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One arraigned, one at large in murder

Phil Bankerphil@ennisdailynews.com

The man arrested in connection with the slaying of 15-year-old Moriah Gonzales was arraigned Monday on a charge of murder.

Chief John Erisman confirmed Jose Manuel Alvarado, 29, was formally arraigned and charged with the murder of Gonzales. A judge set bond at $200,000.

The chief confirmed Sunday police arrested Alvarado in Grand Prairie.

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175 Comments for “One arraigned, one at large in murder”

  1. Ennis

    200,000 bond that’s a joke for murder

  2. concern

    Would like to know what judge place bond at 200,000 for murder pathatic ?

  3. Jackie

    welcome to the world of “justice”. I mean Casey Anthony MURDERED her daughter yet was released, even after lying to authorities multiple times & changing her story… it is a shame what the world has come to but at the end of the day the ONLY JUDGE that will bring justice is GOD. One thing i know if that was the Judge’s daughter/son that was MURDERED & RAPED, $200,000 wouldn’t be the bond because there wouldn’t be a bond.

  4. Sonja

    I heard they are 2 other people involve why havent they release their names, i heard that one of them is a son of a sherif in Ennis Tx, hhmmm

  5. Sonja

    Exactly any one in the US can get away with Murdered thata a FACT!!! why do you think they are so many people killing each other cause its a joke and they wont be punish for it!!!!

  6. Thats crazy

    That indeed is a crazy bond, even a drug dealer gets a bigger bond set! This is murder ” murder of a chikd at that”. who would consider letting a monster like that out of Jail anyway…they are putting other children at risk. This monster could be capable of doing anything more harmful! Scary to know there is a chance he will be on the streets!

  7. Concern Citizen

    I think people should get together and protest that this bond is changed.

  8. nohemi

    i guess since miss gonzales was the duaghter of odanairy people .. it was easy for the judge to post that bond.. but if she were the daughter of an judge officer, doctor it would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more i don’t see why he even got one to begin with his chaerged with MURDER he shouldn.t even have a choice .. he must be selling something for him to have that kind of money… olease give closure to the gonzalws fam.. and if thee were more involed if u are an officers son or what ever there saying how would you feel if it were one of your loved one wouldn.t you want justice done…

  9. anonymos

    Well, if he does get out he will pay anyway cuz im sure one of mias many friends will get to him… So I dont think his fam will risk it and pay the bond jus to lose him anyway but i could b wrong

    • Big Ray

      Your all a bunch of lames not one of you knows the facts and who said she was raped?Jackie do you know something we don’t ?

      • Jackie

        I’m going by what is being said. It could be wrong it could be right, but i guess if we take Rape out of the equation it justifies the fact that she was murdered huh? & if Jennifer wasn’t guilty why not just come forward and clear her name. Facts do matter so we will just wait for the autopsy reports that way it’s not hearsay. The fact of the matter is that she was murdered and whether or not she was raped it still a crime that should be punished. This was a crime committed with malicious intentions, & by a cold hearted killer(s), to watch a body burn (dead or alive) is just sick and these people need psychological help.
        As for Alvarado, it goes the same for him, if he had nothing to do with the crime why didn’t he come forward as soon as his picture was posted on the news?
        I guess whoever came forward with both of their names, for their involvement in the crime, drew them out of a hat????

        • alvaradowife

          He did come forward 2days after news.. so everyone does need to get there facts straight, or don’t judge at all..I’m not embarass and I’m not ashame,thick and thin,bad and good,sad and happy for 13years by his side and I’ll continue to be..Nobody knows him like I do..

          • Michael

            LOL, in denial are we? He did NOT come forward, he was captured in Grand Prairie….and it was obvious they knew they were wanted since hair dye was found. Seems you don’t know him that well, unless you were Ok with him hanging with underage girls and being in on a murder. We are innocent until proven guilty, but in this state and county he’s getting the death penalty, count on it.

          • ??

            obviously you don’t even know him

          • alvaradowife

            Captured…lol yea get yals facts right… yal think yal know, all yal know are stories here and there.. and hey a reporter has to get his/her story in with bs they hear from here and there.. and no not in denial..we all make mistakes big or small in our lives but GOD always forgives no matter what it is..

          • ..

            Obvisiously you didn’t know him too good either. I didn’t even know Mia but ever since I found out this animal was captured I have prayed that he does not get offered a plea bargain. He deserves to be behind bars for life or the death penalty along with Jennifer! He had a cold enough heart to help cover up this crime and if he would have fessed up right away and not run away with Jennifer may her worthless butt would be in jail already.

  10. Michael

    Yea Big Ray, so you’re saying they’re upstanding citizens who only murder and do not rape? If one of these creeps gets off, here is to hoping one of them moves next door to you

  11. anonymos

    Big Ray… R u tryn to say it was ok for ha to b killd??? Who the hell cares what the facts r?? A 15 yr old girl was murdered. There is no reason good enough for that

    • Big Ray

      No It’s sad she got murdered but nobody knows why are who actually killed her all the facts ain’t in If puente killed her and he helped her cover it up he’s still guilty of something but not murder and FACTS do matter

      • alvaradowife

        FACTs DO MATTER!

        • Hmm

          The only thing that matters right now is that MIA gets justice either that being Mr. Alvarado spend the rest of his life in prison or he gets the death penalty!

      • anonymos

        thing is… who cares what reason they had no reason is good enough to kill a lil girl… what if she was ur daughter?

        • alvaradowife

          I tell you one thing if she was my daughter, my daughter wouldn’t have tattoos at 15, my daughter wouldn’t be on drugs at 15,my daughter wouldn’t be having sex at 15,my daughter wouldn’t of dropped out at 15,my daughter wouldn’t be running the streets at 15,my daughter wouldn’t of been a drunk at 15,my daughter wouldn’t be smoking ciggerettes at 15..my daughter wouldn’t be so much in a hurry to grow up at 15,my daughter wouldn’t do any of this,why because she would have a me her mother as a protector..I’m just saying allot of mothers need to be more like mothers not homegirls..

          • alvaradowife

            So yea facts do matter!

          • Jasmine

            So why was your husband hanging out with a 15 year old again?
            & why wasn’t your husband worried about his family at home?

          • alvaradowife

            Maybe the question is why are these young girls trying to look older and lying about there ages so they can hang out with men?

          • Jasmine

            I’m not justifying for neither one it’s just you’re so quick to say Mia is 15 doing this and that, but turning your cheek when it comes to your husband. Let’s be realistic the media encourages young ladies to be skinny, smoke, & enables sexual behaviors. One thing i agree with you on is that mother’s should step up to the plate. Jose has you, which makes you his family, so why is he out partying with youngsters? (Even if she lied about her age. It’s Ennis everyone knows everyone)Just like mother’s need to step up to the plate, so do wives. when your husband is out on the streets and not handling up, isn’t that a red flag?

