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Former EHS teacher arrested

Phil Banker, phil@ennisdailynews.com

Ennis Police arrested a former Ennis High School teacher today pending charges of online solicitation of minors.

Joshua Jaggears

Det. Sgt. Mike Hopson of the Ennis Police Department said officers arrested Joshua Jaggears, 27, at the Ennis ISD Administration building at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Jaggears, an agricultural science teacher with the district for five years, tendered his resignation before his arrest. Hopson said Jaggears had been suspended since Friday.

The detective said the investigation was ongoing, and there were three confirmed victims.

“Some of the offenses occurred last year, and some occurred during the summer,” Hopson said.

He would not comment on the specific nature of the incidents.

A news release appeared on the district’s website Wednesday that declined to name the teacher, but confirmed the teacher was arrested and that the district was made aware of the allegations on Friday.

According to the release, the school is making counseling and support available to students involved in the allegations.

“Student safety and security remains a top priority for the district,” per the news release. “EISD will continue to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in their investigation as needed.

The Ennis Police Department asks anyone with more information to contact Det. Sgt. Mike Hopson or Det. Mark Mahoney by calling (972) 875-4462.


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38 Comments for “Former EHS teacher arrested”

  1. Sam

    I think the town has a right to know what the incidents were. Rumors are already going around and parents have a right to know.

  2. Sam

    I think the town has a right to know what the incidents are. Rumors are already spreading and the parents have a right to know what is going on in the school their children go to.

  3. teresagainus

    omg,, that id so messed up he realy should know bwtter its just not right i ever did like him much anyways,, he always creeped me out,, i cant believe it was at my school though.

  4. Frank

    You would think that the stupid administration would have the scrooples to notify the authorities Friday instead of Tuesday. Sounds like a cover up to me. Who knows how to investigate criminal activity? The Police or School officials. These are people who are taking care of our childrent for Gods sakes. Where are the ISD Police in this? Were they given the opportunity to investigate?

    • name

      Officials WERE informed Friday because it was reported by a mother of one of the victims. There was time for investigation and administration acted immediately. I have first hand knowledge of everything that happened so my information comes straight from a direct source. Administration and ISD police did everything they were supposed to do. Thank you for your concern for the children, but it seems like you don’t really know the whole story.

  5. Monica

    Well I think that instead of worrying about what the students wear or where someone sits at a football game the EISD superintendant as well as the other board members should be more concerned about the students safety INSIDE the schools!

  6. jenna

    i agree we do have the right to know what’s going on, but also people really need to stop trashing him. they really need to think how is former students are feeling right now whether they’re still in high school or have already graduated. a lot of his ag kids trusted, looked up to, and always went to him for advice. he may have done something, but he’s not a bad person like everyone is making him out to be

  7. Student

    Did you even know him. He was a great teacher.

  8. Parent of Former Student

    God himself doesn’t propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why should everyone else? We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.

    As a parent of a former student, Yes this is devistating news. My student looked up to this person, learned alot about AG from this person, and chose the career study due to this persons influence. However, are we sure that the alligations against him are true. Now a days all it takes is ONE mad kid to claim something and your life is SCREWED. Stop bashing, and start praying. GOD is the only one that knows the complete truth.

  9. Billy

    If he was such a role model i dont think he would be sitting in a jail cell right now! stop trying to tell people he is a good person bc obviously we dont know him!

  10. Student

    Billy u dumb ass u don’t know him he was our teacher and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone lied to get him in trouble. U have no place to say anything because u don’t even know what happened. All u know is what the news tells u. And they don’t know

    • Student2

      student you lack insight into what is going on. you make yourself look ignorant posting stuff like that. what happened happened accept it.

  11. 2009

    I never knew him personally or had him as a teacher, however, I knew of him. He taught right next door to the class I was in. I can honestly say he was perverted and I always caught him looking at female students breast. Needless to say, I think just about anyone could catch him doing that, and yes, we were a uniformed school therefore I know nobody was wearing anything flashy to make him look. I always had a weird vibe from him, never thought wrong or bad of the man. This here though… is a damper on the school, the students allegedly involved, his family. EVERYONE is affected. Our community already worries about childrens safebeing but at school…… I thought we were their to learn.!?

  12. Student2

    What a perv, i hope he rots in jail. he might have been looked up to but he was obviously a bad man. i graduated last year and this is disgusting to think a teacher was doing this.

    • Youma

      Oh, I’m sorry… was he actually tried and convicted already? Sure seems like you’ve formed you opinion without facts.

