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The money kids make: a pop culture eye opener

Kathryn Honza, daughter of our compostion editor Melissa Honza, is one of the coolest kids on earth. Thanks to “Kat,” who has become this newsroom’s resident teen pop culture guru, we are constantly kept in the loop regarding everything involving the Jonas Brothers.
That being said, I am fully aware the family trio is purchasing a home in Westlake. Woopee. That news got me to thinking about some of the richest young people in Hollywood who more than likely don’t deserve the money they have. A quick search on the Internet resulted in the following list from last year:

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 20 years old – $40 million
If you don’t know this dynamic duo then you somehow were able to avoid the family friendly TV sitcom “Full House,” straight-to-video movies about twins who run amuck at a summer camp or Manhattan or entertainment magazines focusing in on one of the twins’ drug addiction. If you are one of those people then congratulations; I applaud you.
2. Daniel Radcliffe, 17 – $13 million
Two words: Harry Potter. Enough said.
3. Lindsay Lohan, 20 – $6 million
I can’t stand this girl. She is a pain to work with. She has an alcohol problem. She isn’t even that great of an actress. Yet people continue to pay for things that give her money. Stop it!
4. Dakota Fanning, 13 – $4 million
Every producer in Hollywood got together one day to hold a business-wide meeting to discuss who they would hire to play a cute adolescent in every movie for the following two years. Whether it was the child of a mentally challenged man, the client of a bodyguard looking to redeem himself or the annoyingly bratty child of a penthouse family raising cane for her nanny, Fanning was put into the role and told to be cute. It worked at first, but after seven movies audiences got tired of it, which is were Abigail Breslin comes in.
5. Amanda Bynes, 20 – $2.5 million
Honestly, I’m not sure how she made this list. I know she was on a Friday night television show with Jenny Garth from “90210” fame, but being on Friday nights automatically means she can’t be cashing in too much of a paycheck. She starred in a couple of movies as well. She may just have a really smart financial advisor.
6. Hayden Panettiere, 17 – $2 million
She is the new “that” girl thanks to the NBC comic book show “Heroes.” Also, dressing up as a cheerleader for a bunch of episodes and dating a cast member nearly twice her age isn’t hurting her exposure in gossip magazines.
7. Vanessa Anne Hudgens, 18 – $2 million
I’ve nothing to back this theory up with, but since she is the only cast member of the Disney Channel’s “High School Musical” to make the list, I am going to assume the nude photos of her on the Internet are what pushed her above the rest. I’m more than likely wrong, but I just don’t want to look around to find the real reason.
8. Abigail Breslin, 10 – $1.5 million
See the Dakota Fanning entry above and you will know enough about her, but Breslin is not quite as annoying as Fanning.
9. Tyler James William, 14 – $1.2 million
It’s okay. I didn’t know this name either. He is the title character from “Everybody Hates Chris.” I don’t watch the show, but apparently enough do for this kid to earn $1.2 million before hitting puberty.
10. Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque, 16 – $1 million
This girl is still around. That surprises me. I understand that this list is a year old, but I haven’t heard the name JoJo for longer than that.
Obviously there are some young people out there who’s life costs a lot more than these people, such as Richard Branson’s 18-year-old son Sam, who in 2004 was allegedly worth $1 billion. In case you missed that last word, it was billion with a “b.”
I thought after writing this column, I would be even angrier at the absurdity of Hollywood salaries and the stupidity of mankind to allow us to reach the point to where we allow this to happen. Surprisingly I’m not too ticked off. Maybe I’m coming down with something.

Matt Cook is a staff writer and the web editor for the Ennis Daily News. He can be reached at matt@ennisdailynews.com.

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