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Early in the week of Nov. 6, a plea went out from Minnesota Republican House Representative Michele Bachman for conservatives to gather on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C., to let the Democratic Party know we are not in favor of the healthcare plan they are trying to shove down our throats. I am very fortunate to have been able to attend the event. 
The announcement was made in order to have the gathering just before the House voted on the healthcare bill late in the week and, accordingly, there was very little time for people to plan on attending. The cost for those wishing to go would generally be prohibitive and discourage people from being able to do so; or so the Democrats hoped.

I don’t know what the expectations of attendance were, but it was clear when I showed up, there were plenty of Capitol Hill police on foot, motorcycle and horse back. When the clock hit noon and the rally began, the west lawn of Capitol Hill was crowed with people from the north corner of the building to the south corner of the building and stretched 100 yards west toward the Mall.

Its funny, but you won’t see the news outlets talk about the rally.

Attendance estimates range from 4,000 people to over 60,000. Interestingly, the 4,000 people estimates I have seen all come from liberal sources wanting to play down the event. There were easily 25,000 to 30,000 people there and probably more.

Afterwards, I walked across the street to the offices of the House of Representatives to pay Joe Barton’s office a visit. People, who had democratic representatives and to whom I had spoken to at the rally, said they were told by their district’s offices the representatives were either not available or would not see them with out an appointment, so I was curious to see what I would find when I arrived.
When I got there most of the offices were closed. In all fairness, the House had to vote on three bills so the representatives were across the street in the House chambers.

However, Joe Barton’s office was open. The staff welcomed me in and I spent over an hour in Congressman Barton’s office talking to Ryan Thompson, Barton’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

We talked about Mr. Barton’s ideology, his voting record, his beliefs and his desires to represent his constituent’s interest. We also talked about the people who took the time, or lacked the time, to visit his office and give them their views.

One of the most striking things about my conversation with Ryan was he really would like to hear more from the people in District 6. I detected sincerity from him about wanting to know what we want from them.

People will argue about whether or not they really care; they just assume the electorate will just do what they want anyway. After all, look what good going out to Washington did, the House still voted to pass the socialist bill on Saturday, in spite of what we said.

But take a closer look at those results. The Democratic Party holds a majority in the House 258-177.

They should have been able to slam this bill through with no problem. The final vote on passage was 220-215.

This was a much closer vote than it should have been if the representatives truly did not listen to what we were saying. If you can take a House that is stacked with liberals and just barely get a liberal bill passed, someone has to be listening to us.

Obviously, they are not all listening. We need to vote those who do not listen out of office. I know most of us conservatives work for a living, have a family to take care of and just run out of time to vote; much less have the ability to take time out of our day to get familiar with the laws being considered and contact your law maker to make sure they vote the way you want. However, liberals don’t feel that way.

Liberals support government programs, believe in them and contact their representative to let them know the government program is supported. We, as the silent majority, have got to become more vocal about what we want our elected officials to do or they will just continue to do what the liberals want; after all, liberals are the ones taking the time to do the talking.

We have to understand, we can make a difference, but we have to contact them. Write a letter, call the office (they took several calls from constituents while I was there) or go see them.

Starting now, your voice needs to be heard by your senators, on healthcare and other issues, as loud as it was by your congressmen. Don’t neglect to contact your state and local representatives about issues; they operate in the same manner as the national electorate does.

You don’t have to go Washington or your state capital to see them. Most representatives have local offices you can visit. Barton has an office right here in Ennis.

Call and find out when they will be there and make an appointment to see them. I know Barton’s office will welcome your company. If you think he won’t, prove me wrong and let me know about it.

If your representative refuses to see you, vote them out of office. Our voice individually is silent, but together and as a group, it will be heard loud and clear.

A lot of the information regarding what Congress is doing is available on the Internet so, while you are surfing the net, take the time to get educated and vote. The 7 percent state average voter turnout last week was pathetic.

We let the liberals pass several bills which will infringe on our freedoms and liberties. In order to maintain those values we must get involved, communicate with our representative and vote.

They know we can vote them out, if we choose to. What they need to believe is, if they don’t follow our wishes, we will do so.

Mike Williamson Sr. is a conservative freelance correspondent with the Ennis Daily News. To contact him, e-mail him at mike@ennisdailynews.com.

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