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Cop firing reversed

Nick Todaronick@ennisdailynews.com

City commissioners reversed the March firing of a police officer for improper use of force Monday night, opting to rehire him so he could resign.

Jeff Aaron was fired March 8 after an internal investigation into a Feb. 11 traffic stop incident. Chief John Erisman and Lt. Ron Roark, who oversaw the internal investigation, judged Aaron to have misused force in subduing a suspect after a foot chase by “stomping” or “standing” on the back of his neck. It was Erisman’s first firing in five years as chief for a use of force incident.

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20 Comments for “Cop firing reversed”

  1. Jackie

    It astounds me how an officer can do as they please and get away with it. I’ve known officers to have beaten up people and it be swept under the rug.I’m not justifying for the criminal in this matter, because he should not have ran. However, if after reviewing the video it was determined that releasing the officer was best then why are they looking to rehire him, other than for him to “resign.” Unless they don’t want to pay unemployment, that is the only acceptable answer.

  2. Amar

    Usually it is the criminal telling the cops I AM GONNA SUE. Apparently all you criminals have spoken to the wrong level of city representation.

  3. cc

    no surprise….leave it to EPD…sounds like we need a new Chief

    • Jim

      If you read the article, the chief fired the cop; it was the commissioners that reversed it. Seems to me Chief Erisman was doing his job. Maybe it is time for new commissioners.

  4. Just my opinion

    City Commission needs to be replaced! Someone more qualified needs to run against him if we want the city of ennis to improve.

  5. Wow!! Really???

    What the heck did the officer do that was wrong?? The suspect was running from the Police Officer! he got what he deserved. Way to go Officer Aaron!!! You keep up the good work.

    Ennis Poilce Department is bad a “sweaping” things under the rug. I know of a lot more WORSE things that some officers have done and nothing was done about it. If Officer Aaron was in the wrong, why didn’t his captain Sherman Swafford say anything to him while they were on scene?? Chief Erisman should be helping out trying to solve all of these murders going on in Ennis rather than dumb stuff like this. I am with CC, we need a new Chief!!!

  6. Honestly...

    I couldn’t care less about this! There’s only one thing I hate more than CRIMINALS and that’s THE ENNIS PD.

  7. wait a sec

    i watched worse stuff happen on cops then this and you fired him? really?

  8. City Resident

    I think it’s sad that this Officer has to go through this. He was doing his job as a law enforcement officer, getting this criminal off the street. I can’t believe that the only concern here is firing the chief or getting a new commissioner. It looks to me, like there’s one less LAWBREAKING individual out there. Quit critisizing every move our officers make and focus on the result! The bad guy wasn’t harmed while he chose to evade arrest and there’s one less person out there breaking the law! Let these officers do their job that puts them REAL danger everyday. Find something else to complain about. I think he did a great job!

  9. Ms. Sanchez

    I agree i know that EPD does so many things that are wrong and they could care less about a lot of things that they SHOULD care (point proven w/this) about; BUT honestly i don’t see the excessive use of force on here and believe me i have witnessed cops before doing so. HE WAS DOING HIS JOB!! Take note this is probably a rare chance you will see me defending an EPD officer.

  10. Concerned

    Okay at what point is it okay for an officer to take a few steps and stomp on a guys head. Evading or not. Swafford gave commands and the guy complied. aaron cam in and stomped on the guys head. Why? He was already complying. Someone mentioned why didn’t Swafford say something. He did he said ” Im rolling” indicating his camera is on it didn’t go any further.

  11. cpl????

    Im more concerned at Cpl Swafords Remarks of ” cracking his head open”, And Telling him if he didnt comply that “hed be making a trip to the hospital”… Makes you wonder if he has ever really done that…

  12. Concerned Citizen

    The guy ran away from the cops because he was obviously hiding whatever he did. This officer was doing his job. He did nothing to deserve to be fired. My god what if this guy had a gun or knife on him? He could of hurt the officer. Another typical thug causing problems is all I see. He got what he deserved. He should of got a trip to the hospital for being a dumbass. Ennis is turning into the ghetto and has a sorry ass police department that doesn’t know how to take care of business. Our justice system has failed. Doing what’s right isnt heard of anymore. Sad country we live in.

    • Concerned

      You can “what if” the situation all day. The facts are he didn’t have a knife. Would all of yall that are supporting this by saying he shouldn’t be fired if the suspect sustained life threatening injuries. Of course not because y’all would be asking for his head including the Chief and Swaffords.

  13. Really

    The guy was handcuffed so there was no need to stop on his neck and the only reason he stopped was because he was warned that he was being tapped. I have never and will never trust the EPD.

  14. Seriously!!!!!

    Wow that is considered excessive force???? This man just ran from the cops, obviously for a reason. Who knows what else he was capable of? First off the foot was not in his head, it was the back of his neck. The man was bit harmed in any way! One less criminal on the streets. These police officers put their lives on the line everday for the community. This is the thanks we give them?? Officer Aaron was doing his job! Funny how this situation has happened before. Chief tries to find something to get rid of an officer. So he fires them, later they go in front of the city council and it is reversed. Sounds like we need a new chief!!! Maybe one that stands behind his officers!!!

  15. Fire the Chief

    Where I’m from that criminal would have got hit with that metal stick for running from the police. Sounds like the so called “CHIEF” has a personal beef with that officer. If I was a officer at that department I would be worried about the “CHIEF” not backing his officers. The EPOA needs to look into how many officer really have confidence in the chief of police.

  16. Sam

    how is that concerning??? the dude took off running while handcuffed ran through oncoming cars, police officer had to chase his him and they pull up on the dude trying to roll his cuffs forward…..did he hit him with it? no he didnt, he warned him to not move or he was gonna get hit, fair warning to suspect that just took off running that it was in his best interest to no long resist arrest…what if the cop chasing him would have gotten hit by a car??? people are making a big deal because the cop put his foot on the dudes neck…so what? how is that a horrible or wrong thing? people these days are just ridiculous with what they bent out of shape about….what if you were the cop and somebody was trying to resist arrest, you bust him across the head once dude gets knocked out but is fine….come to find out he has a knife on him hidden….just saying……pretty sad these days when a cop does nothing wrong he gets put on blast….some cops are crooked and do abuse the power given to them no doubt at all but sometimes people just need to shut up when just is served….ill step down off my soap box

    • Sam

      opps i had a few misspellings in there lol oh well when i get on a rant i tend to think faster than i type and stuff does not always come out right 🙂

      • Tim

        its time for criminals to wake up in ennis . Time for you dummies to leave.. A cop only needs to tell you once to stop. if you dont , then ol well . handle up and dont cry about it when you get dropped… Police have families too. way to go boys….

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