          • alvaradowife

            My husband wasn’t living in ennis long enough to know everyone.. and I’m using 15 as an example but never mention mias name.. because it just ain’t her or about her there’s other teens out there doing the same shit.just like there is more heartless,crazy people like jennifer.. 2wks isn’t long enough to know someone but long enough for that wrong person to fuck lives up..but whatever happen has happen no going back GOD will take everything in his hands and do what he does best…
            I’m done here.. bye

          • Face Reality

            You act so big and bad and swear you would have almighty control over your child but yet you couldn’t even control your husband! If hes grown butt was at home he wouldnt be in this predicament!

          • No Name

            You swear you would have almighty control over a 15 year old yet you couldn’t control your husband? Teenagers rebel everyone knows that but creepy men shouldn’t have the right to take advantage of that situation. He had a wife he should have been at home with not runing the streets with teenagers. So maybe instead of blaming the victim start blaming your husband who should have been at home with you!

          • seriously

            It doesn’t matter if she lied about her age or what she was doing if he’s your husband why wasn’t he at home with you? You swear you would have all sorts of control over a 15 year old yet you couldn’t control that pathetic excuse of a man you call your husband! If he would have stayed faithful to your marriage and not running around with kids he wouldn’t be in this situation.

          • alvaradowife

            I’m not blaming the victim at all.. n yea my husband should of been at home but wasn’t maybe cause his wife wasn’t at home either..

          • anonymos

            sweetie u try havin a teenage daughter i have a teen sister its not that easy to control a teenager they do that shit wen they r with their friends not their parents… whether u allow it or not its gonna happen… i was ateen not too long ago i know how things r… u cant always make ur kids do wat u want…. regardless of wat she was doin she did not deserve to die like that or any other way… i understand u love ur husband but that is no reason to talk down on a girl for doin things u porb did or wantd to do wen u was a teen

          • No Name

            A real man would have gone home wife there or not! Stop trying to make excuses for him he did the crime he must now do the time!

          • Lore

            I don’t understand why you are talking about Mia like that? Do you not have respect for the deceased? She suffered enough, you don’t have to continue attacking her? If you believe in God and it sounds like you do , as I’ve read some of your comments and even your read your prayer! It seems to me that your judging others something I believe only God should do? You say if you had a 15 yr old daughter she wouldn’t be doing this and that but you don’t know how your kids are going to turn out? I think every parent wants the best for their kids? It seems you don’t have older kids cuz you wouldn’t be talking like that and it won’t be long until your kids will be doing stuff behind your back. I have a 17 yr old and my daughter is not perfect but as of right know because of God and his grace so far she is ok! She still has a lot of maturing but I never say my daughter is not going to this or that? Cuz you know what I don’t know?

  12. Sonia

    Im not Sonia but I just talked to MIA Friday before they found her and I know for a fact that a kid lynne and his cousin or brother was with Jose and jeniffer who were all partying and she was scared that they were all gonna do something bad to her but yea that’s an obsered bond that judge must be associated to that cop or his kid sumtn or else he must be scared this sucks this justice system sucks

  13. Sonia

    Im not Sonia but I just talked to MIA Friday before they found her and I know for a fact that a kid lynne and his cousin or brother was with Jose and jeniffer who were all partying and she was scared that they were all gonna do something bad to her but yea that’s an obsered bond that judge must be associated to that cop or his kid sumtn or else he must be scared this sucks this justice system sucks n she was raped her sis n mom n dad told me

  14. CC

    @Sonia …did you go to the police …you need to go to outside media if you did talk to EPD and they disregarded your statements ..ASAP

  15. Sonia

    @cc ill see if she did ill let her knw wat u sayn n but to let everybody knw the bitch has been spotted in ennis earlier today in a green jeep wit a Hispanic guy n she had shoulder length hair black n curly so keep ur eyes peeled for dis bitch so we can get her

  16. curious

    @ Sonia by any chance did Mia tell u y did they want 2 call her.

  17. cc

    i really hope this information gets out…its very important and all involved in this tragedy need to be brought to justice, no matter who they are

  18. alvaradowife

    Big ray u sure is right.. if yal don’t know any facts yal shudnt just judge anybody cause anyone at any time can b blamed being at the wrong place at the wrong time.. nobody knows what happen that night but GOD.. so yes FACTS r very important.. FACT:I love my husband!

    One more thang have yal called epd let them know she was spotted? I hope she gets caught n real soon..whoever is hiding or helping her she will soon ruin your life.. turn that girl in..

    • anonymos

      Im sorry bout ur husband… I know you do not want to believe it but the police have reason for him being a suspect… i would not want to believe anything that bad about my boyfriend… People should keep u in their prayers also because u r goin thru a hard time.

  19. up in smoke


  20. up in smoke

    nothing get out there

  21. Sonja

    To the hell with the FACTS!!!! he was there and did not do a damn thing about it instead he left running with that other animal therefor he is to blame and a killer, if you did not do anything wrong you don’t run or hide so shut the hell up!!! I think we should march and also ask the FBI to get involved

    • alvaradowife




      • Lore

        If your his wife and you say you love your husband so much it seems he’s running around on you? Isn’t that what he is doing? Something is wrong with him why is he hanging around with young girls he is 29? He can’t get women his own age? What is wrong with you if the police picked him up its because they have evidence? They can’t just put ppl in jail and that is a fact. It seems he should’ve been at home with you instead of running around and partying that way you would know if your husband was really at the wrong place at the wrong time but it seems you don’t have all the facts right! Your husband not only is he going down for murder so you better have a good lawyer! May God help you to cuz something is wrong with you!

        • alvaradowife

          It ain’t even all like that, do u really know how long he knew this hateful ass girl(jennifer)..not long at all.. n yea I do love my husband and like I said we have up and downs,bad and good,just like any other relationship,but u work through it..how do you know that these fast ass girls nowa days don’t lie about thier ages..? Yal do me a favor and listen to this song,its the way I feel have always.. ( adele: I won’t go )

          GOD BLESS US ALL!!


        • Jackie

          I agree with you, Lore.
          well said…

          • Lore

            Thanks Jackie! I’m just so upset about this she is in denial and I have a 17 yr old daughter and she can’t help it that she looks likes she’s 20. Some girls just look older but it doesn’t matter! If something like what happened to Mia happened to my daughter believe me I would be at EPD day and night until I got some answers and I don’t understand why EPD is not providing any info on this case to me its like they are hiding something?

      • Face Reality

        Sounds like your the only one who doesn’t want to look at the facts! Yes every relationship has problems but it sounds like your husband was running the streets with Jennifer behind your back. Why else would he have left with her if he felt scared or was threatened?

