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Congressional conservatives must fight

Mike Williamson, Sr.

All Republicans ran for office, their last time up, as conservatives. For a couple of days now I have listened to reports of all the whining and arm twisting House Speaker John Boehner and his group are doing to get his bill passed. He calls it the best he can do, even though, as are most compromises with liberals, it does not solve any problems.

As I understand it, the bill will allow the debt ceiling to be raised about $900 billion now and net $900 billion in spending cuts over the next 10 years. You know Congress will spend the whole $900 billion and only a small portion of the spending cuts will ever happen!

S&P and Moody’s have already declared the bill will not be enough to keep the federal government bond ratings from being decreased. If the ratings are going to be decreased, let them decrease with the current debt ceiling in place.

I have heard both Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Arizona Sen. John McCain talk about how not raising the debt ceiling would have a devastating effect on the country and how the Republicans will get blamed.

As far as devastation goes, continued spending will be more devastating to the country, if Congress does not bring it under control.

If the debt ceiling were left as is, there would be an initial shock but the markets would get used to the situation and things would stabilize, as long as government stayed out of it.

The ratings would be increased as soon as real spending cuts were put in place, which obviously would not happen until this presidential administration is history.

As far as the Republican’s getting the blame McCain, Cornyn and others always reference 1995. It is true, the national press and media would do everything they could to blame Republicans, as they did in 1995.

However, in 1995 there was only talk radio Republicans could use to get their message out. Today there is talk radio, the Internet and, dare I say, Fox News to properly articulate the conservative position.

Conservatives need to be pushing bills that will actually cut spending, like the bill that decreases current spending by 1 percent per year. When the Senate fails to pass those type bills and/or the president vetoes them Republicans need to make a cohesive case as to why Democrats are responsible.

I know … easier said than done, and, yes, it might fail.

Back in 1836, Jim Bowie drew a line in the sand and told the men of the Alamo that Sam Houston’s army would not arrive soon enough to help them. There would be no reinforcements coming.

Only one man crossed that line and left the Alamo. The rest stood up and risked their lives, and ultimately lost them, in order to fight tyranny.

The battle was lost, but Sam Houston, and Texas, eventually won the war. We conservatives are asking Republicans to risk only perceived public perception, not their lives, and stand up to the governmental tyranny the President, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are trying to establish.

Texas Reps. Joe Barton (Ennis’ own), Kevin Brady, Michael Burgess and Quico Canseco are part of only 37 conservatives who are standing strong behind the line of conservatism and acknowledging this is what voters asked them to do last November.

Shame on all the other Republicans for representing themselves as conservatives while running for office but not having the guts to stand up and act conservatively now.

They need to stop looking for compromises with liberal Democrats as the Democrats have historically not honored their deals anyway.

The nation is collapsing. Allowing today’s $14 trillion debt to rise to $23.8 trillion instead of $24.7 trillion in 10 years, assuming the Democrats honor the proposed spending cuts in Boehner bill, will not solve the problem.

America needs conservatives to find and propose solutions, not compromises. It is the only way to stop the tyranny the left is pursuing.

Mike Williamson, Sr. is a conservative freelance correspondent. His blog can be found at www.thewilliamsonway.net and he can be contacted at mike@thewilliamson way.net.

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27 Comments for “Congressional conservatives must fight”

  1. weasel

    1. It was Col Travis who drew that line in the sand. JIm was already bed ridden.
    2. The one who left was sent to get Houston to send more men.

    Not sure what else you got wrong.

  2. Dildo T. Baggins

    Why not start a third party? There obviously seems to be two factions of Republicans anyway?

    • builder7

      Why don’t we get rid of both parties and start a couple more that represent the people!

  3. Matthew

    This article is ridiculous. Do you realize that a bill needs to pass the House, Senate, and get signed by the President? Making it even more conservative will guarantee it won’t pass. Sorry, but compromise is the only way to get anything done. Becoming more polarized and defiant benefits nobody.

  4. Charles Odell

    The spending power a debt extention entails would be power to pay debts already incured. Failing to do so will cause default on our financial obligations . I guess you are o.k. with this. I am not, for I am not a deadbeat. I also love my country and have no wish to see its economy trashed. I guess you do, so to hell with you. You may enjoy watching your heros committ treason. I will not.

  5. rust


    If we don’t get firm here as the midterm elections results wanted. We will equivocate like greece did for so many years!

  6. Joseph

    You are and idoit!

