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High court gives vaccines a pass

Tre Bischof, tre@ennisdailynews.com

Vaccines have officially been deemed “unavoidably unsafe,” according to a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In BRUESEWITZ et al. v. WYETH LLC, fka WYETH, INC., et al., the Supreme Court ruled 6-2 in favor of pharmaceutical companies’ right for Congressional protection against lawsuits established in the 1980s.

With this ruling, common sense and accountability took another hit in America this week as pharmaceutical companies’ long-standing lack of accountability standards was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

As part of the creation of the National Vaccination Injury Court in the 1980s, pharmaceutical companies are not held liable when their products are defective or cause harm. And you pay for this protection with a tax levied on each vaccine to help fund a program designed to pay parents who have a vaccine injured child.

This takes the threat of litigation out of creating and manufacturing vaccines, even those created in China under conditions we are not allowed monitor. So, parents, through a vaccine tax on the perceivably mandated vaccines that our children receive, pay for the settlements made through this court. I say perceivably mandated vaccines because children are “required” to receive vaccines in order to attend schools in every state but every state has a waiver for either medical, philosophical or religious reasons. However, schools often do not readily inform parents and often school nurses or other healthcare professionals are unaware of this waiver so parents are often given misleading information.

To be fair, there is a lot of complicated information regarding vaccines and damage. Some doctors acknowledge vaccine risks and others will tell you they are completely safe.

However, there are documented risks and the information is available to any parent who is willing to research.

But that’s not really the issue here.

Regardless of your opinion on vaccines and their potential negative impacts, the thought of allowing pharmaceutical companies to avoid the legal consequences of mistakes is ridiculous.

Vaccine damage to a child can include death, autism, ADD, ADHD and a list of neurological deficiencies. Despite conflicting information on this, our government has admitted through the court system that vaccines can cause brain damage. With a free pass in court, there is no guarantee that these companies will not shave costs by cutting corners. Sending vaccines to China for manufacturing is just one example of cost-cutting already taking place. Another is the unnecessary use of dangerous preservatives included only to increase shelf life, a.k.a profit margins.

Families of damaged children can only receive $250,000. On average after including court costs and lawyers’ fees, we pay around $750,000 per victim. Try to pay for a child to live with brain damage on $250,000. But don’t worry, the taxpayer will pick up the remainder of the tab as the individual is deemed now disabled.

I’m all for tort reform, but there needs to be balance and accountability.

All businesses spend money each year to ensure the safety of their products. When they don’t succeed, they face monetary and legal consequences.

Not big pharma. Why should pharmaceutical companies not be held to the same standard as your business? Our children deserve better.

Tre Bischof is publisher of the Ennis Daily News and can be reached by sending email to tre@ennisdailynews.com.

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2 Comments for “High court gives vaccines a pass”

  1. Jane Marple

    You are talking rubbish. To take just one example, the theory that vaccines cause autism has been utterly debunked, please don’t continue to propagate such scaremongering.

    Most people forget that ALL medical treatments carry some risks, from the simple Tylenol (which causes serious liver damage) upwards. It is always a calculated balance between the risks of the treatment against the risks of the problem that the treatment is designed to deal with. In the case of vaccinations very few people have seen just how dangerous many of the diseases are. I am old enough to have seen schoolfriends paralysed by polio, suffer brain damage from measles, die from diphtheria, a baby born deaf and blind because its mother caught rubella from an unvaccinated child.

    Please, Tre, don’t write about things when you are totally ignorant.

    • publisher

      Thank you for your comment but the connection to autism has not been debunked by any thorough study. In fact, in the recent case of Hannah Poling, the federal government conceded that her permanent “symptoms of autism” (in other words, her autism) were caused by a set of vaccines. It is well documented that vaccines have the potential to cause neurological injury, and the risks of vaccines are not well understood by any means. The reporting system available to us is passive and severely under-reported, so says the CDC and other major health agencies. What this means is that no one is able to accurately calculate the risks vs. the benefits of vaccines.

      In addition, the benefits of vaccines are highly questionable and vary greatly depending on the specific vaccine given and the individual receiving the vaccine. There have been numerous documented examples of disease outbreaks in mostly or fully vaccinated populations. Also, there have been problems riddled throughout the vaccination program, including the initial polio vaccine causing polio and facilitating the spread of the disease rather than the decline. Many vaccines have been pulled or replaced because they are found after years of use to cause more harm than good (take, for example, the first rotavirus vaccine which caused death in many children who otherwise were not at high risk for complications from rotavirus). The whooping cough/pertussis vaccine has recently been under fire because pertussis rates have been increasing in the population despite high vaccination rates, which means children are risking neurological injury for very limited or no protection from pertussis.

      These facts are readily available to those who are willing to consider both sides of the issue. Things are seldom as black and white as they appear, and there is much more involved in the issue of vaccines than heavily promoted by the pharmaceutical industry (in partnership with the medical community).

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