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Missing girl feared killed

Online memorials to the missing girl include this photo.

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Police believe a homicide victim discovered here Saturday is missing teenager Moriah Gonzales.

Ennis Police Chief John Erisman said today he can’t be unequivocally sure the victim found dead and burned off Knighthurst Road is the missing girl, as the department is waiting for dental record confirmation for true certainty. Investigators are moving forward with the case along the line that it is her, he said.

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41 Comments for “Missing girl feared killed”

  1. Concerned Ennisite

    Why is it so easy to get away with murder in Ennis? Bobby Howell’s killer? Still at large. Connie Martinez, still unsolved. Will EPD find the person or persons responsible for the murder and desecration of this beautiful, young girl taken too soon?

    • Michael

      @Concerned – the Connie Martinez case fell under the jurisdiction of the Ellis County Police Department. But no doubt, the family of this girl deserves answers, I’m just not sure the detectives in Ennis can get the job done, that’s for sure. My only encounter with them exposed them as bumbling keystone kops.

  2. Jessica Gutierrez

    I hope the Ennis PD steps up to the plate and takes action,cause I hate to say it took th death of this young full of life beautiful girl for this to be a eye opener! The like of my cousin Connie Martinez is still at large and who knows could be the same animal that this to my cousin….just saying ….well hope he or she I the people involved are caught……

  3. Isela Luna

    That Was My Baby Girl <3
    Rest In Peace Mia Mf Gee .

  4. Marissa Zapata .

    She Was Everyones Friend & Sister .
    She Had a Strong Mind , & i Bet Shes Smileing Down On Us . <3
    i Love you Moriah , Miss Youu

  5. Marixa Rangel

    Hey Mia, I didnt know you but it’s so sad what happened to you no one deserves to ever die like that , but your not hurting anymore, i’ll keep you in my prayers and pray that they find the monster who did this to you May you rest in peace…….

  6. olivia sanchez

    I pray to god they fine her killer or killers!! My family is still waiting for justice for my cousin Connie Martinez.. We will not rest until there is justice!! They didn’t deserve going out like that!! Luv u & RIP Connie Martinez.. Prayers going out to mia gee’s family & friends..

  7. YTF

    mane Mia was a good gir she did not deserve all that … who ever did this betta hope these cops find them be 4 my clique does on the cool …. R.I.P MIA G

  8. brianna

    Baby gee , why did it have to be you…
    Its unacceptable</3

  9. Nic Rangel

    Police are never there when you need them I swear.

  10. YTF

    ENNIS is getting really bad and the police need to open there eyes and realize this… there are plenty of gangs out here and they just brush it off thinking they are just wanna be gangsters … ENNIS PD needs to realiz this .. these people aint playin outcha

  11. Concerned

    I am so sad and worried. So many unsolved, recent murders. What is this Police Department doing? What if it were one of their children, sisters, mothers? I am not wishing that on anyone but I just can not believe that this continues to happen and no one is arrested. For the sake of the Gonzales family and the Martinez family I pray that something is done. However if EPD can not get the job done then someone needs to call the Texas Marshals or the FBI or UNSOLVED MYSTERYS. Someone is killing or friends, neighbors,children,sisters,mothers. It affects all of us. They need to be stoped NOW. Before someone else dies.

    • Lore

      You may want to get the FBI involved for all these unsolved tragedies if you think the EPD is not doing their job that’s what the parents of Trayvon Martin did. Just a suggestion.

  12. concerned

    Ennis PD needs new staff the police don’t care and will probably never care unless its one of their relatives. I think its time that someone investigates Ennis PD!

  13. jojo

    i love youuu geee <3
    you were so young and beautiful, nobody deserves to go through what you did.
    rest in paradise loveeee

  14. i swear this fucked up world is something else.. but babygirl u didnt deserve to die like that u had a whole life ahead of you… r.i.p i hope they r put to death… luv ya u will never be forgotten tell my grandpa i love && miss him&& my baby cousin jessie….

  15. Lindsey

    R.I.P my friend,you were beautiful. You were my sisters friend and it hurts me to see such a young girl taken away from us so fast.

    God will serve justice to those who deserve it.

  16. Jeremy rodriguez

    Mann I cant believe shes gone but I know shes n a better place now .
    Ive known her since like 3grade:(

  17. get a clue

    Parents please think twice about letting your 14 yr old daughter hangout with 18-24 yr olds. Especially known gang members. This is not the first girl to suffer at their hands. God bless and keep her family in these difficult days to come.