  7. Mike Mitchell

    The type of thinking this author is promoting is pushing our country to the brink. None of these “conservatives” made a peep when the debt was run up under Bush. The debt problem was caused by the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and tax cuts for the rich (which have no benefit to the economy, by the way). All of the congressional republicans who were in office voted for prior debt-ceiling increases.

  8. RANDY

    You logic is silly. Use the Alamo analogy in politics is just dumb. Keep up that non compromise logic and you will get nowhere…. You are not in the majority idiot. So it is about compromise in politics.

  9. Joe

    “If the debt ceiling were left as is, there would be an initial shock but the markets would get used to the situation and things would stabilize, as long as government stayed out of it.

    The ratings would be increased as soon as real spending cuts were put in place, which obviously would not happen until this presidential administration is history.”

    Seems purely speculative on your part. How can you support this when the event would be unprecedented? Thanks for the editorial.

  10. Andy

    but let’s not tax oil. I would hate for the big corporations polluting our planet to pay taxes

  11. Matt Helm

    “America needs conservatives to find and propose solutions, not compromises.”

    That’s the Republican message? So it doesn’t matter that Americans elected a Democrat to the highest office in the nation. Republicans want to ignore the fact that not all Americans are Republicans and refusal to compromise is seen as a good thing.

    This country would have never been had the founding fathers refused to compromise. It would have stalled out right at the start.

  12. opinionated assh0le

    “..as are most compromises with liberals, it does not solve any problems.”

    Thanks for throwing everybody who is not in lockstep with your opinion into the enemy camp. There are quite a few of us who are trying to keep the ship afloat long enough to work out a sensible plan, that takes into account the needs and desires of the citizens of this country, and not merely that special interest group fronted by those calling themselves “conservative” or possibly the “Tea Party”. In another arena, I would compare your type of thinking to that which led to the tragedies at the Branch Davidian compound or Jonestown.

  13. builder7

    Do you suppose that if you called all of your creditors and told them that since your income has been cut that you would only pay for some of your bills, to be decided by you after a certain date. Some months they may get them and others they may not. Your child support and the check you send to your dear old mom will of course not be sent, but you will send in the one for your Maserati. Of course, all the credit card bills will not be paid since you are now going to pay cash for everything and who cares if they raise my damn rate up to 29.9%. Furthermore, we can take Mom out of the cancer ward now and we can let the state bury her. We are going to cut the gardener, landscaper, and housekeeper from Mexico down to 8 hours a day each and send their relatives home so that we don’t have to pay them so much. We won’t take care of the house anymore and instead of taking oil and paint to the dump we will just dump it into the ocean since it doesn’t hurt anything. We can start throwing the trash out in the field down the street and we will not support the new taxes on the sewage station because it can run over like they do in India because after all it couldn’t have hurt them because look how many of them there are! Since we only make a billion a year we are going to quit paying taxes because who wants to pay that much just to pay for food stamps and welfare for all those leaches that are out of work. Since we made our billions from contracting by making sandwiches for the troops we will continue to support that but no new taxes! We got ours and we don’t care no more.

  14. AJ Pusateri

    Here we have another conservative that can’t get the facts straight! Next thing you know they will be saying that Obama is trying to set up a communist regime here! What a bunch of half witted, ignorant, Crackpots! He must be a member of thge Tea Party also!

  15. Mike, you are an idiot. Period

  16. Indianboy 45

    Conservatives need to repeat the numbers over and over and teach the public some basic math about the demise of America if we don’t start paying down our debt.

  17. John Mclain

    1) The money has already been spent; raising the debt limit allows the US to pay its (over) obligations. Those obligations may be high, but it does not equate to the same thing as ‘x’ dollars of new spending.

    2) The Bush tax cuts were supposed to be temporary. They should be left to expired. They did not do squat to stimulate growth or create jobs – it is a myth and the public knows that. Republicans continue to push this at their own peril to the general population.

    3) Good government is not about being run like a business. Certainly not like a corporation – which has no moral compass and puts profits above the public good. I beleive most people (like myself) see government as there to serve the people and promote the common welfare of the people. Indeed, that is what the founders and constitution intend government to be. However, government is the USA today is about serving the corporate interests and getting and staying in power in elected office. Time for a reboot in the largest sense.

  18. Hillbillies Make Life Fun

    I love a good satire article! Thank you for your sharp wit. You and Steven Colbert should team up.

  19. fredo

    Extraordinarily ignorant….

