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Adventures in home ownership

Home ownership has been something of a surprise to me since purchasing my first house in February.
I knew there were going to be the bumps in the road when it came to keeping a house together — such as the normal required maintenance and getting used to a cohesive existence with my new bride — but two instances lately really have me wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.
The first is sort of an ongoing problem that would fall under the routine wear and tear of homeownership, and the issue might seem to be getting better but I’m not sure yet. Where my house sits we live on top of a large hill. In fact, it is a subdivision built in a community called Mountain Peak. Anyone familiar with west Ellis County will know where that is (I beg you, please don’t try to find my house and roll me; especially since I have only one tree). Our lot has no trees in the back yard and the wind can come in extremely fast hitting our home. The result of these high winds has been our roof shingles coming loose and fluttering to the front yard, where they sit until I come home and realize what has happened.
In the three months I’ve occupied the home, I have had to make a trek up to the roof on three different occasions to nail shingles back into the roof. To make matters worse, I don’t have a ladder yet, so in order to begin my manly chore on the roof I have to mimic a chimpanzee and scale my fence and southeast corner of the house just to get things going.
I don’t mind at all fixing a shingle or two when it blows off, but it seems I have moved to the windiest location in Ellis County and hurricane-like swirls are making my life miserable as I continuously have to nail in the same six shingles over and over again. Hopefully the windy part of the season is over and my repeated trips up to the roof have come to an end for at least a little while. Especially since without a ladder I am jumping off the roof each time to get down.
The second incident involves my beautiful Susie Homemaker/Betty Crocker bride, who has decided to try her hand at gardening. She told me about a week ago she wanted to grow a pumpkin patch in our back yard. After reading about the “Giving Garden” at Helping Hands that was in our paper a few weeks ago, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try growing our own food. Besides, she already is growing some herbs and tomatoes, so why not take a chance on pumpkins — which happen to be her favorite fruit pretending to be a vegetable.
I was more than happy to bring home some newspapers when she asked, hoping she would finally take an interest in my work, but what I didn’t know was she planned to recycle the publications and kill off a large section of our grass to start the pumpkin patch. Once I realized what she had done with the newspapers, I was then thrown into an even bigger tizzy when she said, “I hope this works.”
You hope this works! We’re killing my lawn on a hope. I needed more concrete proof that this pumpkin patch would work to get completely behind this plan of hers.
So as the days slowly go by I continue asking how the pumpkin patch is coming along, hoping she loses patience and says it is okay to take the newspapers up and give the grass a chance to grow back. Yet instead I anxiously wait as the papers decompose and my grass fades away underneath, praying this idea of hers works.
For all this worrying, I better have the option to cut one of those pumpkins up at Halloween to make a Jack-o-lantern. Or at the very least let me roll one down the highway at 70 mph. If you’ve never seen what happens to a rapidly rolling pumpkin then you are missing out my friend.
Matt Cook is the managing editor at the Ennis Daily News and can be reached at matt@ennisdailynews.com.

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