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Murder suspect in custody battle

Jennifer Samantha Puente

Phil Bankerphil@ennisdailynews.com

Court documents show Jennifer Puente, wanted as a suspect in the murder of Moriah Gonzales, is due in court Friday as part of a larger custody fight.

Mary Ridgway, Ellis County chief deputy district clerk, confirmed Tuesday that Puente has been involved in a custody dispute with Johnny Wells Jr., the father of her child, since March 4, 2011.

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19 Comments for “Murder suspect in custody battle”

  1. cc

    well we all know she won’t be showing up for that……I hope they locate her soon and put her in jail

  2. Nancy Salazar

    Really hope Johnny gets his son. He would be a great dad to him.

  3. cc

    a couple of weeks ago he had to call the cops on her because she went by arguing w/ him and threw something at him while he was carrying the child…shows what kind of mother she is…..careless idiot and poor excuse for a mother, she doesnt’ deserve the title

  4. anonymos

    He will get his son… Theres no way she will get him after killin someone. She dont deserve her son…. What she deserves is for someone to do wat she did to that lil girl to her. She is stupid as hell if she thinks she can get away wit that. I hope she rots for killing that kid

  5. Brenda Hernandez

    she smoked &did druqs infront of her bby, she will never qet her bby back…and she is not qonna show up to qet her bby either, johnny will qet to keep his bby lyk he always wanted &wat jennifer didnt want…looks lyk ba ppl never qet wat they want, Johnny will be a qreat dad to his bby boy im qlad hes finally qettinq his bby with no crazy peraon tryin to take it from him
    good luck Johnny &enjoy all the time missed with yur bby boy<3

  6. opinion123

    Just like her there are many mother’s that do drugs and other things they shouldn’t around their children & it is very unfortunate that something like this has to happen in order for Johnny to get custody of his child. I know many mothers that do drugs and deny the father of the child to see them, still get the upper hand here in Texas. I know in this case is different. i just wish that for the true “dads’ out there it would be easier to get custody of their child instead of these so called “mothers”

  7. no name

    There is no way she is showing up to court unless she’s really that stupid! Thank god the child will be in the hands of a loving father and not have to deal with his psyco mother

  8. Just sayin'

    I hate to say it, but everything happens for a reason. One aweful turn of events has lead a child to his father. Hopefully this Johnny Wells Jr. knows and understands the gift he is being given. It’s just sad that Moriah had to lose her life so horribly for this to happen.

  9. anonymos

    I think either her or one of her friends r readn all our comments cuz look at the thumbs down on people sayn she wont get her son… She is pretty stupid… what a heartless piece of s**t man this makes me so mad how can these ppl get away with doin thiis to a kid??? What if it was her kid??? Ppl dont think bout that kind of stuff… Also there is rumor goin round bout 2 more ppl bein involved… Y the f**k arent they being listed as suspects???

  10. no name

    It looks like we can’t count on the Ennis PD to do their job so why doesn’t everybody get together and make flyers with Jennifer’s picture on them and post them up everywhere not just in ennis but surrounding areas as well. Get her face out there and the most recent the picture the better! It doesnt matter how far the city is the more you get her face out there the better! This animal needs to be put away not only for the horrible way she took Mia’s life but also for the protection of everyone else. She killed once so I’m sure it wont bother her doing it again. Worthless people like her need to locked up!

  11. no name

    Don’t let this be another case the Ennis PD just brushes away! Keep it alive and if needed I say we start marches like the Travon case to keep the media involved! Maybe just maybe that will put some pressure on the Police Department because we all know if others aren’t involed they will just close the case and settle for only having one criminal arrested. It’s not their relative so they could care less. Citizens of Ennis need to stand up and stop letting these lazy police officers only do half of their job! Remember its your tax dollars that pay their salary! Stand up and demand the justice that Mia’s deserves!

  12. anonymos

    She def doesnt deserve a BABY…. She killed a 15 yr old CHILD… Who would trust a person like that around any KID??? If she ever gets that baby that will show u jus how fukd up the world we r livin in is… Thats sad

  13. Just a thought!

    Has anyone tried to contact LULAC? Maybe they will consider looking into this case and getting some justice for Mia especially if the rumors of two other individuals involved is true.

  14. anonymos

    If anyone knows Jeniffers where abouts they should report it. There is a killer out there, and if this person was capable of killing a friend she could be capable of worse. Please contact the police, family or friends, she needs to be put away.

  15. johnnt's cousin

    Ok, well first off, that was over 5 years ago, he was imprisoned & got out on parole, he is doing much better & has turned his life completely around & he cares more about his son than anything in this world. So before u open your mouth and make a complete ass outta yourself, maybe u should understand the ENTIRE situation. I’d appreciate it if u just kept yoyr negativity to yourself:) thanks that is all.

    • Just sayin'

      If you had read my post correctly in it’s entirety, you would see that I wrote “if he has changed his life, I take it back…” As for everything else in your post, I am entitled to my opinion as are you.

  16. caringmother

    they will eventually find this girl and when shes in jail the women in there will take care of her if the people on the streets dont find her first!!! as a “caring mother” i would do everything in my power to protect my daughter and as a mother u should know not to mess with someone elses daughter!!! i pray to god she gets wut she deserves and may god have mercy on her soul because she will need it behind bars!!!

  17. Lore

    Someone needs to go on America’s Most Wanted and ppl need to watch out on channel 8 WFAA news they said she had a hit list

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