  20. Aaron

    I can’t believe you’re actually an author. This is not only poorly written, but based very misguided personal opinion. Let the ratings decrease? Are you serious? Do you not understand what will happen? If you thought the financial crisis was bad, just wait until every interest rate in the US jumps 2%, every credit card, variable mortgage, car loan, etc. This will cost every single American a lot of money and cost many people thier jobs. Every company has short tem loans, when those loans cost more money, companies will have less money to spend on their work force and people are going to lose their job. All for what? Because Tea Party people have to be unwaivering in their fundament ideals? Governemnt are about compromise. That’s how it works! Without compromise, government doesn’t work, like the problem we have here.
    Do you know who raised the debt limit before? G. W. Bush and he doubled it. Before that, Clinton and he doubled it. Before that, George Bush Sr., and he doubled it. Before that it was Reagan and he double it. And on and on since before Kennedy. This isn’t knew. Why are you so up in arms now? This is the reason we have the most powerful econemy in the world, one that is 3 times larger than the next econemy, China. They have over a billion people there and they still have an econemy 3 times smaller than ours. You are simply suggesting that we have our legs cut out from under us and hurt this country, maybe forever, for your funtamental ideals. Thanks a lot.

  21. Reading this article just shows that US is done as a super power. I do feel sorry for an average American who has to deal with Republican mentality, let business figure out on their own and no government intervention. Obviously we saw results when Bush was the president. Run the country to the ground. For those who don’t know businesses main goal is to maximize revenue, even if it means at the expense of the people.

  22. Clay

    Does this man know that we have a split government right now? You can’t “dig your heels in” because the conservatives can’t pass anything by themselves. I want conservatives to get something done instead of posture about bils that will never happen.

  23. Tricky Dick

    Could the republicans be more disingenuous? Their “holier-than-thou” attitude about the budget is laughable now that we have a democratic president. None of these spending issues caused them a moments concern when George W. Bush was in office – but now they suddenly have religion? Come on!

  24. Sean

    How about we break down what it means when the government has to start prioritizing what bills get paid. Interest on the Debt is #1 priority; that effert should hold the markets in check, at least initially. Next, military pay. I don’t think there is a politician in their right mind that will stand by while military members aren’t paid. Social Securitry and Medicare; manditory spending that will sink any politican who dare say otherwise. Essential government personnel; as we learned with the budget fiasco in April, seems like the higher paid folks are always on the essential list. Here’s where you will start running into problems. If, and I mean IF there is enough to just pay the items I’ve listed, and there isn’t the money to pay anything else (which is most likely); what’s left?

    Contractors hired by the government. Prompt Payment act says that they must be paid in a timely manner for services/products rendered. If there’s money left from the above, it’ll go to meet those obligations; almost as important as the interest. But, since the Government won’t be able to pay for new services; contracts, I see a lot of stop-work orders being issued and maybe a few contracts just being canceled for convienence.

    So what happens then? Private companies start not being able to make payroll. There are hundreds of billions of dollars that get paid out to contractors; much of it in defense. Those companies start either furloughing employees or cutting.

    This might be a slow process, but you can be sure that unemployment will start to rise and once contractors stop being able/willing to pay out of overhead, it will rise even faster. So private sector employees will start losing jobs, public sector employees will start losing jobs. We’ve seen that the economy just can’t create enough jobs to keep up now, it’ll really start to lag behind if this kicks off.

    More unemployment means less revenues to the government which will result in even higher deficits.

    But hey it doesn’t matter if the economy slowly tanks as long as we are only cutting our way out of this mess; a mess that’s just as equally conservatives fault as it is liberals.

  25. scH4MMER


    That is delusional talk, but I’ll make it easy for you: Americans honor their obligations, or else they are faithless. If House Republicans cannot find a way to cut spending without taking blind risks with an already struggling economy, then THEY ARE NOT FIT FOR A SEAT IN GOVERNMENT. There are countless alternatives that don’t throw out the baby with the bath water if conservatives are willing to work a bit instead of holding the nation’s economy hostage. It’s too bad you’re suggesting that our representative democracy should only represent 50% of Americans instead of negotiating to get the deal that BEST REPRESENTS THE NATION, half of which only want wealthy citizens and corporations to share in the common sacrifice by returning to tax rates that equal one of our most prosperous moments in American history. Cut spending at the same time… it’s needed! That’s the compromise that Democrats have repeated over and over again, to deaf ears. Clearly, those who are unwilling to find common ground with their more liberal neighbors are by definition elitist… and preachers like you are creating an army of conservative elitists instead of a stronger community. We all have exactly one choice: work together, or find another nation to call our home. That’s how I was raised, to respect my neighbors, and I WILL FIGHT ANYONE who seeks the downfall of my fellow countrymen.

  26. Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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