        • alvaradowife

          He didn’t even know that damn girl but for 2weeks then the nightmare started she was lookn for a dummy n bamm yes she found him.. he didn’t even work at that damn job for a full month.. n he wasn’t captured, n he’s been coruprating well with who he needs to be, micheal that’s how they found out about room.. haven’t y’all thought OH SHE’S THE WIFE SHE’S BEEN DEALING WITH EVERYONE(detectives cops rangers blah blah) SINCE DAY ONE! SO YEA I HAVE N I KNOW MY FACTS! My damn phone practicly stayed fucken dead.. BUT LIKE I SAID I’M NOT EMBARASS OR ASHAME, I LOVE MY HUSBAND N IT IS WHAT IT IS.. THERE’S NO TURNING BACK AS MUCH AS Id LOVE TO TURN BACK TIME AS WELL AS Y’ALL WE CAN’T SO NOW REALITY NEEDS TO PLAY OUT.. btw micheal didn’t u think when he turned himself in he told who he needed to tell about hotel n cut n dye.. SO YEA ALLOT OF YOU NEED TO GET BETTER FACTS… ANNNNNNND I’M NOT SAYING HE’S GUILTY OR INNOCENT BUT HE DID DO RIGHT BUT GOING IN SO WHATEVER PART HE PLAYED OR DIDN’T, HE WlILL OR WILL NOT DO HIS PART IN SENTENCE.. BUT REGARDLESS WHAT IT IS I AM HIS WIFE, N I WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE RISK AND STAND BY MY HUSBAND..

          Maybe some of yal think I’m crazy some of you don’t, but when u love someone u love n keep loving them..

          Yea get yals facts right

          • Whatever

            So his name is Joe not Jose but that doesn’t matter what matters is he is a murderer and deserves the death penalty. In my opinion even the lethal injection isn’t good enough punishment for what him and Jessica did and I hope that the people in prison make him suffer every day for what he did to Mia. If you were dealing with the detectives and rangers it is because they were looking for your disgusting husband. No sympathy in my part for him and I dont care how long he knew jessica he is grown! How is an 18 yr old girl going to manipulate a 29 yr old man? yeah tell that to another idiot because we aren’t buying.

          • Michael

            then by all means, please point out the source that backs your claim that he turned himself in? I have one that shows he was captured….I guess liars are always in denial huh? I got my facts straight in denial and foolish woman. And you should be very embarrassed not only about being a liar, but also having grammatical skills of a retarded 5th grader

      • godkeeper

        Why would u take up for him? .. by the way the truth is ur man was not at home with u and u don’t know notting so u might wanna get right with god. honey ur going to need it.. and if I was you I would be asking him 1000’000 questions

  22. tu papi

    @ up in smoke

    You a coward ass bitch. TRUCHA

  23. Sonia

    Yes they called n they wer out but alavardo knws wat happened he’s the one that had to rape her If not wat other male do we need to look at cuz I doubt a female can rape another female lik a guy we knw she was raped n he’s the only male suspect so he should be charged wit murder he didn’t stop Jennifer so same fuckn charge is wat I think

    • anonymos

      ppl are sayin there were 2 more boys involved

      • anonymos

        also… i have seen nowhere but on facebook that she was raped… that hasnt been released… where is every1 hearn this???

        • Lore

          It was on the news website and I read it and I should’ve saved it and now that I’ve tried looking for it, its no where to be found, I wonder why I think someone is trying to cover up what really happened to Mia

          • anonymos

            supposedly one of the other boys involved is a sheriffs son… if thats true thats y its being coverd up

      • Lore

        If 2 more ppl were involved and the police don’t want to get them involved in my opinion the police will give Joe a plea bargain to keep his mouth shut so he won’t involve the other 2, if Joe gets a plea bargain I’m going to be very pissed. This is Texas he belongs on Death Row awaiting his execution!

  24. tu papi

    How do u kno that the other 2 guys didn’t rape her???

  25. alvaradowife

    “Dear Lord, I pray that you would take the soul of this little girl into your arms, comfort her and welcome her into your eternal kingdom. I pray that you give comfort to her family and friends and help them to bear this terrible loss. I pray for all children that have been murdered and their families. I pray for all parents of young children, that they may be given the wisdom to take appropriate steps to protect their children from those that might do them harm. 

    Next, I pray that I might be given the strength to not hate the man/woman that committed this terrible crime, knowing that, difficult as it may be for us to understand, you still love him/her and that Jesus has commanded me to love HIM too. Lord, this is the hardest commandment that we have; I know that we can only even attempt it with your help. I pray that this man/woman, and all those that have committed such crimes should come to repentance and receive your forgiveness. I pray that those who may be tempted to commit such crimes should realise how wrong their urges are and seek help, from Earthly councellors and, most importantly, from you.

    I pray in Jesus’ name.

    • jessica

      hah now your praying??? you shoulda been doing that to begin with. instead of trying to believe ur “husband” was inoccent… PFT please.. oviously he didnt love u or else he wouldnt be raping lil 15 year olds. your a dumb wife. i hope he gets what he diserves

  26. Michael

    Big Ray, seems you’re rather clueless about Texas law? Even if only one of them pulled the trigger, they were both complicit, thus they will BOTH be charged with first-degree murder…that is FACT….plus, it seems most of the people on here need to retake that English as a 2nd language course, none of you can communicate in simple English without looking like total idiots.

  27. Let'sBeLiterate

    My God Michael, I’ve been waiting for someone to point that out. Thank you!

  28. anonymos

    lynne who???

  29. Michael

    @alvaradowife if your husband turned himself in, why did he not return to Ennis? He was found in a hotel room in GP, he did NOT turn himself in…do you have to work at being this stupid and gullible? or does it come naturally for you?

  30. Michael

    I’ve never seen a god do anything, and neither have you……but I know what the plan is for your husband, it’s called Death Row on Huntsville…plus you’re nothing but a huge liar for saying he turned himself in, the story of his capture is not only here, but in the Dallas paper that proves you a complete and disgusting liar. Here’s hoping what happened to this girl happens to you or your family, you’re scum

    • anonymos

      Michael u need to calm down she cannot control her husband and when u love someone it is hard to believe something so aweful bout them shes been with him for 13 yrs like she said earlier… what her husband does is not her fault so leave her and her fam out of it and quit being childish… Bein mean to his wife is not gonna give mia justice…. u want to help with that??? GO FIND JENNIFER

      • Michael

        I’m completely calm, you’re not smart enough to know how or what I think and feel, I just pointed out the fact she’s a disgusting liar. And I have better things to do than look for that scumbag, the Texas Rangers will find her. And yes, she could have controlled her husband, like by insisting he stay home or call and find out why a married man is staying out all night. I am due to serve on a jury since I have not been called in over 12 years. I hope I get called, I’d love to look that scumbag right in the eye while myself and 11 other people sentence him to death.

        • no name

          @Michael-I hope I’m picked as part of the jury for his trial as well he deserves the death penalty!!!