  13. Student

    Something else everyone on her needs to think about are the kids. This is a hard time for our FFA program. We had a meeting to day were a bunch of kids broke down in tears. This is a hard time for us. You people aren’t making it any better

  14. Student2

    We are hardly worried about his FFA class the real people we should be worried about is his poor family and the poor girls he scarred for life. thats the truth

  15. Student

    Student 2 u have no idea what is going on

  16. Student2

    i went to the school, you are a child, a kid, one who lacks insight into something like this. i understand he was your teacher and he was good to you but he was a perv, hes been known to creep on students. he would talk to them on facebook and “like” their photos and tell them how pretty they are. he did this to my own girlfriend and it disgusts me that she could have been victim to his perverted antics.

  17. Student

    Your a joke and if ur only a year older than me kiss my ass

  18. Student2

    and now your immaturity shines through, mind telling me who you are in real life?

  19. Student

    Yes because Im mature enough to know that u don’t put ur name over the Internet. The only reason I said that it because the stuff u just said shows u don’t know the story on what happened.

  20. Student2

    Youre ignorant if you think the school administration that tried to cover this up for 3 days is going to tell you what really happened as a student. they are going to tell you their “good” version that way you can spread it around to the other students and not tarnish the school and the district more so than it has already been. open your eyes.

  21. Ag Student

    Mr. Jaggears is a good man and one I myself and the rest of the Ennis FFA look up to. Jaggears made the FFA like a family and he held us together. He was one of the greatest men and teachers I have had and will ever have. I feel I can speak for a lot of people when I say people screw up sometimes even adults, and when you screw up badly you can not sink to the bottom and sulk you must focus your sights on how to re coop. If you think he was a bad man or a pervert you did not know the man you just know what the news is saying.

  22. graduate09

    okay, as a former student of ennis high school and was in the ffa program. to the student2 you really dont need to be talking trash about people. and you need to be certacy to others. Ennis FFA program looked up to him, as i did as a student. he tought me alot. maybe he did something wrong, but the people that looked up to him and part of this program have a strong relationship with everybody in this program, it is like having a second family. not saying hes in the right or in the wrong but you need to think about the people that are having a hard time with it INCLUDING the students in the FFA program. havent heard the whole story about any of it, but ENNIS FFA was my life and im going to defend them, because they were my second family, and still have family in the program

  23. Student

    I don’t have to explain anything to u but the school administration didn’t tell us anything I know from kids involved

  24. Student

    There are alot of other kids here I know that are wanting to go to a different school district, school is a place where we should feel safe, and we have to come up here hoping not to get some dieses or be in someway sexually harrased, Ennis is a good school district, don’t get me wrong but I don’t think Ennis can go through anymore turmoils before parents start enrolling there kids in different school district. This is unacceptable, and not what Ennis is about.

  25. Parent of Former Student

    Beloved Students of EISD, I would encourage you not to continue spreading rumors whether true or untrue about the recent events with this teacher. Remember that it is the victims, families and his family that needs to be lifted in prayer. Because SIN is SIN, which means that his sins are not different than your sins in the eyes of GOD. God himself doesn’t propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why should everyone else? We are called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges.

    So should this turn to be more that a rumor or a really bad joke, GOD himself will be the jury, judge and exicutioner in this.

  26. Student

    I agree Im not talking about it any more

  27. jenna

    to those of u who don’t like what i had to say y’all are some sorry people. i was a former student of his and i trusted him along with others. i will proudly stand by the ennis ffa in their time of need.

  28. Michael

    Parent of Former Student – if this god of yours holds child molestors and people who might have stolen say a piece of candy when they were a kid in the same light, I feel sorry for you, u worship one sick POS deity. If this guy is guilty he will probably get what’s coming to him, and he most likely is guilty, with over 12 kids now saying he approached them online? Hard to get 12 kids to do anything, so I doubt it’s “just a mad kid.” But he does have one thing going for him, Ennis detectives are a bunch of bumbling idiots and can only solve cases that fall in their lap.

  29. Michael

    judging by your grammar and spelling, I am assuming you did not graduate? If you did, whoever signed off on your English grade as passing should be fired

  30. camaroZ28

    i had him as a teacher for my freshman year, but he never did anything that i thought was perveted. i kinda feel bad though cuase i would always tell him that he was a big loser and could never get a girl or that he didnt have a life. and i sometimes talked to my friends about him saying ” I bet he goes home alone and whacks off to porn…” i guess i was right…

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