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HSR media coverage misses the mark

The media coverage of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality meeting last week in Waxahachie left a great deal to be desired. The purpose of the meeting was to gather input from the public on their thoughts regarding how the proposed high speed rail project would affect the people of Ellis County, especially our water […]

Balanced reporting needed on HSR

I‘m a bit disappointed with your reporting on the High Speed Rail meeting. The DEIS is over 5000 pages, I have a copy of it. There is no single route that has been decided upon. The study does not find that zero roads will be closed! There are at least 27 in the Ennis area […]

Congress should clean house

Rep. Joe Barton admitted that he is guilty of sexual harassment. That is outrageous. He now says that he will leave Congress at the end of his term and “retire.” This after announcing his intentions to run for re-election three weeks previously. This is also outrageous. He can blithely continue to “represent” the people of […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Yesterday I found a bright orange notice on my front door from The Department of Health Services of Ennis, TX. The notice had a list of things a citizen could be charged with, or fined with, in Municipal Court. My threat was high grass and weeds in excess of 12 inches in height […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Ennis Regional Medical Center! I recently had a spell with my heart and found out it was atrial fibrillation (also called afib). I spent six days in the hospital. The care I received from Dr. Jinks and Dr. Meg Sullivan along with the entire […]

To the editor:

To the Editor: Ellis County Commissioner Layne Grayson cast a vote in this budget year 2017 to not give a 3 percent raise to elected employees of Ellis County. In budget year 2015 he did the same thing. Fortunately for these employees in both years his vote failed and the majority of commissioners voted for […]

Wondering about Ennis candidates

Letter to the Editor, I WONDER.  I wonder about several articles and letters to the editor that have been published in the last month or so.  Many have voiced their opinion about how wonderful one person or another is; each of them seeking office. We all should utilize that feeling and vote. One lengthy letter […]

To the editor:

To the editor: I would like to know how the article on Angie Juenemann’s DWI became about my husband, Red Sanders. Red had absolutely nothing to do with anything regarding Angie, yet your newspaper and others have dragged him into the issue, even bringing up events when he was Chief of Police, which had absolutely […]

Mayor’s pub position not outside mainstream

To the editor: I was disappointed to observe that in its Tuesday issue the Ennis Daily News chose to sensationalize Monday’s City Commission discussion of proposals that would permit the opening of a clean neighborhood pub downtown. Notably, the EDN headline reads “Pub still a public issue – Downtown pastor pushes back, mayor voices support.” […]

Appreciates, supports Holley

To the Editor: By the standards of most Ennis residents, I am considered a newcomer with about 10 years of living in the city and buying two homes. But I have been in Ennis long enough to be aware of the outstanding leadership qualities and moral character of mayoral candidate Brian Holley. See the report […]

Upset with wrong address on letter

To the Editor: As a lifelong resident of Ennis, I would like to point out a simple yet misleading error in a recent letter posted in your paper regarding Mayoral candidate Brian Holley. See the report in the Ennis Daily News! <ahref=”http://www.etypeservices.com/Ennis%20Daily%20NewsID64/”>Click here to sign up for our E-Edition and read the rest of the […]

Supports Holley for mayor

To the editor: As a person who has known Brian Holley for over 45 years, I could not be more proud of his decision to run for Mayor of Ennis. Brian comes from a close knit Christian family of 7 brothers and wonderful parents. Brian has been volunteering for and serving the community of Ennis […]

Cost of Higher Education

To the Editor: In many if not most areas, I believe government is too intrusive in our private lives, even in lower education. I fully support home schooling and believe those that do should be supported by vouchers. Same pay for equal work – isn’t that the mantra often heard? Public schooling is fine as […]

Let’s not take our government for granted

To the Editor: This letter is a reminder to the EDN readers about infrastructure in our community. These activities routinely proceed without our attention. Recently we have been made aware of problems which have occurred in Flint, Michigan. Thank God for Lake Bardwell, the source of our water, and the city for operating a safe […]

In support of Pagan for Precinct 1

To the Editor: I am proud to write this letter of recommendation for David Pagan for county commissioner, Precinct 1. David Pagan worked with me in Austin, sometimes putting in 16 hour days, and I am confident he is the best candidate to serve the people of Ellis County as Commissioner. Conservatives who want a […]

Supports Juenemann

  To the editor: Angie Juenemann, my good friend and a life-long Ennis resident, is running for mayor of Ennis. I have had the privilege of working with Angie on several projects, including the new Ennis Public Theatre, and I can vouch for her leadership and follow-through! This woman gets things done! I am continually […]

Roe anniversary serves as reminder

To the Editor: We are reminded again of the horrible sin of abortion. It is an ongoing reminder since Jan. 22, 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wadethat it was legal for a woman to have an abortion at any stage of development, all the way through nine months of pregnancy. Except, […]

Contention within city is good

To the editor: Since 2000, the City of Ennis population has grown roughly 17.5%. Since 2002, City of Ennis expenditures have grown by more than 67%. These numbers are based on data collected from city-data.com and the budgets presented to the public by the City of Ennis. The numbers do not include the expenditures of […]

Ennis is poised for success

To the editor: I want to congratulate the city and the commission on appointing a new city manager – Scott Dixon.  Ennis has seen two city managers in the past 34 years. The average tenure for a city manager in Texas is three to five years, according to Chris Hartung, who the city hired as a consultant. Mr. Hartung has been helping cities across Texas fill vacancies for […]

Replace radical commissioners at election

I first want to congratulate Dr. Kinze for appearing before the commission . I find that all who actually know what is happening in this city agrees with him. A few months ago most everyone was really excited with the progress of the city and all the new programs that was started, and with the […]

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