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Meeting needs always in style

Call Center, hurricane evacuees, find relief in Ennis
Sunday, September 6, 2020
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A decision to open a call center earlier this year when the advent of the coronavirus pandemic appeared a growing concern has now developed into a longer-term of service.

As crises often create needs and they in turn mother inventions, City of Ennis officials, originally responding to dynamics related to the noted dangers of the virus coupled with social distancing rules led to the start of the Bluebonnet Call Center.

During Tuesday’s City Commission meeting the far-reaching impact of the BCC were cited.

City Manager Marty Nelson lauded those who have served in “receiving and processing non-emergency requests for assistance during Covid-19 has become unique among municipal governments.”

He described its services as “non-traditional government functions in humanitarian assistance. The Call Center now addresses issues and symptoms and often get to discover root causes.”

Nelson, whose passion for meeting felt needs materialized in the faith and civic community effort, Give-A-Kid-A-Chance, said the BCC is a silver lining in the dark clouds of 2020. The City now wants to continue the heart for serving and meeting needs, which the communication line has proven its worth many, many times.