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Snapping into a new point of view

What do Subway, Freschetta pizza, Girl Scout cookies, and homemade cinnamon rolls all have in common? Brace yourself; this is all food that I ate yesterday.
Needless to say, I still have college kid eating habits. Yes, young adults in college eat more than Ramen noodles … when we can afford it anyways.

As the years go by, my body is beginning to react differently. This is the part where people testify to a slower metabolism, sparing the sob story, I’ll just say that I’m finally catching on to this whole healthy eating jazz, especially after talking with Andrea Bakley, the owner of Snap Fitness.

She has a real passion for what she does, and what she does is fitness, and moreover, she does it well. In just a few short minutes, Bakley gave me key pointers to living a healthy style, sweeping away all the cobwebs surrounding the mystery of working out and eating right. It was a fitness for dummies lecture, or a fitness for Corrie lecture, rather.

The first piece of advice is the simplest to digest, reducing what you eat and working out go together. Who would have thought? Bakley must have seen the glazed over look in my eyes, so she gave me further explanation. Wait, did someone say glazed doughnut? Oh, right, glazed look.

Anyways, the breakdown is this: a pound equals to 3,500 calories, and say that you reduce 250 calories from your diet everyday. Say you also burn 250 calories working out everyday, well that means you are losing 500 calories a day, and if you multiple that by 7 days a week, it equals 3,500 calories.

As if it’s that easy.

But, really, it is. It just takes enough will power to cut out those two Dr. Pepper’s and swap them for water, and to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour a few times a week.

Bakley also insists that after the weight loss begins to plateau, exercise is the next level, and doing cardio will help achieve that sweet, caloric burn.

I’m not saying results or even the stamina for this lifestyle just appears overnight, it is a lifestyle that takes time, until it is what your body is used to, and comes to expect.

Think about it, trade out that chocolate bar for some almonds, or those chips for an apple, this is not always realistic, but it’s feasible. Also, when you take the dog outside, why not go for a 30-minute walk, bring the kids along and stop at a park? These are small steps, which do affect the bigger picture. The bigger picture is your body, and life longevity.

So sure, today my recovery from yesterday’s food hangover includes water, celery, and peanut butter sandwiches, but who knows what I’ll do tomorrow. However, this is certain– Bakley, along with all the Olympians that I have been watching non-stop for the past two weeks, have given me inspiration to treat my body better and to try to transform my filthy, junk food lifestyle into a more healthier one.

Corrie DiManno is watching what she eats a little closer these days. She can be reached at corrie@ennisdailynews.com.

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