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Candie’s shopping ‘no-nos’

Due to yet another shopping incident over the weekend, I am revisiting a topic I have already mentioned a little about, but this time I have decided to make a Top Five List of what not to do. while shopping.
5. Aisle hovering – I realize in close communities the chance of going to the store and not running into someone you know isn’t likely, however, don’t stand in the aisle to talk. Not only is it frustrating for the people trying to get by you, it is rude. No one wants to hear your conversation because everyone else just came to run errands, not socialize. My suggestion if you can’t break yourself of the aisle hovering is to take it to the last chance aisle. The one beside the freezers where stores stock things they already have out but throw together just in case you missed it. No one will care if you hog that aisle and maybe the cold blast from the freezers being opened will jolt you back into the real world and prompt you to move on with your day.

4. Leaving frozen items on shelves – I don’t care how many times I have seen this, it angers me every time. Who wants to buy a steak that has been sitting on a shelf in the cereal aisle for heaven knows how long? If you pick something up that is perishable and you change your mind about buying it, take it back!
I know the store is huge and the walk is long, but taking a chance that someone will get sick off of something that didn’t stay refrigerated is just irresponsible.

3. Not letting people with a few items go first – This is simply common courtesy. If you have a cart full of items and the person behind you has a few, let them go first. I don’t care if the last time the person ahead of you didn’t let you do that, do it anyway and start a trend. Being gracious is a learned behavior and if people see it enough, they will also start doing it.

2. Using the express lane for more than you should – You can bet if I am the poor person standing behind you with my 10 items or less and you start to unload a cart full of things, I will be cursing you under my breath. Dealing with me is actually a better alternative than my husband because if he has decided to tag along with me and this happens, he will curse you loudly and gratuitously. I know you’re in a hurry but so is the rest of the world, take your cart full of goodies to the appropriate aisle.

1. Being a helper – This actually just happened to me over the weekend and prompted my outrage on bad shoppers. As I was emptying my cart full of items, (in the appropriate check out) I turned around to see an absolute stranger pawing through my cart and putting my things on the belt. When I confronted her, she told me she thought she was helping me and wanted to make things go faster. I quickly reminded her I did not ask for her help and didn’t appreciate her messing with my things.
Resist the urge to go diving into someone else’s cart at all times! There is absolutely no need for your hands to be anywhere near food I am going to buy.
You may think you’re helping but how do I know that you’re not really trying to steal my purse?
I realize that not all shoppers are bad and for the most part, people do behave themselves when shopping, but if you find yourself guilty of any of these top five faux pas’, it may be time to rethink your etiquette. Happy Shopping!

Candie Beck-Adams is community editor for the Ennis Daily News. She can be reached at candie@ennisdailynews.com

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