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Faux conservatives wrangle

A lot will be made over the next few months over the definition of a conservative. As our freelance correspondent and the Ennis Daily News’ connection to true conservatism Mike Williamson aptly pointed out the other day, there’s a big difference between a Republican and a conservative.

That is, in fact, the reason why the Republicans have lost the last two election cycles.

Republicans are lost since the party has no leadership. I have always registered as an independent. My personal values match up with some things the Democrats believe in and some things the Republicans believe in. However, in general both parties appear to be lost. The Democrats have the power right now, and I’m just as scared as I was when the Republicans held the advantage in the White House and Congress in the early to middle part of last decade.

Too much of one point of view is dangerous under any system of government. But there’s little chance that a small town 31-year-old newspaper publisher can shed light on the policies of those in Washington.

I’m sure even our own Rep. Joe Barton only takes part of what I concern myself with seriously.

I’m more interested in the electorate — my readers.

I’ve gone most of my life labeling people Republican or Democrat.

This bias toward our inept two-party system is part of the problem. You do not have to align yourself with a political party to take part in our federal, state or local election process. These parties should earn your membership through their actions.

This is important to many people out there claiming to be Republicans, as a significant portion of folks in our readership claim to be.

I often hear about complaints over the Obama administration’s policies on business being so oppressive.

They are correct in most instances but how often do you hold the officials you elect to the same standard?

Locally, folks have complained about the city’s smoking ordinance, prohibiting smoking in buildings open to the public. Yet many of those same individuals believe businesses should then be forced to accommodate the smokers by building add-ons to their building with expensive equipment to filter out cigarette smoke. Are you seriously calling yourself a conservative?

That is the most “liberal” idea of them all. I’ve expressed my reserved belief in the past why the city did not overstep its bounds by appealing to one portion of the population over the other and I won’t reiterate it. But there’s not a reasonable conservative argument to forcing businesses to spend thousands of dollars per year on quarantine rooms for people who can’t stop smoking for 30 minutes.

Similarly, I hear arguments from family members of criminals in our city that we shouldn’t run stories on them.

Some I know are voting Republican and calling themselves conservative. It sounds an awful lot like what Republicans complain about the Democrats for doing. Giving three, four and five chances to criminals is absurd. So we should have sympathy for those who commit crimes against others so much so that we shouldn’t tell the people of Ennis who they are and what they’ve done? Aside from jail, publishing someone’s deeds is the most effective deterrent for crime. One could argue the newspaper serves a role in exposing people for the crimes they commit. (If they are ruled innocent, we publish that information when defense attorneys cooperate.) If you don’t like it, don’t commit rapes, burglaries, theft or any of the laundry list of crimes we are publishing. If you are related to these people, I am sorry that your relative is putting you through this pain. It’s not the victim, police or newspaper’s fault — in 99.99 percent of cases.

All I want is for the Republicans in this town who call themselves
such to think about everything they want, talk about or propose, before they do it. If you don’t, the conservative movement in our country will never take hold as it did 14 years ago.

Don’t think about whether or not you would benefit, think about whether or not it aligns with your sense of how things should be.

Most instances are much less newsworthy than the ones I’ve spoken of and can be considered trivial by some. However, added up, all of these issues are vital to our system of government. Be consistent with your convictions. I don’t care if you are conservative or liberal, but be honest with yourself.Choose an ideology, don’t let your political party do it for you.

Tre Bischof can’t stand the hypocrisy of Democrats and Republicans alike. He can be complained about by sending e-mail to tre@ennisdailynews.com.

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