          • anonymos

            all ijm sayin is hhis wife doesnt deserve the punishment. she didnt kill anybody. and u cant control a man that wants to do his own thing… only thing she could have done was divorce him but she is in love… when ur in love ur in denial trust me ive been thru it plenty of times…. not the same kind of situation tho… i agree with yall all the way on how u feel bout jose tho

  31. East Texas

    I AGREE with SONJA. regardless of his “WHAT HIS PLACE WAS” in the murder. He was there, he enabled that monster of a bitch taking the life a GIRL. Whatever Mia did at the age of 15 does not matter. The facts are “HE WAS there with a 15 year old CHILD, and PARTICIPATED in the DEATH of a CHILD”. Now your enabling an inmate, a murder because you are siding by his actions. It is PATHETIC and DISGUSTING to even think about. If it were YOUR daughter regardless of HER ACTIONS or her PHASES you would be determined to get whoever did that. A grown ass man should never consider running off with a teenage girl regardless of how old she looks or how old she is. A teenage girl is just that “A TEENAGE GIRL”. I do not pray for monsters or those who enable them. Woman UP and get some act right.

  32. anonymos

    and i agree with you i feel the same way bout jose as every1 else but ppl bein mean and hateful toward his wife does not help the situation… she wasnt involved he was… When u have known someone as long as shes known him and loved someone so much its kinda hard to believe anything like that… She knew the Jose she was married to… but theres always another side to every1

  33. East Texas

    To the anonymos “You can control what your husband does”. If he cared for the wife or loved her, he would not have been running around with TEENAGED GIRLS! The fact that this man has children of his own is disgusting. A grown man with his act together would think of his own daughter and/or other children before ever considering such an act. In fact any man with any love, would never even consider such an act. he is evil, a monster, and deserves what ever is coming for him. Samething go’s to Jennifer, she is just the same!

    • anonymos

      thats true but its still not her fault and she is only taking up 4 him cuz she loves him… Lovin some1 is not a crime. he committed the crime not her

  34. East Texas

    I do not feel bad for her for the simple fact that she is making excuses for this monster. I love my husband with my heart and sole…but if he did shit like that I would not back him up, I would not even love him! I would not pray for him, I would hate him. Yes God is forgiving, and we should forgive…BUT I could not bare to look into the eyes of a monster for the rest of my life. Any human with a heart could not!!!!!!!

    • anonymos

      yall r sayin she is heartless but seeing as she going thru the worst time in her life right now… something she couldnt even bare to believe and yall r jus puttin her down more… come on now shes been with him for 13 yrs… wen u kno a person that long its hard to believe something like that … wen she comes out of denial she will still love him but not the same… and there is such thing as unconditional love and she is proof of that….. I HIGHLY DOUBT SHE APPROVES OF KILLING CHILDREN SHE STILL LOVES HER HUSBAND AND DOESNT BELIEVE THAT HE DID IT… but truth is every1 else knows he did and wen the whole truth comes out she will have love for him but look at him as a heartless monster but if she still thinks hes a good person after everything comes out thats wen somethings wrong with her… they need to hurry up and find jennifer so the whole story can b put out there. and also the other 2 boys need to b brought to the medias attention

  35. Get real

    @joses wife, how can you sit here and try to lie to all the people who have followed this story and loved Mia?? Your husband didn’t turn himself in he ran like a coward and was caught.. Call ENNIS pd if you don’t believe that!! An if he was at the wrong place at the wrong time then why was your 29 yr old husband seen on camera hanging out with a 15yr old child?? If you have read the latest on this case you would see they had a hit list, in other words he planned this with jp. And ENNIS of also said he has told them what happened, so therefore if they didn’t have evidence on him he wouldn’t be sitting in jail. You may not want to believe your husband for the child killing animal he is, but I but the inmates see right thru his bs and give him what he deserves everyday he’s in there, I hope they rape his bitch ass everyday for what he’s done!! No matter what everyone is trying to say about Mia’s tattoos or anything else, she was 15 people, teenagers will be teenagers!! Jose and Jennifer are cowards for running!! The tried to come off as badasses by killing a child and then took off. I hope that justice is soon brought for the Gonzales family so they can heal and Mia can rest in paradise with her sister.

  36. Michael

    good point, which is why I say there is no such thing as unconditional love. If someone I cared about did something this horrible, I’d never forgive them. And yes, she is making excuses for what is either a monster, or one of the most stupid men in the world if he allowed Jennifer to murder the girl, then help her dispose of the body…..either way he’s going down to Huntsville for an appointment with the needle.

  37. Get real

    @jose wife, what if someone gained the trust of one of your kids and then took them out one night and stabbed them, rape them and dumped there body and set it on fire trying to hide the evidence?? Wouldnt you want justice served?? Her parents don’t even get to see her at her funeral, that’s got to be horrible for any parent to go thru.. I bet you wont believe it still when he is found guilty or admits to doing it.. You must be really stupid or on a good one not to see what your husband and the girl he was running around with have done to this child and her family.. You say he didn’t know Jennifer for long yet he was running the streets with her.. Sounds like you don’t wanna believe your husband of 13yrs had a side girl, and is a murder!!

  38. MrsGonzales

    Moriah is my baby cousin, I care for her so much, as a family member im trying my hardest to find justice in not only Jose and Jennifer but in the other two suspects as well, She didnt deserve to be killed no matter how much she sinned.. Not all mothers are good mothers and not all good mothers and controllable over their 15yr old, I was 15 once & trust I did alot of bad things a teen shouldnt do, My life is commited to the Lord now and I dont blame her for making mistakes! No man or woman walking this earth should do something so harmful so an innocent child! She didnt go out that night knowing it was going to be her last day on earth :/ All I have to say is I will find Jennifer myself and personally hurt her or she can do it the hard way in Prison, I have family in there and the words been spread! Jose’s wife you have no Wisdom and need Jesus, As much as you speak of him I know you dont know him.. God says all you do in the dark will be brought to light. Your husband will pay and sorry to say but that may even be his life, GOD not only takes the life of a heartless man but he’ll take his soul and he’ll burn in hell a million times.. Im no evil person but the thought of thinking what my baby cousin went through really makes me a bitter person and alot of hate towards these suspects! My family and Mia deserve justice to be served!! Yes, your husband raped her, we got the results from the autopsy smh!!!!! She was raped, stabbed and burned.. Dont cover up his mistakes, for all we know your children couldve been raped, molested as well and you’ll never know.. Im no one to judge but in my eyes they are already dead… I pray GOD helps you physically, and mentally!! you need it!! 200,000 bond oh yeah, theres someone covering stuff up but these dirtbags will be caught, I pray everynight for GOD to work his magic and I know he will come through. He always does!! Thats why the only man Im faithful to is the Lord, Thank God for his mighty ways! God bless you!

