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Letter to the Editor

Terribly disappointing
Sunday, January 3, 2021
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Dear Editor:

Congressman Ron Wright’s abstention yesterday (12/28/20) on the House vote to increase the Individual Stimulus checks from $600 to $2000 was terribly disappointing. The difference between $600 and $2000 is for all too many, many people — the out of work, the closed, the operating at limited capacity — between not being able to pay the rent and buy the groceries and being able able to make it through another few months. The argument that it is insufficiently ‘targeted’ is an argument made only by people who have long ago forgotten what it means to sweat the rent or the fears and tears of imagining your family, your children homeless or in a food line. Did I say ‘disappointing’. Maybe more like a slap in the face to those of us working for a new multi-racial, multiethnic Republican working class, middle class party, the Party of Lincoln and Frederic Douglas, not the party of Think Tanks, National Review intellectuals and the Washington Establishment. As the New York Times writer Marc Liebovich wrote five years ago in his book The Town, ‘there are no Republicans and Democrats in Washington anymore, only millionaires.’ — millionaires who claim to be pro-Family and pro-Life only at Election time. When they get back into ‘town’ — Washington DC, that is — amnesia always seems to strike.

Randolph Severson

Ennis, Texas