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The internet is a dark, scary place

The internet is a strange, strange place. Over the past few weeks, an anomaly of sorts happened on social media platform Facebook involving a single-wide trailer on U.S. 287 Business headed into Waxahachie: the 287 Trailer Park. If you haven’t been attuned to social media, the phenomena started when two buddies from Waxahachie posted a […]

The more things change

  Authorities usually offer specifics when asked about origins of expressions.  “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” however, is not one of them. Attempts to pinpoint its first use are baffling to some and invite “waffling” for others.  Most linguists agree that the idiom began as a French expression in the […]

Photo safari

For years, I have viewed photography as a good friend. I never felt as if I traveled alone, as long as I had my camera by my side. Recently, however, I have relaxed my emphasis on picture taking because I have no more room for picture frames or albums at my house. But on a […]

“Perhaps we will never know what happened.”

I have never particularly identified as a conspiracy theorist, although I do enjoy reading other’s thoughts on said events. I have, in my free time, watched a documentary on Netflix entitled “The Conspiracy.” Each episode pertains to a different topic, attacking it at all angles, usually explaining a bizarre facet that most likely never occurred. […]

Beg, Borrow or Steal?

The following is my confession to a life of stealing from friends, neighbors, companies and corporations. No person or group, was or is, off limits to my larceny.  When I was younger I kept quiet about my vice but later upon seeing that others, when discovering my proclivity, seemed to accept this particular theft without […]

Who needs money!

Last week I had a first call at a nursing home. The decedent and his family were estranged. I arranged an appointment for the following morning with the decedent’s family to prepare the details of his service. As I opened for business the next morning, one of his family members arrived at the funeral home […]

Texas shaping the future of U.S. politics

The New Yorker, a left-sided publication, recently produced a piece on U.S. politics and how future trajectory is heading toward reflecting that of Texas.  Prior to the 1970s, Texas remained under Democratic rule for quite some time. The state was, at the time, culturally conservative, religious and hawkish when it came to military policy and […]

Or forever hold your peace

Every week we read the wedding announcements in the paper. What the bride wore, where it took place, what the bridegroom does, who their parents are and what they do for a living. It all sounds like a wonderful fairytale. Weddings are fun. Marriage, not so much. Maybe they should publish a “Marriage Update” after […]

You are what you eat

My family and I recently completed the Whole 30 diet and our eating habits are forever changed. After a year of dining hall and fast food, I was looking for a way to cleanse my body of toxins and reintroduce my old habits of healthy eating. I proposed the Whole 30 plan to my parents […]


A friend of mine passed away this week. He was a strong man with strong opinions. I first met him five years ago when his adult daughter died. Uncertainties surrounded her death, and it broke her father’s spirit. For the past five years, every time I would see my friend, I could see the wound […]


Billy Joel once crooned in his 1973 smash hit “The Piano Man” that the patrons of the bar where he performed were “sharing a drink they call loneliness,” but that “it’s better than drinking alone.” Now, I don’t know about you, but where I come from back in Louisiana, drinking is not an act reserved […]

The walk of sorrow

I must be honest with you that I was convicted writing about the power of prayer. We can talk about being a Christian all day long, but there is no greater character development than to learn (and demonstrate) the “responsibility” of prayer. We have heard the scripture that talks about those who literally give their […]

Life’s age of therapy

One of the silliest, most awkward stages in life is the well chronicled junior high years.  It is when the body and mind are not on the same page.  Having graduated from elementary school with the intellect of early adulthood, combined with the onset of puberty makes for quite an interesting stage. No longer a […]


“Poland is VERY pretty at night, and the Polish people are nice too. Now I know why both Hitler and Stalin invaded #Poland in WWII.” I confess, reading that parody of a Donald Trump tweet on Twitter before I’d had coffee, I believed for a moment it was actually written by our president. In truth, […]

Honor a police officer today

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since five police officers and nine others were wounded by a gunman in Dallas. For Americans around the country, it was a significant event, an attack on the men sworn to serve and protect civilians. For Texans and North Texas residents especially, there are images that will […]

Exposing a few myths

Myths, like eggs at a diner, are meant to be broken. Before I get going on this popular subject, let’s review for a moment. Class, can anyone define myth? “A widely held, but false belief or idea,” why thank you, Danny Webster. Can anyone define myth by using it in a sentence? “Myths are public […]

A ticket to ride

I remain a fan of the Trinity Railway Express, provider of commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas. (I deserved a recent TRE tongue-lashing that resulted from my poor judgment. Further, I failed to follow my own lectern dispensed admonitions across the years about the importance of knowing when to run.) “If you’re running […]

The good old days

We sometimes hear old folks speak of their past as “the good old days”. I imagine that for them, that might possibly be true, at least in the moment. I, like many people, can look back to my early years and choose to remember only those times when life was quite good. At seventeen, flying […]

Isolation increases risk of suicide by Tracy Renee Lee

Last night I was surfing social media when I came upon a friend’s post stating that upon reflection, he was taking a break from social media. He stated that since the passing of his wife six months ago, his opinion posting had become offensive to his son. He was confused and hurt by his son’s […]

The Fourth of July: it wasn’t a party

When I look back to the Fourth of July during my earliest years, it wasn’t a party. There were no computer-generated displays of fireworks.  It would begin, instead, with a quiet picnic lunch underneath a cross.  That may surprise you, but for those who knew my family well, it wasn’t a big surprise. We didn’t […]

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