  39. Sonia

    Ok if he didn’t do it y run n hide? N how is a 29yr old gonna be threatened by a 18yr old female? Don’t make no fuckn sense does it!!!!! N another thing the only reason he is corporating is so he can try n get a lighter sentence but still hope his bitch ass gets death row or life wit no parole for wat he did n his bitch ass didn’t turn him self in he was caught if he turned his ass in it wud be at a police stations not a hotel dumb

  40. wow

    Who cares what the wife is going through if she is siding with this murderer! It is pathetic, and unrealistic. I used the term unrelistic because you can not be in the right mind to want to be by the side of a murderer ( a murderer of a teenage girl at that). I do not understand the mentality of the wife, and the anonymos person. Either it is the same person posting, or someone close to her. I am a mother, a wife, and an aunt. If it were my husband that did this, I would be concerned for the safety of my children, and family, not this P.O.S. It is obvious that he was some sort of creeper peeping the teenage girls, the thought is scary. Yes, this could have been avoided. you can not blame the teenage girl who suffered this tragedy, you can only blame the suspects. As teenagers we all go through different stages in life, you can not blame her. The suspects that are involved though the media were both parents, and should have been taking care of their own children, not killing others.When your involved for taking the life of anyone, it does not go unpunished. You are either dealt with by the law, the streets, or God himself. It is obvious how unintelligible the wife is, as well as many others that post in negativity with their moronic statements justifying his /her actions. This is not about the love for a murder suspect, this should be about bringing justice to Moriah, and her family. I cringe at the thought of a $200,000 bond, and the monster being back on the streets. When you are a mother that is idealistically how one should feel.

    • anonymos

      I see where ur coming from and i agree with you… she should be worried bout her kids and family… I think shes in shock

  41. Facts?

    To the alavaradowife. The media covers stories through what they are told, and research. Therefore the information they do share is correct, through their understandings. They do not post biased information to mislead individuals, but rather share information to help the public. There is no viewpoints discussed by anyone, just the simple facts that have taken place. Besides not many varied points have been given through the media. Yes, Alvarado was captured. This was shown on other News broadcast. BTW he looks like a killer in his mugshot :/
    Once this is all said and done ask him to request his discovery packet VIA his lawyer, if your so concerned with the facts. That packet will tell you everything you need to know, and the “REAL” facts might just shock the hell out of you.

  42. Concerned Citizen

    @ Alvarado’s wife.. I hope your sorry ass excuse for a human husband gets the death penalty and rots in hell for enternity for what he did. Are you really that stupid to think he had nothing to do with it? Sorry honey but “wrong place at the wrong time” is a lame excuse. And by the way I saw on facebook that him and jennifer were in a relationship… Some husband huh? You are pathetic.

    • Michael

      @Concerned yea, I’m just dying to see how far that ” I’m a grown man manipulated by this evil teen girl” defense goes. I have a pretty good idea of how it’s going to go.

    • anonymos

      ya it was very obvious he was messin around with other females but him bein a HOE and a MURDERER is a lot fo a wife to swallow… I tihink she needs time to herself where she can REALLY think and she will see as well as every1 else wat her husband really is but she doesnt want to realize.

  43. Concerned Citizen

    @ Michael.. Exactly! And shouldn’t alvarado’s wife watch what she says on here because it could be used against him in court? HAHA they are so uneducated.

  44. Jackie

    @anonymous: Since you are so concerned with defending Alvarado and his wife maybe you should all seek counseling. Also, you are so quick to tell us “this is a hard time for her,’ yet Moriah’s family is the one truly suffering.

    @Alvarado’s Wife: First and foremost you didn’t have to say you were talking about Moriah, context clues, sweetheart. However, since you did not complete your education you wouldn’t know what that is. It’s quite simple that you can’t put together FACTS even when they presented to you. I’ve tried re-reading your post and your stupidity astounds me. You need mental help, and it wouldn’t surprise me later down the line if you were convicted for letting him molest your children. I’m not saying it happened but if it did and your children told you it is quite obvious you would not believe your own children. You seem to know your facts so well, yet you’re going by the lies he told you. Regardless of Mia’s Tattoos, and her way of life it doesn’t justify her death. Your husband is an adult and is capable of making his own decisions. Do you not stop to think “Wow that could have been me?” Clearly, Jennifer and Jose”Joe” were lovers and were plotting on those in the way, so guess what that could have been you. Then again maybe it should have been, because you are a lost cause in this world. At least with Mia she still had a chance to turn her life around.
    A word of advice to you lady just sit back and let justice handle your “husband” and quit trying to convince the world that he is innocent, because he is NOT. I, like many others, do not have sympathy for you. Oh and you might not want to openly comment “facts” that you have from the case because it might hinder his trial. We wouldn’t want that to happen to this innocent man!!!! (Sarcasm, you might want to google the meaning of the word) One more thing, The more you mention GOD, the more you prove to others you never experienced God’s love. If you want to leave it in God’s hands then you might want to start by helping the authorities. I’m truly surprised you didn’t create a false alibi for him. Darn it you didn’t think of that quick enough. I honestly feel like you should be convicted as well for aiding a fugitive those two days, it’s obvious you knew where he was.

    @ Big Ray: There you go she was RAPED!!!!!

    @ Michael: I agree with everything you have to say about this case.

    • anonymos

      first of all i was not siding with the f**kin murderer u r stupid … i know both families are going thru a hard time…wtf im not stupid but u obviously are…. I got so much sympathy for moriahs fam… losing 2 daughters within the sam yr is unbearable but the wife did not kill her Jose should get all this not her HE NEEDS TO F**KIN DIE AND SO DOES JENNIFER. They r the scum not their families… Im sure no1 but them thinks its ok to murder children….. And if this is about SIDES im 100% on MORIAHS… she was only 15, they murdererd a child then burned her body… thats freakin sick, and she was the prettiest little girl ever so beautiful…. she didnt deserve this… noone does but murderers themselves… So Jackie u can go on somewhere with that siding with him bs

      • Jackie

        “Since you are so concerned with defending Alvarado and his wife maybe you should all seek counseling. Also, you are so quick to tell us “this is a hard time for her,’ yet Moriah’s family is the one truly suffering.”

        Notice in the first sentence it says Alvarado and his WIFE! Your just as pathetic as her trying to justify why she is covering/lying for him.

        anonymous:”and i agree with you i feel the same way bout jose as every1 else but ppl bein mean and hateful toward his wife does not help the situation… she wasnt involved he was… When u have known someone as long as shes known him and loved someone so much its kinda hard to believe anything like that… She knew the Jose she was married to”

        “thats true but its still not her fault and she is only taking up 4 him cuz she loves him… Lovin some1 is not a crime. he committed the crime not her”

        Those are your words not mine. If she wasn’t involved she wouldn’t “know” everything that she all of a sudden knows now. Such as, where he was, and why he left with Jennifer etc. You mean to tell me when she saw his face on the news they didn’t communicate? If I’m stupid or whatever name you feel adequately suites me than I accept it. I see that my “stupid” words got to you to the point you became ignorant. One thing i will commend you on is that last post where you finally quit taking up for his wife and came back to reality.

        @cc: I have printed flyers out and I will be handing those out.

