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How to survive without AC

Residents in North Texas are quite familiar with the effects of summer weather. Even cattle and pets know to take refuge in the shade. Those without access to home air conditioning are not without  hope.  Ennis Chamber of Commerce president, Jeannette Patak, says two age-old locations are the best places to spend an afternoon or […]

Today’s Horoscope

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Communication will be important. Say what’s on your mind and get the lowdown on what your friends and co-workers are thinking. Don’t lose sight of the truth. Practical changes will put you in a stronger position to reach your goals. Travel, education and romance are highlighted. Short trips or gatherings that […]

Planting for a fall harvest

Working in the garden during the middle of the Texas summer is an arduous task due to the heat. Having a strategic plan for what to plant can come in handy.  When Shakespeare wrote in King Henry IV, “I am as hot as molten lead,” he likely had no idea about Dallas in July, but […]

‘The Little Mermaid, Jr.’ a hit

Last weekend’s debut of the Ennis Public Theatre’s new children’s production, “The Little Mermaid, JR.,” was received by an enthusiastic audience that filled the new auditorium. The musical was in fact sold out for the opening. Playgoers included a number of fascinated youngsters who might have giggled at the central characters’ love scenes but marveled […]

The wildest garden in Ennis

You never see many people there, but Kachina Prairie, at Lake Clark, is a beautiful example of a wild, untended garden. True nature lovers know it, and casual passers-by would appreciate it more if they realized what a gem it is. This lazy gardener adores it, and I’m proud to say I’m one of the […]

Conquering ‘Gymtimidation’

Let’s talk about what may or may not be holding some from joining or even benefiting from a gym membership. Gymtimidation. This feeling is common and often felt by newcomers. It is a slogan in a very well-known gym chain; that in their gym, gymtimidation is not allowed. Having held memberships to two local gyms, […]

Seasonal sleep decline

Our bodies require sleep in order to function and maintain proper health. Humans are programmed to sleep every night as a means of restoring mind and body. Two systems, the internal biological clock and the sleep-wake homeostat, largely determine our transitions from wakefulness to sleep and vice versa. In the late 1920’s, scientists began to […]

2017 Wedding guide

Wedding experts give us a sneak peek at what wedding trends are on the rise. Here’s what’s going to be trendy this fall. Read the full story and more in your Weekend edition of The Ennis News. Be informed, subscribe today!

Looking through rose-colored glasses

Here in North Texas, and really almost anywhere in the state, gardeners can grow roses successfully. Provided you follow directions for soil preparation and use the care instructions, planting and growing roses in any of the six growing regions of Texas should be easy and a pleasure. You can’t beat roses when it comes to […]

Adventure is out there

Sitting atop a sedimentary rock of clay-rich soils, the North Dakota wind winding its way through each strand of hair, Brooke Betik feels at peace, despite the name of the national park: Badlands. Betik, 16-year-old EHS student and adventurer, is no stranger to living outside her comfort zone. “I love doing interesting things and making […]

My tomatoes are cracking up!

Cheer up, tomato gardeners, there is hope.  A fairly common problem, especially for those who grow heirloom tomatoes, is the advent of cracking or splitting along the top or sides. Far different from side-splitting laughter, they do have a way of getting your attention, not to mention they can be very annoying. Read the full […]

Celebrating 95 years, Birdie Mae Brown cherishes family

Birdie Mae Brown has a wealth of memories. She lived through the Great Depression. She saw the Jim Crow laws abolished, and remembers the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy. Since Brown was born, there have been 17 presidents of the United States, televisions were invented, and sliced bread was popularized. […]

A sampling of yesteryear

Can you hear me now?  C.W. Duke of Ennis would have answered “yes” in 1930 when a plane ride reportedly restored his hearing.  According to an Associated Press release, Duke allowed a stunt pilot to go into a nose dive during a flight recommended to benefit – if not cure – the deafness in his […]

What to know before putting your child in the pool this summer

A video has recently gone viral showing the superb swimming skills of a young child, leaving people speechless and questioning everything they know about babies. It has been said that babies are born with the ability to stand and swim, but environmental factors prohibit them from being successful in these operations. Numerous parenting and childcare […]

Healthy Mom, Healthy Family

Calling all Moms! We all make sure to take care of everyone else first. As a Mom of three myself, I get it. But, I’ll ask you the same question that was asked of me from a previous personal trainer, “If you’re not making time to take care of yourself, to make sure you’re healthy […]

The Talk of the Town

“Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.” New York Post gossip writer Liz Smith said that, and she ought to know. Known as the Grande Dame of Dish, the 94-year-old columnist has thrashed out scoops aplenty in her 60 years of journalism –– like her exclusive interviews with Ivana […]

First-time family farmers

Zac and Laura Murtha’s home farm, Seven Apples Farm, is much like their young family – large and colorful. And like the Murtha bunch, comprised of husband Zac, Laura and their five kids, Olivia, Cameron, Natalie, Jayden and Marley, the rows of the farm are overflowing. Watermelon vines wildly wind their way through snaking arms […]

Tomatoes: Always your best bet

You really can’t go wrong planting tomatoes in Texas. They’re an excellent source of vitamin A and a pretty good source of vitamin C. I’m not crazy for fresh tomatoes. I’m weird, I guess; I never eat them sliced up in a salad or on a sandwich, but I love them stewed or roasted and […]

A building that still moves people

Over 70 years of history is wrapped up in a building at 906 S. Kaufman St. that is still in use today. Back in the 1940s the 7,800 square foot structure was built and opened as a Studebaker dealership, where it remains, though completely transformed. It is hardly recognizable inside and out compared to its […]

Why farmers kill sunflowers

A reader sent in a question that is often asked about the death of sunflowers in the summer. The Ennis News went to the source, a pair of Ellis County farmers who grow hundreds of acres of the popular plant. The top of the letter read: “I read your article on Tommy Copeland in The […]

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