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Memorial gifts honor loved ones

Sunday, January 12, 2020
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The loss of a friend or loved one is seldom easy, particularly if a person had been suffering from an illness. Close friends and family honor the memories of their deceased loved ones in different ways. Charitable giving can be a great way to honor a loved one’s memory while helping others.

Survivors often find comfort in the knowledge that they can do good in the name of a loved one. Tributes or memorial gifts can be approached in different ways and serve as an ongoing reminder of a deceased loved one.

Create a charitable foundation

Those who have the time and resources can establish their own charitable groups in the decedent’s name. This method of charity requires the most time and effort, but can prove to be quite an impactful memorial. Individuals who would like to go this route can consult with financial and tax professionals about the best way to establish a charitable group.

Community foundation

Families can focus on something their loved one cared deeply about, such as animal rescue, children, the arts, or even particular places in a community — such as a local park. According to CarePages, a company that produces free patient websites and offers community support for those coping with illness, families can choose to have their donations funneled to specific charities or nonprofit groups. Otherwise, funds can be allocated to a third party community fund that will distribute money to various organizations no matter where they are located.

Medical tribute

Memorial gifts that assist medical associations or groups working to find cures or offer treatments for diseases are quite popular. If a loved one passed away due to a specific illness, it is common to ask for donations to a specific organization that specializes in information and services pertaining to that illness. Many such groups have a “donate in memory” option on their websites. Oftentimes families are notified regarding who made memorial donations in their loved ones’ names, but the amount of the donation need not be revealed.

Personal intentions

Those who would like to make a donation but cannot think of a charity to associate with their deceased loved one have a host of options at their disposal. Consider donating to a school or library, requesting materials be purchased in the decedent’s name. Otherwise, donate to a general scholarship fund, possibly at the decedent’s alma mater.