        • anonymos

          hey its not my fault that i have a heart and ffeel for her…. i dont give a s**t wat hes going thru…. and if she does know everything and he told her everything then shes a horrible person… I NEVER ONCE TOOK UP FOR JOSE…. To my understanding I thought she really does believe her husband is innocent… Idk wat she knows but i know she is hurtin she been with him for 13 yrs… i only been with my man 8 yrs and i could not bear to even think about him doin something like that and at first i would think that every1 is lying on him and he would be proven innocent but eventually i would come to my senses… Im hopin thats wat is goin on with her… I really hope for her sake that she doesnt really know wat happened … and sorry for goin off on u Jackie but i would never take up for that sorry a** man… just his family its not their fault he cant control himself yes if he was runnin around she shoulda left him but some things are harder for others…. AND TO MRS. GONZALES: I AM SO SORRY BOUT UR FAMILIES LOSSES… I DIDNT KNOW MIA PERSONALLY BUT HER STORY BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES… SHE WAS SO PRETTY I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT O THIS HAS SOMETHING 2 DO WITH JEALOUSY BUT I NEVER WOULDVE THOUGHT IT WAS JUS A GANG THING… ENNIS IS GETTING REDICULOUS… BUT THAT BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IS WATCHIN OVER YALL NOW….

          • Jackie

            Anonymous: The best thing is Prayer. We Pray for our friends and enemies no matter the circumstances. Although it’s hard to pray for a horrible person, but that one prayer can cause them to repent, and tell the truth. I understand you have a heart we all do that is why we are all on here. Quite honestly on a daily basis I try to look for any updates on this case. We should continue to keep this case as active as possible by continuing to pass out flyers, and letting authorities know everything we know/hear.

            @wow- We are on the same page.

            @get real: I agree that she may know more than she is admitting to.

            @everyone: Let’s continue to fight for JUSTICE for Moriah.

            @ Anyone involved: Time is not on your side. Tic Toc….

            @JENNIFER PUENTE: I want to call you every name in the book, but I’d rather not because it will amuse a mentally ill person, such as yourself. I will say one thing, I know that you go around posting things. I saw what you put on another news blog and you’re sorry for that. I know it’s you because only a person like you would have that type of garbage coming out of your useless brain. If you were so tough why not put your name on it, and own up to the post and the crime. Oh wait you won’t because you are a true definition of a coward. There is such thing as IP addresses and computers run off of servers…. It’s only a matter of time. Oh and if you did flee to another country, as some say, I hope you come across people as yourself. People you think are your friends and then turn on you. You will slip. when you do you will fall HARD little girl.

          • anonymos

            Jackie all of that is true and i hope one of Mias friends find her be4 the police do!

    • Amanda

      Wow! Jackie you took the wording right out of my mouth, she should watch law and order more often!!!!!- rip Mia you were such a beautiful girl. It’s crazy how many people you have touch

      Now for the crazy wife- Go somewhere! It’s clear that he was sleeping around on you!- he just want to tell you things to keep you around while he is awaiting to spend the rest of his life in jail!! Men are siting on death row right now for things like ur husband did! – sad tht your sticking up for him. My husband was to ever do this I would not even admit that I knew him!!!!

      Now, last but not least-
      Mia family, I saw a video that Mia mother posted. Broke my heart! I pray everyday That family an her friends that they will get threw this hard time!!!! Bless their hearts! Mia is flying high as a beautiful angel.RIP- pretty lady.

    • Lore

      @Jackie, you said it loud and clear! I truly agree with you and Michael!

  45. theword

    FYI i’ve heard that Jennifer’s Mom and Uncle Jesus were desperately looking for a way to get to Laredo. That might be people that need to be questioned. Jesus is known to do drugs and even have girls pop pills and then when they are dozed off he has sex with them. He also was caught up in drug trafficking at some point in his life.

    • Wow

      Lets just pray the he does not request the judge to lower his bond. if that happens lets pray that the judge rejects it! At the 200,000 bond it would cost his family 20,000 to bail him out. I do not want to see this monster on the streets!

  46. Finally she shut up !

    Wow- I think the killer’s wife finally shut up- she finally got a clue to shut her mouth and accept the truth.

    My condolences to this teen’s family.

  47. Wow

    It would not matter if she was with the man for 20, or even 40 years. The facts have been placed. He is charged with murder, there is no justifying anything! Who would believe that someone is lying on him? The evidence is there to prove he was there, was involved, he is guilty! You people amaze me with your moronic statements, seriously. I am sure she does know something. She mentioned above that she was not home either, again justifying why she can not control her husband. I wish we could stone his ass!!!!

    @ Jackie- Touché, with an applause!

    • anonymos

      well if she does know something or was involved i dont feel bad for her she seems kinda clueless to me tho she jus dont get it that the man she been with for 13 yrs is a cold hearted killer… but if she knows im sorry and dont feel for her

  48. Wow

    “Police said that Alvarado is a former co-worker of Moriah, and Puente was a longtime acquaintance.”-( http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/archives/ennis/)

    Therefore, it is clearly evident that Alvarado had to of known something more of Moriah such as her age. Regardless of the excuses of her age, you can look at her photos and see that she is a very young girl.

    • anonymos

      thats true… Jennifer said on facebook one day that Mia was her “right-hand bitch” but i think she used Mia she had to be jealous of Mia.. she had it all she was beyond beautiful

  49. Get real

    From alvorados wife stupid post it kind of makes me wonder if she was involved considering she “wasn’t home either” and she supposably knows about everything in the case?? Does anyone else notice this or is it just a few of us??

    • Wow

      I am noticing something wrong with her! She discriminates against moriah in her post, and she also tries to justify her husbands actions a little too much.

  50. Wow

    She seems to know alot about Moriah, atleast this is what she said………
    ((“I tell you one thing if she was my daughter, my daughter wouldn’t have tattoos at 15, my daughter wouldn’t be on drugs at 15,my daughter wouldn’t be having sex at 15,my daughter wouldn’t of dropped out at 15,my daughter wouldn’t be running the streets at 15,my daughter wouldn’t of been a drunk at 15,my daughter wouldn’t be smoking ciggerettes at 15..my daughter wouldn’t be so much in a hurry to grow up at 15,”)) ….
    Considering that she had to of either known her pretty well, or is just pissed off!

  51. MrsGonzales

    I have so much I want to say yet I cant.. I agree with everything Jackie says.. I have no sympathy for his wife and for all I know and the family after reading all shes been saying, We have a pretty good feeling she was involved!

    @Alvarado wife- Sweetie, Read the news articals they worked together! Of course he knew her Age, As far as jennifer.. She was completely Jealous of Mia, Look at mia than look at jennifer. Moriahs a goddess <3 Id hate to see what you look like! & Jackies right! that couldve been you that was murdered not mia! Hmm or did jennifer even know your 'Husband' had a wife and family? I think not. Hes obviously not a real man if he cant stay home and take care of his kids.. Matter of fact!! Who was taking care of them if both of you were out?? I have a gut feeling your one of the 4 who were involved!!! Whats your name again if I may ask???
    Evil woman!!!!

  52. MrsGonzales

    @Wow, I think she knew her pretty well, Or that night found out alot about her from her husband or jennifer, I highly suspect she was apart of my cousins murder.. for all I know they couldve been giving her Cigarettes, alcohal, weed, Just cause they knew thats what she liked.. And that she was going to die so might as well let her live it up before they hurt her right alvarado wife???

