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Checking on people prompts call-center

Taking care of one another is a critical need
Sunday, March 22, 2020
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Dynamics such as a dangerous virus coupled with social distancing rules has led City of Ennis officials to begin the process of activating a “Bluebonnet Call Center.” What the improved communications can do is tie the community together by meeting needs.

The purpose of the BBCC, according to Assistant City Manager Marty Nelson, is to receive and process non-emergency requests for assistance from the general public. He said a network of local organizations, churches, United Way Agencies, the Ennis ISD, and groups of volunteers are being organized throughout the city. The idea is sorely needed and will serve a similar need as the old prayer-chain did for churches.

Ginger Gonzales will serve as the BBCC coordinator. When a request for assistance (RFA) comes in, she will log the request and forward it to one of the team leaders, who will in turn pass the request to one of their volunteers for fulfillment.

What constitutes a need? Good question. Here’s a practical answer:

• Shopping • Errands • Prescriptions • Someone to talk to • Prayer • Health and Welfare Checks

Anyone with a need can contact the Bluebonnet Call Center at 972-695-3524 or email It will be available as soon as Monday, March 23, at 8 a.m.

Nelson added that the BBCC is a tool to help “us fulfill our moral responsibility to care for our friends and neighbors and also send a message that they are not alone. The City of Ennis and our partner organizations will be there for them in this time of crisis.”