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One suspect caught, one at large in killing

Jennifer Samantha Puente, 18, and Jose Manuel Alvarado, 29.

Phil Banker and Nick Todaro, editor@ennisdailynews.com

Police arrested one of the suspects wanted for the killing of 15-year-old Moriah Gonzales on Saturday night, while one remains at large.

Ennis Police Chief John Erisman confirmed Sunday police arrested Jose Manuel Alvarado, 29 in Grand Prairie. The other suspect, 18-year-old Jennifer Samantha Puente, was not with Alvarado at the time and  is still on the loose.

Police are currently following leads to find Puente, whom they believe has since cut and dyed her hair blonde. They believe she is still in the same area.

Alvarado is currently in custody, awaiting arraignment on charges of murder on Monday in Ennis municipal court.

Police found Gonzales’s body at 7:05 a.m. March 17 off Knighthurst Road in Ennis.

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17 Comments for “One suspect caught, one at large in killing”

  1. joe

    Give him the death penalty!!!!!!

  2. justin

    i hope he is punished to the max for what he did to my sister friend, how heartless can you be to kill a little girl who had a whole life ahead of her, i wanna give my prayers to the family im so sorry this man and women had to ruin your life and your daughters

  3. Jeremy rodriguez

    Moriah u finally got a lil justice now too find the girl

  4. ennis resident

    Thank god one has been found lets pray the other one gets caught soon! Good thing the Texas Ranger’s got involved and thanks to the Grand Prarie police department!

  5. Jackie

    They captured one coward another to go.
    Jennifer if you’re reading this i just want you to know you think your a hard a** but you have to flee because you are scared of your consequences. Yet, you took someone’s life with no fear of anything huh? Well one thing you’ll fear is God’s mercy on your judgement day. You can run& hide all you want but know, Todo en esta vida se paga. If that was your so called friend you need to be locked up with other “friends” that think like you. You’re old enough to know better, and no excuse is good enough for your actions, as well as Jose. Just because your life was out of control and obviously unstable, you didn’t have to drag a young girl with you. I hope you find it in that cold heart to turn yourself in no hair color/cut will ever change what you did, if you don’t turn yourself in i hope the memory of that night haunts you& if you are in Mexico maybe someone there will give you the fate you gave Mia… a burning death.

  6. They got the girl in ennis is what I heard

  7. Boss Ladi

    My heart goes out to this young ladi and her family. I cannot believe these (2) low life people COLDED heart BITCHES killed this babe. And yes that’s what she is a BABE she’s just or was only (15) years old for HEAVEN SAKE. smh I really didn’t know Mia personally but I saw her around Ennis Neighboorhood and she was always humble, very outgoing, respectful, never seemed to cause any trouble. But for someone Two OLDER adults take her life like this and just dump her off to burned that is SICK. I hope god make yall life a living hell. You two people do even deserve LIFE itself! Hopefully ELLIS CO law enforcement will get JUSTICE for this family and hopefully HANG them for the rest of there life TEACH THEM HOES A BIG LESSON smh … TO THE GONZALES FAMILY I TRUELY AND REALLY DO HATE this happen to your daughter no one deserve to be MURDER no one! STILL SCREAMING YOU KNOW ITS THE GGGEEEEEE_EEEEEE_THANG BAA__BBBBEEE (Mia Gee Voice) R.I.P. BABY GIRL

  8. Justice needs to be served!

    I hope whoever is giving Jennifer a place to hide gets a hard punishment as well! They should sit and think if that girl killed once shes capable of doing it again and how would they feel if it was their sister, cousin, daughter or friend that these low lifes hurt so badly! Turn Jennifer in so that the little girl they hurt can rest in peace in the healing arms of the Lord!

  9. Brenda Hernandez

    thank hod they cauqht one of them &now to look for Jennifer…it amazinq how i thouqht i knew the real jennifer but come to find out shes just another person i cldnt trust…jennifer if yuh read this i hope &pray to God that yuh live yur life in hell &that this haunts yuh the rest of yur misrable life, nuthinq will ever be enouqh to punish yuh becuase nuthinq will ever brinq Mia back home to her family lyk she deseres…&yuh will never be back with yur bby boy, johnny will be a qreat dad &yuh never wanted Johnny with him, suks for yuh cuz now hes keepinq the bby &hes qonna be a qreat dad…i hope yuh qet the worst punishment yuh can qet for this &the worst of all is that God will never forqive yuh for wat yuh have done, yuh had no rite to take Mia’s life, the only one that can take our life is God cu he brouqht us here so hes the one that takes us…&as for jose i hope he qets life in prison &that he pays for wat he did to Mia too…both of yall are sick people that dnt even deserve to be on this earth, but yur still here &God will make sure yall pay for all the pain yall caused her &her family…jennifer yuh were qrown enouqh to do wat yuh did to her now be qrown enouqh to assume yur punishment i hope they catch yur ass soon so yuh can qo to prison and live in hell the rest of yur life
    RIP Mia Gee<3 yur qone but never forqotten
    yur always in the hearts of the ppl that luved &cared for yuh

  10. reader

    people started saying yesterday that Jennifer had been caught in Ennis, but I have not seen that confirmed anywhere.