    • Wow

      I have to say I do agree with you Mrs Gonzales! Something does not sound right at all, she knows more than she should for someone who doesnt know Moriah at all. just saying! Maybe she should be investigated as well.
      @ Alvarado’s wife- Now that there is what we call a viewpoint!

  53. Michael

    it is pretty damn obvious she knows more than she has let on to police, and leave it to the bozo detectives in the EPD to miss out on these clues. If she had relatives looking to make a break to Laredo, those people’s phones should have been monitored, at least that’s how real pros do investigations.

    • no name

      We can’t expect much from the EPD there is a reason only one suspect was caught and that is because another police department got him.

  54. Michael

    well, I know you’re right about that…I lived in Arlington for several years and the police there and in Grand Prairie get a whole lot more practice at this short of thing, and are real professionals, as opposed to the Three Stooges detectives here in Ennis.

  55. anonymos

    all this shit is ridiculous the cops are never gonna put the other 2 names out there and neither is noone else cuz they r 2 scared they will be next… they arent special jus cuz 1 is a sheriffs son i c this shit all over the internet… someone come out and say their names even if u do it anonymously… hell ill contact the media for u

  56. Michael

    just because you see it on the internet does not means it’s true, just because you see it outlets such as Fox News does not mean it is true, these are the same idiots who reported Noah’s ark was found last year…..use some common sense, when they catch this bitch all will come to light when they put some heat on her, hopefully the Texas Rangers will question her and not the Ennis PD detective idiots

  57. Concerned Citizen

    Which sheriff’s son is involved that they won’t do anything about? I keep hearing this rumor….

  58. Seriously

    I can’t believe the other killer is still on the run! Seriously ….. Let’s keep this story alive- I think the media needs to stay actively involved with this case. We – the community should countine to shed light on this horrific crime. Let’s keep Ennis Safe!

  59. cc

    Bottom line in all of this is: A 15yo CHILD was murdered and 2 ADULTS were involved. POINT BLANK…..Why run if your innocent.

    @ wifey….you 2 haven’t even lived together for a while..so i dont’ know who this is pretending to be the wife. he lived w/ his mom…hello!!!!

    If someone will speak up about who the others are, then the media will investigate..someone has to take a stand for MIA and for justice…wouldn’t you want someone to stand up and speak if it was your CHILD or loved one.

    I agree, Ennis is supposed to be a people person town and now everyone is feeling uneasy and cautious, Lord knows I do right now.

    • anonymos

      @cc its prob jennifer then and if so i have no sympathy for that dumb hoe… @Michael im not sayin that part is a fact but there are a lot of ppl sayin it and 1 girl said she knows its true… Maybe wen they catch jennifer she will tell all hopefully and i didnt even kno there was a sheriff in Ennis Im just sayin for all these ppl who are sayn that need to come out with some names or something

  60. antonio

    i agree keep this story alive and she will be caught sooner or later & she will pay for what she did

  61. anonymos

    on moriahs memorial page a girl is saying that jennifer has been caught but i have not seen that on any of the news websites and this is not the first time that girl said thta… quit getn ppls hopes up dont say nun unless she really has been caught

    • ?

      If I recall correctly that same girl posted something similar before and she had also posted addresses and stuff where Jennifer could be. I wouldnt believe it unless you see it on the news.

  62. Antonio

    well fist of all i aint gettin no ones hopes up all i said is they will get her SOONER OR LATER and i aint even talkin bout the law cus it could be by other people but she cant escape god thats for sure and yeah i agree with ? dont believe everything they say

    • :)

      Antonio anonymous was referring to a post on Mias memorial page on face book. Some girl claimed she heard on the news Jennifer was caught behind the catholic church in hachie. No where online is her story backed up she had also posted on there before that she heard the male suspect was out. So from the sounds of if i just wouldnt believe anything that girl posts.

  63. Hmmm

    Jose did not work with Mia he worked with jennifer under the name Andrew Lopez he only worked there couple of weeks then was fired for failing a piss test

  64. Amanda

    How do you know that @ hmmm?

  65. Hum ?

    This is from Jennifer Puentes facebook:

    Finallt got a phone. But fuk giving my number out. Only my left nut cesar has it nd my right hand bitch mia

    Seems strange

  66. Hum ?

    Also went to the ceasar guys page, and he has had investigators question him.One comment he made was a little strange as well. It says :

    Cesar Gonzalez

    trash ass nikka SNITCHIN…..

    he is on Jennifers comments under her post

  67. Seriously

    So many people add comments stating they know this and that. Like they say ….don’t just talk the talk but do the walk. If you know something tell the authorities Although you’d figure they are reading these post- proceed to actually call and give a tip- your lead can help solve this hideous crime. Take lead ! Execute your info by reporting it.

  68. Get real

    I know a lot of people who have called ENNIS pd and reported the other two males and they have said ENNIS brushed it off saying they already questioned Lin Gentry as their first suspect, but since he was so upset about Mia’s death they didn’t this it he was involved.. Wtf really?!? Of course he’s upset cause he probably was involved.. And the other male is Lin Gentrys cousin.. ENNIS Pd also said that Jose has told them what happened so I guess ENNIS pd believes the words of a killer!! Therefore for everyone who wanted the other names there they are..@ up in smoke everyone knows its you Jennifer, I can’t wait till the police get you or someone worst so they can do to you what you did to your “right hand bitch” as you called Mia.. Your jealous ass needs to realize they are ganna catch you! You can only hide for so long, unless somebody has already caught your ass on the streets and done away with you!! Mia gee you were layed to rest today, I know your up their in paradise with janikka watch over us, we love you and miss you!

  69. ???

    Wasn’t mia’s funeral at that Catholic church yesterday? I seriously doubt Jennifer was there during or the day of mia’s funeral!! If she was that stupid I don’t think it would be cops that caught her a** I’m sure there were a lot of family and friends there that would love to get to that girl first!! R.I.p. Angel Mia!!!!!

  70. Hmmm

    I worked there and it’s already been reported

  71. ???

    I don’t think Jennifer was found. I have looked On a lot of news websites and its not on any of them. It would say it somewhere by now if it were true!

  72. cc

    so is Lin the ex sheriff’s son or is it his cousin? I want his name or last name as least.

  73. cc

    people can name them all they want…the girl who said she talked to Mia that night needs to go to the media to put EPD on blast…that pushes them to move because if not…they’ll just sit on their asses and gain more weight..lol

  74. Suburbias

    The FBI needs to get involved to catch ALL suspects involved. It kills me that a sheriffs son is getting away with this if he was involved. That’s nottrue fair for all of us. Regardless of Mia’s past A LIFE WAS TAKEN. A life that could’ve grown beautiful with whatever was in store for her.

  75. Sonja

    The other suspect name is Lin Gentr search for him on FB something about his comments and status i dont like!

