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Political win or what’s best?

Hypocrisy is an odious character trait, and it’s one too many of our politicians exhibit daily.
We’ve once again seen with the recent passing of the health care reform act — though that term is relative to your position on the legislation. President Barack Obama equated the coverage that would likely take place following the passage of the health care bill in the House last week with what you might see on ESPN’s Sportscenter following a game.

CNN, Fox News and MSNBC followed the speech by proving the president’s point. Cable TV’s coverage as usual focused on the winners and losers. Experts commented on what this means to the Obama legacy. Obama himself used rhetoric and vague descriptions to explain what exactly had just happened. Specifics took hours to be translated on mainstream networks — probably because they couldn’t do it until newspapers translated it for them by the next morning.

After several hours of coverage — well into Monday morning, while most Americans were at work — the TV media began to describe what the bill’s passage actually does for Americans (or to them depending on your perspective).

Prior to that stunningly delayed analysis, descriptions of the mood inside the White House began to surface.

One reporter described the mood as victorious. Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, often called Rahmbo for his ruthless tactics on Capitol Hill, reportedly high-fived one another following the passage.

And Obama wonders why this is viewed like a sporting event?

Our president chastised the media for its coverage that hadn’t even happened, yet just minutes earlier showed exactly why the White House and Congress are covered that way.

And we buy into it. Many bombarded Internet social networking sites and coffee shops across the land with their own unsolicited views on health care. It’s hard to believe many of them actually read the bill. These opinions were formulated by listening to members of the media who typically say what these individuals want to hear. The very nature of competitiveness in American makes us believe we need to take a side — as we do in sports.

Unfortunately, as it stands right now, none of the teams representing us on Capitol Hill are looking out for the American people.

There is some extremely confusing language in this health care bill.

Ask your doctors, insurance agents and hospital administrators to answer questions about what this bill does to health care, and they cannot provide much insight. There is plenty of innuendo, but few cold hard facts to latch onto.

Why? The leaders of this country are too busy worrying about wins and losses, rather than the impact on Americans. Obama, partly because of aides like Emmanuel, is leading the pack right now. He has yet to fully explain or put out on the table the details of the bill in an honest manner — much like a head coach who doesn’t want to tip his hand to the opponent. Similarly Republicans are trash talking with scare tactics. That causes their agenda to be seriously ruined come mid-term elections. Lies about illegal immigration, and inaccuracies spewed by both Republicans and Democrats leave us trying to latch onto one side or another.

Instead of gathering together like the Tea Party and Libertarian activists who are sick of both sides, many of us are simply helping divide an already split nation further apart. The convolution of the facts from the right and left is confusing the majority. This is the reason why your doctor, whose job is to diagnose illness and treat, doesn’t know what lies in your future as a patient or him as a businessman.

We should demand more of ourselves if we are going to stop the drama and competition in Washington. They aren’t looking out for us right now; we are merely pawns in their game of politics.

Please take the time to read this piece of legislation. Whether you understand it or not, at least you gave an honest effort to formulate your own opinion rather than rely on someone else.

Don’t let the games some in the media and most of our politicians are playing on both sides sway your decision. You owe yourself at least that much.

Tre Bischof is tired of partisan politics and wishes a sane third party would stand up in this country to push the Democrats and Republicans into doing something positive. He can be reached by sending email to tre@ennisdailynews.com.

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