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Wondering about Ennis candidates

Letter to the Editor,

I WONDER.  I wonder about several articles and letters to the editor that have been published in the last month or so.  Many have voiced their opinion about how wonderful one person or another is; each of them seeking office. We all should utilize that feeling and vote.

One lengthy letter caught my attention. It said an email string stated one candidate, Angie Juenemann, threatened to withdraw from the forum.

After reading the letter I WONDERED why Tre Bischof was involved in the forum to begin with? At the city council forum on March 29, Jeannette Patak and Mark Wade (Warde) handled it. They did a good job and did not appear to need any additional assistance. If they did, why not use one of the lovely ladies from the Chamber of Commerce?

Why choose a Polyguard employee? Yeah, yeah, I know he used to work for the newspaper. He used to. He is not employed there now. I don’t know him and don’t have anything against him, but according to the Opinion letter, “he (Tre) is not a neutral person, he is not a journalist.” So why not use someone else?

He was not pleased with having to step out of the forum. I don’t think this was an attack on his character as the writer made it out to be. It seemed to be a simple request to make the forums fair, informative, educational and, as some like to say these days, transparent.

So, why not consider a local minister or local businessman or woman. Why not a member of the current staff at the Ennis Daily News?

I also WONDER how have I missed it that the mayor, Russell Thomas, and select few people in the community have been trying “to get at least two individuals elected”? That statement was referring to Juenemann and Bill Honza.

I have read most all of the articles, have been to city commissioner meetings, and went to both forums. Somehow I completely missed this campaign.

I have seen the signs in the yards for Weldon Caldwell, Rowdy Pruitt, Ken Hackney, Scott Hejny, Bill Honza, Raymond Caldwell, Brian Holley and Angie Juenemann. I thought we were electing a mayor and three commissioners.

At the beginning of this election I was not sure who to vote for, so I called the new candidates. I asked what made them decide to run and what were their plans, if elected? I did not call all of them because I felt like I already knew them. Their path has been laid out at commissioner meetings.

I grew up with Ken Hackney, have known Rowdy Pruitt forever. I have volunteered for years with Weldon Caldwell. Of course, who doesn’t know Raymond Caldwell?

But Bill Honza or Scott Hejny? I looked up their numbers and called them. I also asked for a meeting with Angie Juenemann to see what her plans were.

I was very impressed with all of them. I really liked the fact that Angie, Scott, Bill and Raymond did not have anything negative to say about their opponents. They stood on what they believed and spoke about what they thought needed to happen in Ennis.

I live in Ward 5 and believe we are in a win-win situation. Bill and Raymond both have good intentions and nice things to say about one another; either way we are good. I have opinions about the other wards but don’t live there, so it doesn’t matter. The people in those wards have their own opinions and don’t need mine.

I was told several things about Angie and her plans – all of which were not true. How do I know? I sat down with her asked her about them. I asked people who were involved in organizations and each had nothing but nice things to say about her.

A letter in the paper said Angie shut down social media? I don’t do social media, but how could she possibly stop people from posting? But I am glad the video of the forum (Ennis, TX Mayoral Debate) is on You Tube.

As to the alleged email attacks on someone’s character, the opinion article that I read sounded like an attack.  So let those that cast the first stone…..

Our city officials work for us. We elected them to watch over our ward and to take the best action on behalf of the citizens, not take over other areas. I have heard the city commission never intended on doing anything with the CCPD money except build a new police station; that once it was passed by the voters that they could do what they wanted. Is that true? Is that an attack on our current commissioners? Did we vote for them to run that board? Did anyone except them get to decide this? Why aren’t we looking for those emails? Why aren’t we looking into what we voted on and what is being done?

I WONDER as well why our commissioners felt the need to release the temporary CCPD board and install themselves instead? I asked one of them and was told that it needed to be handled by an elected official in case they had to make unpopular decisions. The temporary board knew when they accepted the position that they might have to make unpopular decisions and they accepted that on behalf of the citizens of Ennis.

At this week’s city council meeting there was discussion of appointing a commissioner to be on another board, the Parks board. I asked why this was needed. Marco Hernandez made a motion to nominate himself and it was seconded and approved by all of the council members.

I don’t have anything against Marco and don’t really know him. We spoke after the meeting and he told me why he wanted to be on this board. It sounds like he is truly interested in improving the parks for our kids. I don’t have a problem with that. I think we need good parks in all areas of town for the children. I did tell him I didn’t think it was appropriate for the council to take over a board. I stated to the people at the meeting, why do we need city commissioners on boards if we have people in town willing to volunteer their time?

We have seen the article about Angie and her DWI from the past. She addressed it and dealt with it.  We have seen the article about how she is trying to control and run social media. We have seen the letters to the editor to support Angie and we have seen the letters to the editor to support Brian.

We have also seen the letter to the editor from Judy Buchanan asking Brian to address his past. I have not seen an article addressing it. Did he address his past? Did I miss it?

Some of the letters to the editor have been from lifelong friends that don’t live in our town. If they don’t live here, then why do they care? Does their opinion matter to those of us that do live here?

There seems to be two trains on the track in Ennis. On some issues they are going in the same direction and on some issues they are going in different directions. To different people either way is bad or good.  All of the candidates are saying they want what is best for the city, but some feel they need to knock others down to accomplish this. Others feel like they can say what they think and move forward.

I have voted. I WONDER if you will vote?

Amy Martinez

Ennis resident

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