    • Michael

      I had at look at thid boy’s FB page and see nothing of the sort, you’re setting yourself up for a lawsuit if you’re not completely dead on.

  76. Sonja

    *Lin Gentry

  77. faithful


  78. concerned citizen

    How did lin gentry know mia and what is his past like?

  79. Trippin

    Cesar had nothing to deal with it . Get off his nuts. If he did I’m quite sure he would of been held in jail since day 1 . He has witnesses.

  80. Jackie

    There is pain and suffering on all sides. While what they did was horrendous, they will more than likely face the consequences of their actions! Alvarados wife-I am a Christian and I understand where you are coming from in regards to not turning your back on your husband. You have to separate the sin from the man. Unfortunately some people do not know God and therefore choose to do bad things. I pray for the souls of those who do not yet know Him and hope that before their time comes, they truly get to know our Savior. While the feeling of hate and vengeance is in the hearts of those close to Mia, I hope they can find some type of solace. The devil is a lie and he tries to enter are hearts when we are at our weakest.

  81. Amanda

    So are they just going to let this case settle ?????? I don’t understand why people are not spreading the word to still trying to find JP- any news about that yet?!!!? Last thing I heard is they were handing it over to the marshals.

    • Michael

      they may as well hand it over to the marshalls and Texas Rangers, the EPD detectives are so completely incompetent they’d never find the girl…leave to a stupid 18 yo girl to outsmart the EPD

  82. anon

    This is completely ridiculous. You’re over here defending a killer. In no way is that right. You can say all you want that he didn’t know that she was only 15 and that she lied to him, but in all reality you will be able to tell if someone is 15 or 30 in the blink of an eye. Your husband sounds like nothing but a pedphile and a creep. You say that at 15 your daughter wouldn’t being doing all that yet you can’t even keep up with your husband long enough for him to MURDER an innocent girl. No matter what your viewpoints are on how she acted and so forth, she didn’t deserve to be killed.

  83. shes resting now


  84. CESAR


    • Michael

      no thanks Cesar, I prefer only to add people on Facebook who can actually read and write English. Plus, I have yet to see anyone implicate you, so it seems your paranoia is for naught

      • Let'sBeLiterate

        TELL THEM BITCHEZZZZZZZZZ MICHAEL…. hahaha! Cesar doesn’t “NO” anything….

        • Michael

          true, so many of these people here including internet tough guy Cesar are poster children for birth control. Just absolutely worthless pieces of crap that are either bound for prison or welfare, and they’ll have children that are criminals or welfare cases themselves..sickening punks

  85. FED UP

    If you are going to be in our country then quit committing crimes and costing us tax payers money. And another thing learn how to communicate in English CESAR. Im sure if you are “friends with jennifer” you knew what was going to happen or had some part of it Mr Paranoid.

  86. Let'sBeLiterate

    Do today’s English teachers no longer teach punctuation?

  87. youknowwhereshe@

    Cesar G. You and your brother or whatever jesus is to you, both you know where she’s at.. she needed to talk to you about something before the murder and since she’s been running she’s(jennifer) been contacting you through email..Both of you (cesar and jesus) are her only connections in grand prairie.. what are you waiting for a reward to be offered before you turn her in?

  88. Get real

    I could see it now, put a reward or green card out and all the sudden Cesar and Jesus would all the sudden know where Jennifer is!! @cesar where on here did anyone say you were involved?!? Guilty much? As far as I see it YOU “put yourself out there”

  89. cesar



    • Michael

      no Cesar, you still quite frankly look like a shit stupid wanna-be gangster who will soon be locked just like your “homegirl” Jennifer..enjoy your time in the pen! since it is obvious you lack the skills to even hold the most basic of jobs

  90. yamomma

    Quick question for ya’ll, where is the information coming from that there may have been 2 more people involved? I guess with all the reporting going on I missed that, thanks.

  91. Hmmm

    This girl was murdered at 15 and the physcho that did it hasn’t been caught and y’all are fighting over who knows what?? Wow fuck the safety of other people lets just show how hard u are by actin gangsta on Ennis daily news and Facebook I’m real impressed ever think this horrible act happened because these little kids think its cool to be gangsta grow up ur from Ennis Texas go gang bang at Walmart fuckin stupid this situation isn’t about u no one cares how big u think u are sped ur days gettin high and throwin gang signs and wake up one day with not a damn thing to show for it this little girl lost her life over that stupid shit that’s the bottom line

  92. youknowwhereshe@

    Cesar you knew what her plans were,you knew she had a list of people that she was going to take from this world, you may not have been there that night, but your involving yourself by hiding her(jennifer).. You have been her back and fourth from grand prairie to ennis.. let’s see she’s your homegirl or like she would say cesar my left nut right,jennifer done pissed her own life away and soon as she doesn’t feel safe with her left nut she can easily take you out.. so maybe you should be a better friend and talk sense to her so she can give herself up or keep hiding and know her where abouts and you’ll be sitting in jail for hiding her.. she ain’t worth it..

  93. Lore

    Somebody has to be helping her, either a few of her friends or her family! I don’t think she could make it on her own. She has no money, no clothes, no food, no where to live. So obviously someone is helping her but whoever it is is as sorry as she is. I read about the dad who turned in his own son because he hadn’t seen his grandson in almost a year that was the right thing to do even if he hurts, even if its family. The tragedy was dad and stepmom starved the boy and he died and they left his body somewhere on ensign rd in Ennis. My point is I’m sure the grandfather was heartbroken but he had to do what he had to do!

  94. cesar

    Like i done said i dont know were she is at n how have i been goin to gp n back when i been here in ennis the whole time plus i didnt know she had a hit list until i seen it on the news yall dont have to believe me but i know god n mia know that im tellin the truth.. so yall need to stop sayin shyt if yall dont know the truth im just tryin to clear my name thats it i will never do something like that to a young female thats fuckin nasty n fucked up what they did to her so stop sayin i had some to do with it or know what happen…..

  95. Get Real

    @cesar, one thing I don’t get is why you “put yourself out there” out off all 171 comments no one mentioned you.. Lin and his cousin have been mentioned, but not a Cesar.. If you don’t want people thinking its you then don’t run your own name thru the mud!

  96. Let'sBeLiterate

    The last thing I want to do is to defend ANYBODY that MAY be involved, but Cesar was mentioned by ‘Hum ?’ on 2 seperate posts… I’m sure I’ll get plenty of ‘thumbs down’ on this post….

  97. justsayin

    look guys I didnt know MIA but i have a 15yr old daughter and thats why I follow this case plus I would love to see this family get justice for thier lil girl so i went on jennifers page and sent her a message askin if she wasnt guilty then why run instead of staying and telling her side of the story. just to see if she was checkin her fb and guess what she blocked me so if she is keepin in contact with ppl through the web she will be caught and if shes in mexico well i hope she has been tricked out by the locals and will get what she gave and Mia will have her justice

  98. He was mentioned

    Cesar was mentioned twice so he just didn’t put himself out there just saying

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