we get to hear from our readers about their favorites. As an editorial staff, we already have an idea of some […]

Deep and wide

My compassion for the South Florida evacuees was deep and wide as they filled both northbound lanes of U.S. 19, carrying with them the scraps of their lives. For days, these arduous travelers from the Keys, Miami, Naples and Ft. Myers journeyed north – frantically attempting to escape Hurricane Irma’s wrath. Having withstood enough hurricanes […]

Ennis community strong against Alzheimer’s

Any time a new fundraiser or benefit comes to town, it’s safe to be wary with expectations. That was the feeling going into this past weekend’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s in downtown Ennis, but to the pleasant surprise of many, including ourselves, the event was a smashing success. Not only did the local effort surpass […]

Time to thank the men and women in blue

As another summer ends and as we reach fall, we look forward to the annual tradition of National Night Out next Tuesday night. This community police partnership has been taking place across the nation for years. While these events can be fun with music and good food, it is crucial we do not forget its […]

Pertussis cases remind us the reason to vaccinate

Students were sent home with letters this week alerting parents to a handful of confirmed cases of whooping cough within Ennis ISD. The number of students affected, according to the district, is fewer than five, but that number is higher than normal, given that whooping cough, or pertussis, has been all but eradicated thanks to […]

Airsoft brings out the kid in me, and the aches

My son and I have been looking at ways to get out to an airsoft field or event for a while now. After much research the only two places close to us were either Denton or Fort Worth, too far to drive for our liking to be honest. That was until I recently did a […]

Evidence shows who is in the police cross-hairs

Anyone with ears, eyes and a television knows that police target young black men, whether consciously or subconsciously, and the numbers prove it. What if, however, race has much less to do with shootings than we’re being told? I, for one, am glad we have a justice system in which the bad apples are held […]

Rebranding Ennis shows promising start

Picture four images: fields of bluebonnets, a polka festival, a bustling downtown area with unique shops and parks or a city made up of good diverse people that still stays true to it roots. Any of those make you think of Ennis? According to the city’s recent branding results, it is what people say they […]

Wait a cotton pickin’ minute

I had the opportunity in recent weeks to visit area cotton fields, watch the most modern of machines pick it from stalks three or four feet high, then visited one of three Ellis County gins. Getting schooled on the operation was enlightening to say the least. Up until now my knowledge and appreciation for cotton […]

I’m your biggest fan

It really is all about you. Whether you subscribe, pick up the paper in one of our racks or read our e-edition on your phone or computer, you are the one who makes this newspaper what it is. In my roughly three years at this newspaper, I’ve learned a lot about the inner-workings of the […]

Lions getting the feeling back

A longtime friend and Waxahachie resident, Andreas Flowers asked a very good question last week. “How does an Ennis Lions team, one with hopes and expectations set so high for this season, respond after an 0-3 start?” That’s a fair question. Well, I knew it wouldn’t be long before they opened up and relieved a […]

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