  18. WorriedMom

    This is truely a parent’s worst nightmare. To have to bury your child is unthinkable, and heartbreaking. No one no matter what the circumstance deserves to die like that. Its horrific. I used to worry about going to Dallas because of the violence there, but now Im having to fear my own hometown. I dont wish death on anyone but I they will pay for their crime whether it be here on earth or on judgement day, they will pay.. God bless this family and all others suffering during this time of sorrow. God makes no mistakes

  19. We love u MIA nd NEVER forgot all aways remember we knw u lookin down on us smiling on us u where pertty nd very funny nd bright we love u mia u were young nd gona have a baby

  20. kayleee

    I miss youuuu Moriah. </3
    Mia Mf' Gee<3 you are looking down & smiling on us ! We KNOW it !<3

  21. This is just soo sad what happend to you MIA GEE! I just can’t believe this happend, out all people it just had to be you. Even though I didnt know you I’m sorry this happend to you but I know that you’re in a better place now and we all love and miss you R.I.P. MIA !!!! <333 ;'(


  22. questioner

    This is horrible and those guilty should be punished as severely as possible. That said, why is a girl this young inked up with gang affiliated tats, throwing up gang signs in pictures, and hanging out with known gang members. Where were her parents? They are responsible for this in many ways. Parents, be nosy. Know where your kids are and who they are around. It’s your job. This was entirely preventable.

  23. Kayleee

    I meant CHANCE*

  24. Robert Gonzalez

    whats the real story?
    Rest in Paradise Moriah <3

  25. shes resting now

    I think if ur going to blame someone u should blame the *MURDERERS* becuz regardless of how hard we try u can not keep ur child at ur hip at all times when they are teenagers they tend to sneak out!! & when god calls u home there is nobody to prevent it but we all know where moriah is going its called heaven becuz she didnt take her own life THEY as in the killers took her life so while she is living it up in heaven they will be rotting in hell!! As my heart goes out to you cynthia & robert may god give u & ur family peace!! <3

  26. get a clue

    I agree totally with you.

  27. yamomma

    While I agree that we need to be aware as parents I do not agree with “questioner” blaming the parents. That is horrible and cruel, they are suffering enough without comments like that. I try to make sure my kids are safe at all times and God help me I fear what could happen when they are away from me. As we all know sometimes they mess up and make bad decisions, so please think before you add to their misery. I’m sure they are beating themselves up enough with you adding to it.

  28. MIA:
    even though im miles away, i just wanted to say i heard about what happened to you over fb.. you didnt deserve what happened to you. just know your in prayers and that i hope your family finds justice against those people.. once i come down to ennis i hope to go show my respects to you… may you rest in peace and watch over your family and friends.. they love and miss you.. you are such a beautiful young girl and im hoping ennis does something bout it for your family and friends…. RIP MIA GEE <3

  29. Jackie



    • Michael

      you got that right, and it’s not just the beat cops, the detectives, especially Hopson are bumbling stupid idiots who could not solve a crime if it happened right in their face…leave it to an 18 year old girl to outsmart them

  30. Jackie

    @ Michael: It’s a shame because the 18 year old doesn’t seem to be the brightest crayon in the box, so it’s quite an embarrassment that they are unable to find her whereabouts.
    I haven’t heard an updates such as:
    Have they interrogated Jennifer’s Family?
    Jose’s Wife?
    Did they go through Moriah’s, Jennifer’s, Jose’s phone/phone records?
    Did they thoroughly go through facebook pages to see who else might have info?
    Did they look for the object that might have caused the stab wounds?
    Did they finger print the abandon vehicle?
    Are they watching Jennifer’s family?
    Are they following up on every lead?
    Who’s name was the hotel under? Were there outbound calls made from the hotel?
    So many questions, yet no answers….
    I guess we should have known from the beginning that this would happen when they found the body they said she was black and didn’t even estimate the right age …SMH

  31. Michael


    I’d be interested to hear where you heard the report on them screwing up on indentifying the body……I had heard somewhere that they tracked them to GP with the help of one of their cell phones. Guess they were too damn stupid to realize they can track you down with the technology we have now just by having one turned on. You have to assume since the Texas Rangers are on the case they are doing all of the above, and they’re in general never open to the public unless they have reached a dead end in the investigation.

  32. lizzie

    If you have any information here: https:// tips.fbi.gov /. The EPD is trying to brush this under the rug. Let’s not let this happen!!!! Moriah deserves justice may she R.I.P.

  33. Lore

    @Jackie I think you should take over the case! You would do a way better job than EPD! I bet you can even find Jennifer! I’ve read she has family in Laredo and also in Corsicana! I know she lived in Corsicana several years back she went to school with my friends daughter!

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