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Unions are anti-American organizations

Mike Williamson, mike@ennisdailynews.com

Given the entire ruckus created in Wisconsin over the past week or so, I thought it would be good to take a look at unions and try to understand what they are really all about.  Union leaders and many representatives will tell you unions were established to protect the wages and jobs of individuals.

The facts are not near as simple.  According to the encyclopedia at www.eh.net, unions are only successful once they persuade large groups to abandon their individualism and become part of the collective project.

In the early 20th century Communists used unions to promote various revolutions and political protests.  Some of union’s most dedicated activists and organizers came from the Communist Party.  Of course, if the revolutions or protests were successful, Communists took control and what you ended up with was a government/entity that killed its opposition and dictated to the masses how they would live.

So it is not surprising the same result can be found in today’s American unions.

Today, union’s most staunch advocates are liberal Americans.  A few powerful individuals at the top convince the large masses that they can get better pay and work conditions.

The individuals agree to join ranks.  Money is taken out of each of their paychecks, in the form of dues, and given to the organization as a whole, supposedly for the purpose of letting the few give it back to them in the form of better pay and more job security.

Just like a Communistic government takes from all and, supposedly, gives back to all. There are two problems with this take and give.

First, the leaders, or Communistic government, take what they want out of what is collected before they give back to the people.  And, second, because everyone in the collective group is getting the same pay there is no incentive for anyone to produce; after all, everyone will get the same pay whether they produce or not.

Union leaders work diligently through laws or intimidation to squash any opposition to their desires.

Many people claim union leaders have been successful at protecting the jobs of Americans.  What unions do is protect the jobs of those who aren’t good enough, or motivated enough, to keep a job on their own volition.

They also force companies into bankruptcy because of the company’s inability to cut workforce staff, which is usually their largest expense.  The only thing unions have been good for is supporting liberal politicians and destroying America’s capitalistic society.

Having unions in a public/government sector is not a workable situation and even the liberal’s mentor and hero, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, realized this. Public sector employee jobs are created, mandated and controlled by law.

Unions that represent public sectors also work to set law and, obviously, these laws will be set to the favor of the worker and not to the favor of the taxpayer.  So in a public sector relationship, unions not only have power to negotiate on behalf of the worker, but they use their power to influence law making to make sure the public employees get what the union wants; thereby sitting on both sides of the table.

This is why liberals love unions so much.  Unions fill liberal politician’s pockets full of money so the politician’s will pass laws favorable to unions.

But all across the land this conflict of interest is having disastrous effects on our nation.

Wisconsin and New Jersey are examples of public sector unions bankrupting their states with salaries and benefits that are financially unsupportable.  But these states are by no means the only examples as New York and California find themselves in the same situation, along with many other states and the federal government.

Unions are mini-Communistic societies working to undermine and destroy America and its historically successful capitalistic way of life.  They force individuals to give up their liberties and freedoms, and empower a just a few; the same way liberals want to force all Americans to give up their liberties and freedoms and empower just the few who work in government.

Unions are the antithesis of the American belief system and of its values.  Because of this, it is not surprising to find them at the core of what is destroying our country today.

It is also not surprising to find liberals to be their sole source of sponsorship.  Unions are protesting conservative challenges to their financially unsustainable ways all across the nation, but most notably in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana conservatives have proposed bills to stop the continual payment of funds to union worker that were negotiated by liberals in the past.  These negotiated settlements were unaffordable then and are unaffordable now.

Union leaders have organized protests and elected liberal Democrat lawmakers are leaving the states in an effort to keep the conservative bills from being voted on.  The American people have voted and they want government costs, including public sector union costs, brought under control.

Conservatives need to face this battle head on as both unions and their liberal supporter are assaulting our nation on a regular and continual basis.  For our way of life to continue, they both need to be defeated; soundly.

Mike Williamson is a conservative blogger who contributes to the Ennis Daily News.

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