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Whose side are you on?

By Mark Warde

The events of the past week have revealed plenty about mankind, both good and evil. We also are witnessing leadership in our country refuse to take a stand against the enemy.

Carnal man is capable of gross selfishness and destruction, as seen in Orlando. The outpouring of compassion and empathy, even in the endless lines of people donating blood, all show the best of man. One can’t watch the news, see video clips online or read the accounts of survivors without feeling vicariously for the suffering of people.

Sympathy and sorrow and a desire to alleviate suffering is evident most everywhere in the United States. It is not true of all nations and all people. Tragedy strikes a chord in this land, and the response is usually powerful and encouraging.

Unfortunately, the response by political leaders has largely been, well, political. Many have chosen to use this act of cowardice as a platform, not for disgust at what took place, but to attack and blame their political foe.

Allen West, 55, an American political commentator, former member of the United States House of Representatives, and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, took sharp aim at our President.

In a press conference this week that was to be about America’s progress against ISIS, though the President still says ISIL, he quickly began to show real anger and disdain, but it wasn’t directed at the Islamic jihadist murderer. It was toward a regular foe, Republicans and his nemesis, Donald Trump.

“Barack Obama became literally unhinged and went into full lecture mode to the American people, and attack mode on Trump,” West said. “It would appear that being called weak and having your dismissal of Islamic jihadism called out has indeed struck a nerve.

“Our America has been attacked, viciously, and here we are three days afterward and your response was to rant against Republicans and Donald Trump. No wonder ISIS is emboldened. They kill Americans and you want to disarm us and yell at other Americans. How utterly unconscionable that at a time such as this you continue to demonstrate a protectionism and sympathy towards Islamists — and not our country,” West said.

What would help mightily would be for him to define the threat, and to understand its ideological objectives for the purpose of defeating them. After all, as our Commander in Chief, protecting our nation is priority number one.

We are not declaring war on Islam, but we are smart enough to know the savage and violent nature of militant Islam, though parts of the ideals of ISIS do come from Islam. ISIS took credit for Orlando and even said an attack on Florida was coming in 2-3 days. They abhor homosexuals and Western culture.

They took advantage of a soft target, the night club – which was in a gun-free zone, by quickly taking out the one security officer with a gun, then shooting defenseless fish in a barrel for three hours.

Instead of addressing the real enemy, we heard the blame being cast at gun owners and Republicans.

Really? Gun control was the problem? You really think this enemy needs guns?

Americans are not about to be disarmed so this enemy will see us as easier targets. This enemy doesn’t need to be defended nor do we need to be defenseless.

When Islamic terrorists flew airplanes to kill 2,996 on 9-11, we did not think about controlling planes and tell people to take Amtrak or Greyhound. When the Tsarnaev Islamic terrorist bombers struck Boston, there was not a word about controlling the sale of pressure-cookers.

Other attackers used box cutters or knives, which didn’t prompt a recall on blades. Enemies do not need guns to do their work.

Our President’s misdirected rage is scary. He needs to tell us his indignation is against the enemy, the jihadists. Tell us about Shaheed and the goal of jihadists. In other words, confront the real enemy.

We already know you won’t use certain words to define them because you don’t want to offend others Islamic nations, or that your refusal to call them “radical Islamic terrorists” won’t solve anything.

As our leader, at least let us see you recognize the enemy. They are coming here and attacking here. These folks don’t play nicey-nice. Sharia law enforced here is frightening.

Until or unless our leaders show whose side they are on, Americans will decide to protect themselves.Fourteen Speeches

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