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Not a quitter, just surrendering

Imagine if you will, you get home from running errands well into the evening and it is dark as you fumble for your keys.
You make a mental note to leave the outside light on next time as you finally get the door open and walk the few steps you normally take to drop your purse on the kitchen table.
However, instead of the table, your hand touches something wet, you quickly retreat back to the door and flick the light switch to find the “intruder” is someone you actually know well and your mail, which had previously been stacked neatly on top of the table is now shredded with bits strewn all over the floor.
That was my reality on Friday night when I came home to find my dog, all 95 pounds of him, sleeping on top of the kitchen table as opposed to the couch, the recliner or any of the other surfaces he has claimed as his own. I’m not sure what prompted his urge for a change in scenery but when I left my little demon seed, he was curled up on the couch, looking like a well-behaved animal instead of the mountain goat-esque, climbing machine he turned into when I drove away.
Perhaps he was upset with me because I had to take him to the vet earlier that day? However, you would think after having an upset tummy for two days and then getting the medicine to make him feel better, that would have caused him to be happy as opposed to the disgruntled monster I came home to. My husband thinks I may have brought it on myself for leaving him out of his crate when we returned from the vet, but I felt bad for him since he had been sick and assumed since the medicine made him feel better, he would just nap after the trip to the vet’s office. Apparently, I shouldn’t assume.
So after many harsh words, which caused him to try to scramble from the tabletop, resulting in scratches, I have decided that the only thing left to do with this dog is surrender. I am officially waving the white flag and admitting defeat to Louie at this point. He has indeed been a formidable foe and at every opportunity has bested me in my attempts to bring some semblance of order to my house. The training that I had originally thought was the ticket to a calm and serene house has apparently worn off and I’m throwing in the towel. It is the sign of a smart person who knows when to quit or so my husband keeps telling me, and for both of our sakes I hope he is right.
In the meantime, until the fence building is complete and my backyard can be turned into Louie’s domain, I am humbly and without haste admitting that I am through trying to make my dog be the model of good behavior. He is an independent spirit that insists on doing things his own way and instead of trying to reign that in, I’m just going to try to live with it. My life has literally gone to the dogs (or one in particular) and I’m making peace with that. Call me a quitter if you want to but keep in mind if you do, I’ll be sending Louie to live with you for a week and then we’ll see who comes around to my way of thinking.

Candie Beck-Adams is community editor for the Ennis Daily News. She can be reached at candie@ennisdailynews.com.

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