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Highlighting local businesses that keep Ennis strong

Eternal Rest Funeral Home continues to grow and for all the right reasons
Sunday, July 31, 2022
Highlighting local businesses that keep Ennis strong

Tina Perkins (center) is flanked by the Eternal Rest staff with a tandem of their Rosewood fleet behind them. Submitted Photo

Highlighting local businesses that keep Ennis strong

Eternal Rest owner, Gerald Weatherall, Sr.

Headquartered in DeSoto, Eternal Rest Funeral Homes, will add a second site in Ennis, which they reported six months ago. The new location will be their fifth branch.

According to owner Gerald Weatherall, Sr., it will be located at 400 E. Loggins St., where the Jones Memorial Funeral Home previously provided service. It is adjacent to the Family Dollar Store, one block east of N. Kaufman St.

Tina Perkins, the charming office manager at the 215 N. Dallas Street facility, has been with the company since 2015. She will spend time at both sites, though the second is slated to open, tentatively, in September.

Weatherall is a pastor at New Mt. Horeb Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, where he has served for 14 years. His colorful personality is only outshone by his manner of business. Known for his “no respecter of persons” nature, he says patrons can expect a strong sense of personable care at Eternal Rest.

“We promise dignified service where no one is treated differently due to their culture or race. Every level of mankind will find a welcoming spirit here,” he added.

Traditional funeral services, cremation and green burials - for the environmentally sensitive, are catered to the needs of clients. Weatherall adds that Eternal Rest will beat most competitive prices, and even lists them on the doors of their service vehicles.

Perkins explains they host a fleet of vehicles including Rosewood. “We aim to create memories that will last a lifetime,” she said. Her upbeat personality and attention to detail are assets that serve families in their time of need.

Eternal Rest has other offices, other than DeSoto - in Plano, Dallas and Ennis. Staff members work at each of the offices. The original facility was on Ervay Street in South Dallas.

A veteran staff, each with over 15 years of experience, includes Funeral Director, Durman DJ Johnson, Thomas Flowers, Xavier Tippen, Crandall Kidd, Christine Wilborn, James Smith, Deidra Douglass and Darrell Fielder.

Weatherall boasts that “Ennis is a great community to serve. The people in town are very friendly and supportive.”