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The Wacky World of Family

This past week I had the opportunity to travel with my mom and sister to visit my son, his wife and their three sons in Savannah, Georgia. It was wonderful, therapeutic and was over too quickly. Matthew Dallas (33) is a great father and provider to his boys, each as different as mustard and custard. […]

Knights To The Rescue

ST. LOUIS — Maybe it was the Iraqi-born bishop praying the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. Maybe it was being in the same venue here where Pope John Paul II spoke in 1999. Maybe it was my whining about multiple silly inconveniences and humiliations earlier in the day. Maybe it was […]

NFL legal woes? Perhaps we’re to blame

When I was in high school, my principal caught me and a friend skipping class to eat lunch at McDonald’s. *GASP* This might come as a shock to some of you, but I was dumb as a teenager. When I arrived back to campus, with my principal standing arms crossed in my assigned parking spot, […]

With lofty goals comes caution

The city has begun releasing monthly reports detailing what it believes are its most integral processes or loftiest goals. The most important piece of the latest edition of Downtown Digest, as it’s been labeled by the city, is a timeline of projected progress, along with cost estimates and other details. What citizens should be aware […]

Trumpeting Off Key

Every week, I make an attempt to write a column with social commentary that is non-specific to any particular person or event. Now I find I am compelled to break with my normal stance and jump into the political fray and take my lumps. For many decades, crude and offensive political rhetoric has become the […]

A list of firsts

We all know the saying, “there’s a first time for everything,” and lately I have found myself saying that phrase quite a bit. There was a first time for me to move away from my family and the town I’ve called home for 18 years, a first time to live in a dorm, a first […]

Trump, Twitter and transgenders

Trump abruptly announced on Twitter last Wednesday that transgender individuals are no longer allowed to serve in the U.S. military in any form. The social media outlet blew up upon release of the news and has remained a hot topic of controversial conversation nationwide. Trump took to Twitter, as he usually does, writing, “Our military […]

After Funeral Week has Passed

After funeral week has passed, survivors need to effectively manage and recover from the stress brought on by grief. Survivors may find it helpful to explore and incorporate stress management activities. Our goal is to manage and change our bodily reactions and stress responses to our grief. Historically, the following management activities have been helpful […]

English-to-English Translator

I’ve heard that if you want to pronounce the actor Michael Caine’s name the way he does, you simply say “My Cocaine.” Try it: “I’m going to see that new movie starring My Cocaine.” The film “Trainspotting” was one of many British films that had to be overdubbed to make it more understandable to Americans. […]

Stay true to you

No matter what you believe, your truth isn’t universal. Your neighbor believes in one god, you believe in another. You think one politician is best, and the guy sitting in the voting booth next to you vehemently disagrees. It’s not an uncommon philosophy, this idea of relativity. Even Albert Einstein knew it. The time we […]

ESPN downward spiraling continues

The self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, ESPN, just doesn’t get it. Having watched and paid for the cable Entertainment and Sports Programming Network since its inception in 1978, I’ve watched it reach the pinnacle with over 100 million subscribers. Over the past decade its stay at the zenith has begun to fall at an alarming […]

Feeding life into Ennis

The old adage, “what you feed grows, what you starve dies” is never more true than it is today for Ennis residents. While the theme is applicable as a theme in sermons and athletic teams, it recently reared its uncomfortable truth when our Brookshires closed on the west end of town. Built brand new roughly […]

Dump the Ump?…

I take no joy in alleging the shortcomings of others. On land or sea, I typically choose “fluffy” topics devoid of controversy. My intent is to provide gentle humor for all readers,despite their station, religion and/or political leaning. On land, I wouldn’t join troops risking entanglements “through the briars and the brambles where a rabbit […]

Coke Zero is gone, and it’s an absolute travesty

I was never a drinker of sodas. That was until I met Coke Zero. In general, I actually don’t consume soda. I can’t handle the carbonation, and often it’s much too sugary for my taste. I’d rather stick to coffee. But long days in the newsroom, and late night with little sleep, sometimes warrants something […]

Where is Robocop?

Recently, an Australian woman was shot and killed in a tragic incident. She had called 911 and was attempting to speak to the responding officers when she was killed. I make no judgment here. Not having been there at the time, not having seen what actually happened, I have no way of knowing the full […]

Seeking Wisdom and Faith, not knowledge and anger

“If we fill our heads with poison and junk, we make ourselves angry and dumb.” Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said this during a talk at the recent Napa Institute Conference on how to live in the world and also make it anew. As he was speaking, everyone who’s been following politics like a seemingly […]

The Obituary Challenge

When something is broken, you fix it. Unfortunately, when a family is broken, this is not possible. One might spend countless hours trying to compensate for spousal and parental failure; however, most often the psychological damage upon one’s family is irreparable. My case this week demonstrates this point perfectly. An obituary is an announcement of […]

Gender Camouflague

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy by the U.S. Military towards enlisted gays came to an end when Barack Obama signed a repeal to the law. The LGBT community celebrated. Then, just months before his second term as POTUS came to an end he approved transgender people serving the country. Again, rainbow flags waved. President […]

Buyer remorse sets in for flyover country trump voters

Out here in flyover country, you can’t hardly go by the feed store without running into a reporter doing one of those Wisdom of the Heartland stories. Seems like they could have saved themselves a bunch of trouble by listening to a Hank Williams Jr. album instead. Until a few months ago, that was pretty […]

Greetings from Cheyenne

When the fried pickles came to the table, I realized I had never heard the words that came next from the waitress’ mouth — “would you guys like peanut butter with your pickles?” I’m writing to you from Cheyenne, Wyoming, my exotic vacation destination for the week, where J and I are visiting her brother […]

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