  11. Waxa Unc.

    As a relative, it’s very easy to pass judgement on these two people, especially in our anger; however, as difficult as it may be, we must also pray for the Alvarado and Puente families in all that they are going through. This horrible, sick act that these two thought up, and delivered, should not , in my opinion, reflect on the whole family. We are ALL very angry and upset and we could all come up with what in our opinion is the best punishment for these two, and whoever else may have been involved in this crime, but i believe that Moriah’s family would appreciate our prayers for all the families involved that are suffering the consequences for someones irresponsible actions. Please, as tough as it may be,let’s take a moment to pray, especially for the two people who are responsible for the death of this young lady, that God will have mercy on their souls whatever the final judgement may be.. Let’s let God and the Authorities do what they do best. Thanks to all of you guys for your support during this time of mourning. Stay strong!!

    • Jackie

      I agree we should pray for our friends, as well as our enemies. Honestly I am bitter towards Jennifer & Jose for their actions. Life isn’t a video game, where you die and come back. The concept of life to these youngsters now is totally different. God is always last on their priority list, so all we can do is PRAY that they choose the right path, & even if they don’t PRAY for them too. My heart goes out to the Gonzales & Puente family, because it is hard times. I’m sure the Puente family is taking it hard too, especially the mom. Being a Mom and watching your children self-destruct & not being able to do anything, I am sure that is a tough pill to swallow then to find out, no matter how hard you worked for the clothes, toys, food, diapers etc and everything your child wanted, for it to end like this.. I am quite certain this is tearing her mom & family apart. GOD BLESS BOTH FAMILIES!!
      let the case of MIA GEE be a lesson that the next day is NOT guaranteed, & we should try putting God first he will guide is on the way you should live not the way you WANT to live.

    • Big Ray

      Your Truly a person of God I wish you the Best

  12. wendy

    Dam Mia good tht de found tht boy girl hes gonna be n jail for d rest of his life im NT sure but tht Sunday yall should of checked if tht girl Jennifer was there cuz we wer there tht day n we wer getn somthn to eat n der was a girl behind us lookd jus lik her bt wit blond hair my sis told my cuzn n he turned o check n she wasnt der anymor dam scary ass hell if i was yall i will always b checkn der cuz she is n d Sam plac wer yall find tht boy n tht girl jus stared at us smiling hopefully yall gt her cuz shes a bad person girl u wnt b happy till we find that girl n we will gt PAy bck for wt de did we Miss u t u n a better place wit ur sis n baby <3

  13. Jose

    We all talkin about justice how about we all do sumthin about it ya c her follow her or beat her up n call the cops n she better not cross me cuz she will never forget me n I hope she c this cuz im not scare of any1 dat think dat can get away

  14. melzz

    This is just sad. this is exactly why friends r hard to come by now a days. lord a mighty. what is this world coming to!? why did she do it? i know exactly why. she done it out of jelousy and jelousy is a powerful thing. nobody can make others decisions for them so dont hate there familys for their wrong doings. how much u wanna bet there family is just as disqusted and angry as we are at them? who knows maybe even angrier. becouse not only did they commit a crime that can never be takin back or forgotton but they also ruined their familys name and when it comes down to it thats all a person truely has. and to be honest her running from the law is a pretty bad punishment. worse than prison so ive heard. free cable in your cell, free collage, free medical care, 3 course meals (and chocolate pudding for desert), bed, toilet, shower, recese time, and not to mention be social with other cell mates…. (my friend had to write a speach over prisons) when its put that way prison dont sound to bad (not like i wanna go or plan on going or anything, im just sayin) besides in the end they will be the ones burning. the only difference is that they will be burning in hell for a life time… “they say blood will have blood! the wind has ears and trees will speak.” yeah buddy i just did quote Shakespeares Macbeth!! even though im pretty sure i stated it somewhat wrong but anyways before i get off here i want yall to know KARMAS A BITCH!! she will get whats comin to her soon enough

    • Lore

      I understand jealousy is a powerful thing but coming form Jennifer, she was a ticking time bomb. She is really messed up and has been for a very long time. She has issues and I hope she gets caught because she has a hit list and I hope know one else gets hurt! If her family is disgusted and angry them why are they hiding Jennifer? They have to know where she is? How is she going to live? I’m sure she has no money, no clothes, no food? How is she going to make it? I don’t think she can make it on her own? She’s getting some kind of help? My daughter did a speech on the death penalty, she actually had to convince her peers and believe me by the end of her speech she managed to change a few opinions! I don’t think Jennifer wants to get caught, shes to afraid and she knows whats coming to her! This is Texas and we do practice the lethal injection!

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